Ang Mga Dilaw at Disintunado (Out of Tune) na mga Opisyal ng Pilipinas

Ang Mga Dilaw at Disintunado (Out of Tune)

Na Mga Opisyal ng Pilipinas

Ni Apolinario Villalobos



De Lima

Hindi siya political prisoner. Siya ay pulitikong may mga kaso kaya na-preso….droga at pakikiapid! Dapat nga ay na-disbar siya dahil sa immorality, subalit walang ginawa ang senado at mga grupo ng mga abogado kahit nabahiran ng putik ang kanilang image. Sa mailing salita, inaakusahan si de Lima na drug cuddler at immoral hindi bilang pulitiko na may magagandang layunin para sa bayan. Mahiya siya sa pagsabing political prisoner siya!


Wala siyang karapatang purihin ang sarili niya.  Kung nakatingin siya sa salamin habang ginagawa ito, siguradong sasabog ang salamin  dahil hindi ma-take ang mga sinasabi niya. Karangalan daw niya ang makulong….fine! Gawing habang buhay ang karangalang ito! Bigyan

siya ng certificate, plaque, at trophy para mahimas-himas habang pinupuri ang sarili niya sa ob-lo (inside) ng kulungan.



Wala sa tono si Robredo sa pagbanat kay Duterte tungkol sa mga issue ng kahirapan at extra-judicial killings. Kung puro siya salita at hindi tutulong bilang vice-president dahil pinagkatiwalaan ng mga botante, talagang mahihirapan si Duterte. Kung hindi kayang gawin ni Robredo ang trabaho niya, mag-resign na siya.


Bilang vice-president, dapat ay tumutulong siya sa presidente at ang mga pagbatikos ay dapat niyang hayaan sa mga senador at mga kongresman at iba pang opisyal na may kinalaman sa droga. Dapat ay asikasuhin niya ang pagpapatapos sa mga housing projects para sa mga biktima ng Yolanda at pagpapaayos sa mga resettlement areas na malapit sa Manila, na inirereklamong kulang ng facilities dahil pinagkitaan lang….yan ang dapat niyang gawin bilang housing czarina.



Halata pa rin ang sama ng loob ni Trillanes dahil hindi siya napiling ka-tandem bilang vice-president ni Duterte noong eleksiyon. Ang nararamdaman niya ay parang “fatal attraction” dahil sa matindi niyang kagustuhang masira si Duterte na hindi niya nagamit o napakinabangan para sa kanyang ambisyon. Ganyan ang taong naka-develop ng fatal attraction sa babae o lalaki….papatayin niya kung hindi siya magustuhan kaya hindi niya makukuha, kaya dapat lang mamatay kaysa makuha ng iba!


May mga panukala na kayang nagawa si Trillanes? Baka killing time na lang ang ginagawa niya dahil palalayasin na siya sa Senado pagkatapos ng kanyang termino. Kung meron man siyang mga nagawang mga panukala mula pa noon, sana ay i-publish niya maski sa facebook man lang.



Lenny Robredo Must be Very Careful in making Promises this Early which is not yet even Within the Campaign Period

Lenny Robredo Must be Very Careful

In Making Promises this Early which is not yet even

Within the Campaign Period

By Apolinario Villalobos

I am still shocked by the bold promise of Lenny Robredo who is the running mate of Roxas for the 2016 election, as the latter’s Vice-Presidential candidate. She boldly declares over the airlanes “…ibibigay ko sa inyo ang lahat sa buhay ko…” (I will give you everything in my life), referring perhaps to her promise to work for the Filipinos if she wins as vice-president. Whoever made that speech for her must be out of his or her mind, for he or she did not even think that the lady senator has a family, and she is a single mom after her husband Jess, who until an untimely death was not confirmed by Pnoy as Secretary of DILG. Ironically and shamelessly, the administration is using the popularity of the downtrodden Jess, for their selfish motive.  And, to complete the exploit, they turned their attention to the widow, Lenny, a neophyte politician and whom the Liberal Party has perceived as a “clean” one yet, and therefore, a “noble” pawn for another grand plan.

Definitely, Lenny cannot give 100 percent of her time to the country, as all her children need her, and with the youngest trying to finish her studies, yet. In the first place, she should have not used such ludicrous speech that has immediately aligned her with the rest of the good-for-nothing-but-promises-only politicians. It made her an instant “trapo” (traditional politician)….so unfortunate, indeed for such a refined lady who has been waylaid by hollow ideals and false promises. She should have  used a better sounding but simple, honest and motherly statement, instead.  Indications are very clear that she will be used for the selfish motives of the people who are trying to evade legal prosecution if Roxas loses.  Now, being the last choice, as there has been no other ambitious politician left to take the risk of mumbling the “matuwid na daan” mantra after a long and tedious courting of Grace Poe has failed, Lenny is now providing second voice to the songs of Roxas about the legendary “matuwid na daan”.

If Lenny Robredo wins due to political manipulations, as she must, to give support to Roxas as grandly planned, that will be the end of her “clean image”, though, not her political career. For as long as she is attached to the team of Pnoy, she will definitely suffer the same disgust and ridicule thrown to them by the disgruntled Filipinos who know what are really happening….Filipinos who are not blinded by falsehood. In the meantime, she will be safe in the shadow of Pnoy and company….until no opposition has assumed authority in years to come.  But, if along the way, her innate principle about honest living prevails and make her decide to resign….that would be a whammy victory for Pnoy, Mar, and their cohorts, and they may not even give a damn about the road she will take next, as she has done her part – provide a softening element to the hardened bad image of the administration!

