Common Sense is the Best Aid for Legislation…not the limelight-flooded hearings



By Apolinario Villalobos



No amount of cover up can deny the ultimate objective of the legislators in conducting “hearing in aid of legislation”. The two Houses keep on denying that they are courts of justice, yet the way they conduct hearings run contrary to their allegation. Hearings drag unnecessarily and are kept on being conducted despite the accumulation of inputs enough to frame a law or laws. It seems that dragging is intentional as the longer the hearings are conducted, the longer they get covered by media…and that’s for free, yet!


On the other hand, the situations that they are investigating do not need costly hearings at all. All they need is conduct sensible and honest-to-goodness researches, for which task, they are supposed to have hired Consultants and Researchers. Expenses for these are supposed to be part of their operating budget that runs into millions of pesos!


In the case of drug trade inside the Bilibid, for instance, how can these lawmakers not know that such activity is not only proliferating, but has even taken root, too deep, to be budged? How can they not know that something is wrong with practically the whole system of the penitentiary which is under the DOJ, as obviously, too, despite its having an Operating Manual? How can they not give attention to the exposes made since the time of Marcos on the anomalies that began as petty ones? How can they not know that the Bilibid has become bigger than an urban barangay or even two combined, complete with luxurious facilities?


On the extrajudicial killings….how can the legislators not know that they are offshoots of double-timing transactions among drug suppliers and their cohorts? How can they not know about drugs being recycled by the police and has become a lucrative business among these rogues in uniform, known as, “police ninjas”? How can they not know that there are vigilantes who take the law into their hands after suffering from disappointments on how cases of their victimized loved ones are shoddily handled by corrupt judges, so called, “rogues in robe”? How can they not know that even remote barangays have been infiltrated by the drug menace, and that hideous crimes, such as rape with murder, kidnapping, hostage-taking, and many others related to it are being committed almost daily?


Law makers can better use their tax-paid time in reviewing old laws that need to be updated rather than come up with many more that are just shelved due to lack of funds needed for their implementation. But then, millions are filched by corrupt officials from the government coffer!



Miriam…A Tribute to the late Filipino senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago


(Tribute to Miriam Defensor-Santiago)

by Apolinario Villalobos


She is such a colorful lady ever, who I have read and heard about. She is feisty and weighed down her words with piercing look and if in the mood with matching finger- pointing, yet. Known as the “Iron Lady of Asia”, she doesn’t give a damn, as to who she was berating because of their misdoings…she was ready to die anyway, and in fact she declared many times that she “takes bullets for breakfast”. And, her legacy is the courage to face death, especially, if one has a scheduled expiration based on medical findings…wisdom that has not a single speck of hypocrisy and fear. She was most thankful, however, that her “schedule” was delayed.


She is best known for her witty “hugot” or pick up lines, some of which were extemporaneously composed and delivered on the spot to spice up her speeches. Another known part of her person was her shapely pair of million-dollar legs! She was featured once in the cover of Panorama Magazine in bathing suit sitting by the pool side of the Intercontinental Hotel in Makati, with extended legs that showed their gorgeous shape.


She entered the Michigan University to hone her innate intelligence which finally brought her to fame as a lawyer and law maker. But before that, she was also a teacher and a judge. A graduate of the University of the Philippines with a degree of Political Science, she did it as Magna cum Laude. To top it all, she was also the speech writer of Ferdinand Marcos. And, to think that many thought, those fiery speeches that Marcos delivered, and who was admired for eloquence were from his own thoughts!


A Visayan who hailed from Iloilo City, she proudly declared that she was an Ilongga every time she had the opportunity. She sparked the spirit of the EDSA3 that led to the expulsion of Erap Estrada from Malacaἧan Palace. It was during her early years at the Senate, that both the spectators and fellow senators first heard her colorful remarks. She hated giggling, cell phones and unnecessary whispers when she had the floor.  The current DOJ secretary had his share of colorful admonition when he was ordered to step out of the court room during a hearing, because she caught him covering his ears while she was delivering her piece of argument. Vitaliano Aguirre was so gentleman enough to meekly follow the order, instead of giving an alibi, such that the he was just trying to keep the sideburns of his toupee in place. She was ahead of Duterte in declaring that her life was in danger ever since she became a lawmaker. But her tough demeanor melted at the death of her son.


