More on Sharing…

More on Sharing…
By Apolinario Villalobos

There is more in sharing than what most of us know about it. The heavenly bodies in the universe share ample space. Without the fair sharing in the seemingly infinite space in the universe, the heavenly bodies including earth would have been bumping with each other. Humanity shares the air to be able to survive and so are the lesser creatures. Sharing is not limited to food. The Designer is wise, indeed, and that is what He expects His intelligent creatures to be.

Unfortunately, because of pride and greed among humans, even the road space is not shared fairly, resulting to altercation among greedy motorists. They want to get more than what is provided by going against the flow of traffic or by overtaking the long queue of vehicles as they come to a standstill. This greed sometimes results to violence, and worse, death.

The disgusting land grabbing of government officials and moneyed entrepreneurs show their blatant greed that borders on exploitation of the ignorant. Add to these their robbing of government coffer. These greedy people are not satisfied with what they already have. If only they let the bounties be shared by all, poverty could, at least, be minimized.

Some of us refuse to share honors with others who deserve them by robbing them of such opportunity. In school, students who are desirous to be on top of the honor list, do all possible to garner high grades even to the extent of submitting plagiarized reports and thesis. Unsuspecting artists are also robbed of their rightful opportunity to achieve honor, when their works are plagiarized by fellow artists who make sure that they alone shall get the honor.

On the positive side, there are so many things that we can share with others, such as happiness, knowledge, prayer, and of course, blessings. The righteous sharing is what’s expected of us to do. But if we do otherwise, we should be prepared for the consequence in what the Golden Rule says….do not do to others, what you do not want others, would do to you.

Plagiarism, Dishonesty, Selfishness…what next?

Plagiarism, dishonesty, selfishness…what next?
By Apolinario Villalobos

A senator delivered a plagiarized privilege speech, a philantropist businessman also delivered a plagiarized commencement speech before graduating students of a high end university. The Napoles issue resulting from excessive greed is trending among plain rumor mongers and the hi-tech ones via social networks. And now a UP student plagiarized a photo which eventually won. Where will greed bring us next?

The senator boldly defended himself with a smile. The businessman just resigned from his top post in the university with a sad face. Napoles is languishing in a luxurious confinement with a hearty laugh. A teacher in UP by the name of Mendoza called Solis, the photo plagiarist, a “good student” , although, she met him only once.

What is happening to us Filipinos? We seemed to have lost our values. Yes, it seems. And, I am not surprised because the GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct) as an important integral component of basic instruction to students by the time they set foot on the school ground is practically eliminated. I am sure the reaction to this statement would be that it has been “improved”, hence, “replace” with another subject. If so, are the same values still taught? Take note of the following:

-students no longer know how to kiss the hand of their elders which is part of the Filipino culture and tradition
-seldom can you hear youngsters use the “po” , “ho”, “opo”, “oho” (though some still due to the insistent of their parents)
-students love to sound foreign by not pronouncing Filipino words properly, such as the “R” (by not speaking in our language as Filipinos the right way, we become dishonest because we do not show our real selves)

The school through their teachers seem deaf and blind to the above situations. I doubt if teachers ever call the attention of students who speak in Filipino with American twang. All those point to the failure of our education system to inculcate in the minds of the students the honesty as a Filipino value.

Some students, in their desire to complete school requirements to be able to graduate, “copy” and “paste” research materials from the internet to come up with a thesis. I know this because I have encountered materials of these kind in my job as editor. I know that the material is plagiarized if it is very well written (too good to be true). To confirm my suspicion, I would ask my clients to show me some of their notes. If my client admits the crime, that’s the time that I have to rewrite, condense, etc. the material. Most often these students humbly admit that they find it hard to express themselves in English. Bluntly put, the school failed in the aspect of general development of the students. A development which should have started at an early age when parents entrusted their children to the school. It is a sad reality that has become deeply rooted in the personality of our youth which they manifest when they go out to face the world teeming with the same bad attitude.

As a self-made Filipino who worked my way into a decent life through hard work and honesty, I am saddened with the new adage: May the best plagiarist and most dishonest win!