When the youngest Robredo daughter gave a speech at the televised wake of her father, she sort of compared herself to Kris Aquino who became popular after her father, Benigno, Sr. was slain. She even jokingly asked, if she will also become an actress like Kris whose popularity has been magnified when her mother, Cory became President. Is the dream of the youngest daughter of the would-be-vice-president played an important role in Lenny’s decision to finally accept the invitation of Pnoy and company?

Filipinos should be wary of politicians who swear by the name of God and willing to be struck by lightning…and willing to sacrifice their whole life, just to show that they are sincere in their promise. All of those who are in position did it during their campaigns in the past…and God knows what happened to the poor Philippines!

My disgusted feeling dictates that my wholehearted support for Lenny Robredo ends where her manipulation by the greedy begins…

Jess Robredo…To Die A Hero

by Apolinario B Villalobos



At a young age –

Showed the world

He’s that strong;

Used to the fullest

What God gave him

As the stairs of knowledge

He took one rung at a time-

Carefully, not to miss the steps…


Strong leader as a student –

Many tried to emulate his ways

Some did try but failed

To be Jess is not that easy

His friends proudly said

Simple ways he had

But hard to be copied

A really rare breed, that lad…


His intellectual thirst was such

That even three educational degrees

Seemed not enough to accomplish;

Took a wife, equally strong

And like him is intelligent;

The two  built a home

With a foundation of love

And pillars of determination…


Alas! Not long afterwards

The couple thanked the Lord

For the three beautiful girls He gave;

Their joy was such that they did their best

To mold the three into the same ways

Into which they grew –

Respect for others, and love, too

Respect for time, and money, too…


At the helm of Naga City, at twenty –nine

Jess showed that when called to serve others

Age is just a number, and skill matters;

Unfazed by responsibilities, he did his best

By just being him –

As he checked busted city street lights every night

As he scraped mud from streets after the floods

As he helped garbage collectors fill their trucks

A he patted the back of those who sought his counsel

As he handed coins to the destitute he met

As he smiled his way through days of problems

As he wore the same office uniform just like others

As he took the bus to Manila and tricycle to functions

And many more Jess ways…

Hence, the Magsaysay Award at so young an age!


Though unfortunate to see high brows

This was when chosen by P-Noy to head DILG

Many, as usual tried to block his way

But just as when he was in Naga,

He was unfazed, and just worked his best;

No meetings and official ceremonies

Stopped Jess from skipping at least one meal –

One meal with his family, his precious family

Not even that distant meeting in Cebu one day

That was the fateful 18th of August 2012

When he took a Cessna flight for home

But as nearing Masbate, was distressed…


For three days, people cried and hoped

That he was just carried by waves to nearby islets

Or that a fisherman took him home to recuperate;

Alarmed but praying to the Lord

People patiently waited ….

Until, finally on the 21st of August 2012

Jess has been brought to shore…


A hero?…more than a hero I say!

Politicians who gave him a hard time

In getting the more than deserved confirmation

Are now cringing in guilt… suddenly silent

Alibis are said, but no amount of such

Could make a cover up for their misdeed;

They refused to see what Jess had been doing

For us, his countrymen who for long

The dirty air of politics we were breathing;

Politicians whose schedules are filled with investigations

That did not give much result, but limelight grabbing

They who played “intelligent”, “hero of the people”

Are so eerily silent……………………………

Yes… so silent………….!


To be a hero is to die with a purpose

It is only at death

That others accept what he did for others

It is a sacrifice for the man and his loved ones

But what can he do?

It is God’s will and plan –

The only way to make others  acknowledge him

The only way to open their eyes to see him

And open their mind to finally make them think

That, indeed, he is unselfish, hardworking, etc…


To die a hero  should not be seen as late in coming

God has a way as to when this should happen

His acts are done at the right time

And we, His creatures, His instruments

Can just wait, most often caught unprepared

But Jess was not –

For even as a child, his ways

Led to his being that –

A hero, and he died for it….

Though for others, hard to accept.

(The wife of the pilot of the Cessna plane said that she and her husband were planning to go to their resort for the weekend, but that night of Friday, they received a call for the Secretary Robredo who wanted to be flown to Naga, the following day, Saturday, and that her husband was specially requested to fly the plane. Her husband consented. The following day, his wife already discouraged him from chartering a flight as he would not be able to catch up with the awarding ceremony anyway. Their youngest daughter was to receive a medal for swimming. Just the same, Secretary Robredo went on with his plan, so right after his commitment, he rushed to the hangar of the Cessna operator. In his haste, too, the pilot failed to kiss his wife as he used to do before he would fly. While inflight, the Secretary was still able to call his wife to say that he was on his way which prompted his wife to proceed to Naga airport to meet him. Unfortunately, the pilot tried to make an emergency landing in Masbate, but failed……

Jesse Robredo was the Philippines’ Secretary of the Department of the  Interior and Local Government.)