She desperately tried her best to give back to her country whatever strand of strength left with her during the twilight years of her life by even attempting to run as president in tandem with Bongbong Marcos as her running mate. Her courage and positive outlook showed their best every time she was on the road during the campaign period during which she was all smiles despite her heavy breathing every time she delivered a campaign speech. She must have known that she was nearing the “finish line” of her life because her messages were filled with premonitions.


Her utmost gratitude to God for having been given a fruitful, albeit chromatic and thrill-filled life must have been acknowledged when He gave her a peaceful eternal repose…..while asleep.





Mistulang Nag-boomerang kay de Lima ang Senate Hearing tungkol sa Extra-judicial Killing



Ni Apolinario Villalobos



Halata o obvious ang mga layunin ni de Lima sa pagpipilit na magkaroon ng Senate Hearing tungkol sa “extra- judicial” killings. Gusto niyang ipaalam sa bayan ang mga nangyayaring “police brutalities” at hindi karapat-dapat ang kapulisan sa suportang binibigay ni Duterte sa kanila kasama na ang dagdag sa take home pay.


Una, ang “police brutalities” ay alam na ng lahat ng Pilipino at isama pa diyan ang mga kuwento tungkol sa pagkasangkot nila sa illegal drugs kaya nga mayor pa lang si Duterte sa Davao ay alam na niya ang tungkol sa “ninja cops”, kaya ang isyung ito ay hindi na bago.


Pangalawa, ang kapulisan ay kasama sa mga empleyadong “underpaid” at ito ang dahilan kung bakit ang iba sa kanila ay nagda-drive ng aircon van upang mamasahero kung day-off nila. May kilala akong nagtitinda sa palengke kung day-off niya. Ilan lang yan sa ginagawa ng mga matitinong pulis upang kumita ng extra at nang matustusan ang pag-aaral ng mga anak. Ito ang nakita ni Duterte kaya pinursige niya ang pagkakaroon nila ng dagdag sa take home pay kahit sa pamamagitan ng dagdag sa allowance. Ang katotohanang ito ay alam na rin ng lahat, kaya hindi na isyu.


Ang naunang mga “witness” na pinasalita ni de Lima sa hearing ay mistulang nag-validate ng mga pangyayaring matagal nang nangyayari, hindi pa presidente si Duterte. Ang isa namang  halatang nagda-drama ay na-corner pa ni Pacquiao tungkol sa 20thousand pesos na pinang-areglo sa salang “cara y cruz”, pero ang sa shabu ay 10thousand lang…kaya hindi kapani-paniwala! Malaking katanungan din ang pagpalabas niya ng 20thousand na pang-areglo ganoong ang kinikita lang ng napatay niyang asawa ay mula 200-300pesos isang araw.


Nabara si de Lima ni de la Rosa sa pagsabi na dapat noong nalaman nito ang mga katiwalian sa Bilibid prison ay ginamit na niya ang SAF. Kanda-bulol si de Lima sa pagsagot sa pagsabing marami pa raw proseso upang magamit ang SAF sa Bilibid. Subalit, ngayon, bakit nagawa?


Nasasayang ang panahong ginugugol ng mga senador sa hearing na pinipilit ni de Lima dahil mas marami ang dapat pang pag-usapan at mga batas na dapat ipasa upang makatulong sa bagong presidente.


Will the Bangladesh Money Hack Case in Manila be Handled with Seriousness by the Philippine Senate?

Will the Bangladesh Money Hack Case in Manila

Be Handled with Seriousness by the Philippine Senate?

By Apolinario Villalobos


The timely exposition on the hacking of the Bangladesh Central Bank has immensely benefited the senators who are seeking reelection…they who are conducting the investigation “in aid of legislation” in front of the TV cameras.  Meanwhile, the statements of people involved in the mentioned celebrated money laundering case in the country are allegedly leading to the obvious cover-up effort by the parties involved.


Numerous cases have been handled by the Philippine Senate “in aid of legislation”, but nothing came out of them, not even the “bills” that are supposed to have been written based on their “findings”, most of which are “hanging”. The televised hearings on plunder cases that landed senators Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, and Juan Ponce Enrile in confinement, have been viewed with suspicion as being ploys to get rid of heavyweight oppositions during the 2016 election as the first two-mentioned personalities have expressed their plan to run for president and vice-president, respectively, years earlier. On the other hand, Enrile has been known as a sharp critic of the Aquino administration, aside from having prodded the two to go ahead with their plan. After having been detained, nothing has been heard about the “second” and “third” batches of plunderers in the list of which are names of the administration people.


Now, with the Bangladesh Money Hack Case that has been transposed into Money Laundering Case, there is a big question on why only Deguito, the RCBC branch manager was charged while the rest who have been named are not. One question leads to another, as concerned persons who cannot stand the gnawing of their conscience came out in the open to tell the “truth”. Will these small fries who are mere ordinary employees stand the pressure from the bigwigs, who are involved? A former lady employee of RCBC who has been interviewed over the radio, expressed her apprehensions that led to her resignation when she was subjected to a barrage of questioning with a consistent advice to “cooperate” to put an end to the case. Despite her insistence that she was telling the truth to the investigating panel of the company, according to her, they were not satisfied a bit.


True to its reactionary image, the Philippine Senate through the senators who compose the investigating committee declared that there is a need to “review” the Bank Secrecy Law of the Philippines. Are these same people, who themselves are sporting questionable images on honesty be expected to be credible and fair enough in their “review”? If these guys are really serious in their job of coming up with relevant laws, with the one on bank secrecy included, they could have done it a long, long time ago, yet.


It should be noted that the lawmakers did not pass the law for transparency of public records that could have given the media, researchers and investigators a sharper clout in scrutinizing questionable projects that vary from “small time” junket travels, seminars, trainings, etc. to “big time” infrastructures, such as highways, bridges, flyovers, buildings, etc. They also relegated to the filing cabinet the documents on the bill against political dynasty, as obviously, it will put an end to their selfish lording over the lawmaking halls of the country. There is also an allegation that the pork barrel system still exists as it has never been eradicated, being hidden behind sheer masquerades of renamed provisions….and, many more etceteras to their hollow promises and hypocrisy.


With the celebrated money laundering case that is being heard in the Senate today, again, “in aid of legislation”, will the impoverished Bangladesh expect a swift and fair result? Personally, I say…only time can tell…if at all!

Ang Pangako ni Binay tungkol sa Korapsyon at ang mga Tiwaling Mambabatas

Ang Pangako ni Binay tungkol sa Korapsyon
at ang mga Tiwaling Mambabatas
Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Pinangako ni Binay na kung maging presidente siya, ititigil niya ang korapsyon sa gobyerno. Sa sinabi ni Binay, naalala ko ang kasabihang, ang tao lamang na may alam kung paanong gawin ang isang bagay ang nakakaalam din kung paano ito makontrol o matigil. Hindi tulad ng ibang pangungurakot na diretsahan kung gawin, ang mga nangyaring katiwalian kasi sa Makati ay mistulang ginamitan ng “maskara” ng magandang layunin. Sa simula ay hindi nahalata dahil para nga naman sa mga senior citizens ang mga ito, pati na sa mga mahihirap na pasyente at mga estudyante. Subalit dahil sa kasabihan pa ring, walang naitatagong baho, sumabog ito at kumalat ang alingasaw na ikinadismaya ng mga Pilipino na nag-akalang nakakabilib ang mga pinaggagawa ng mga Binay sa Makati, na itinuring na “model city” ng bansa.

Ang nakakapag-alala lang ay kung sa halip na sawatahin ni Binay ang korapsyon kapag presidente na siya, tulad ng pangako niya…paano kung mag-iba siya ng diskarte dahil napatunayan nang pabago-bago ang takbo ng isip niya, ayon sa dating vice-Mayor niyang si Mercado na nagsasaksi sa mga kaso laban sa kanya? Hindi ito malayong mangyari dahil napatunayan ni Binay ang kahinaan ng mga batas kaya madali lang ang paggawa ng katiwalian.

Ang mga batas ng isang bansa ay ginagawa ng mga taong magaling humubog ng mga ito, lalo pa at karamihan sa kanila ay nag-aral pa ng abogasya. Subalit, sa Pilipinas iba ang layunin ng mga mambabatas – pansariling kapakanan. Sila rin kasi ang nakakaalam kung paanong paikutan ang mga kahinaan ng mga batas upang malusutan at pagkitaan ang mga ito.

Ang pinakahuling pagtatangka ng mga mambabatas upang “makaikot” sa mga batas, ay sa pamamagitan ng pagbago ng isang probiso ng Saligang Batas na sisingitan ng “unless, otherwise provided by law” na paraan daw upang hindi maabuso ang batas na may kinalaman sa pagpasok ng mga dayuhan upang mag-invest sa mga kalakalang may kinalaman sa yamang likas ng bansa. Ang mga tiwaling mambabatas ay nag-akalang hindi masasakyan ng mga Pilipino kung ano ang kahulugan ng isisingit na mga salita. Simple lang naman ang mangyayari: Kapag naisingit na ang gusto nilang linya, saka sila gagawa ng mga batas na aayon dito….na tumutumbok naman sa kanilang pansariling kapakinabangan! Kaya ang mangyayari ay katakut-takot na kurakutan…at legal pa dahil nakasaad na sa Saligang Batas!…ang tawag ko diyan, “Constitutionalized corruption”.

Naging sukdulan na rin ang pambabastos ng mga tiwaling opisyal sa mga batas ng bansa dahil sa pag-abuso naman ng “Temporary Restraining Order” o TRO. Kapag halimbawa, ay may kaso sila at kailangan silang suspendihin, tatakbo agad sa tiwali ring huwes na mag-iisyu ng TRO. Subalit kung isang ordinaryong mamamayan ang nakakasuhan, diretso siya sa kulungan.

Kung halimbawa lang naman na maging presidente si Binay, magpapang-abot sila ng mga tiwaling mambabatas na nakaluklok pa sa kanilang mga puwesto. Kapag nangyari ito, asahan na ang pagkalusaw ng ekonomiya ng Pilipinas! Dahil uso naman ang lipatan ng partido, yong mga sumisipsip kay Pnoy ay lilipat sa kanya upang tuloy pa rin ang masaya nilang pangungurakot!

Ang Pagbitiw ni Binay bilang Cabinet Secretary

Ang Pagbitiw ni Binay bilang
Cabinet Secretary
Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Ang pagbitiw ni Binay bilang Cabinet Secretary na sinabayan pa ng maanghang niyang salita ay lalong nagpatagilid sa administrasyon ni Aquino. Sumentro ang talumpati niya sa itutuloy niyang pagtakbo bilang presidente dahil kailangan upang ipagpatuloy sa buong Pilipinas ang kaunlarang inumpisahan niya sa Makati. Pagpapakita rin ang kanyang pagbitiw bilang pag-alma dahil ginagawa daw na punching bag ng administrasyon ang kanyang pamilya na sa kabila ng mabuti nilang ginagawa ay gusto pang ipakulong.

Siguradong matatabunan ang mga kasong inihain kay Binay ng mas mabibigat na paratang niya sa administrasyon, tulad ng: hindi pagkamit ng mga nasa liblib na bahagi ng bansa ng tulong lalo na sa pag-ipit sa IRA na inaasahan ng mga barangay, iresponsableng paghawak sa Mamasapano operation na humantong sa massacre ng 44 SAF members, pork barrel at Presidential Development Acceleration Fund (PDAF) scams, at palpak na operasyon ng MRT dahil sa corruption.

Kung idadagdag ni Binay ang palpak na rehabilitation program para sa Zamboanga evacuees na biktima ng MNLF attack at mga biktima ng bagyong Yolanda, at ang kawalan ng aksyon sa simula pa lang ng administrasyon ni Aquino sa kaso ng West Philippine Sea, ay lalong madidiin ang administrasyon.

Ang lamang ni Binay ay kontrolado niya ang maraming LGUs sa mga liblib na bahagi ng bansa na siya namang may control sa mga tao. Ang nakakaalam ng mga kaso niya ay puro mga taga-Manila at iba pang malalaking lunsod at bayan. At, ang mga tinatanong para sa mga survey ay hindi maaasahang nagri-represent ng kalooban ng mga Pilipino, kaya kahit naungusan siya dito ni Grace Poe ay malakas pa rin ang loob niya. Si Grace Poe naman ay hindi pa rin nagdi-deklara ng balak na pagtakbo bilang presidente at hindi kilala sa mga liblib na lugar. Si Roxas ay napatunayan nang mahina kaya walang epek kung i-endorso man siya ng pangulo. Kaya bago magkaroon ng malinaw na kalaban si Binay, milya-milya na ang narating nito sa pangangampanya…na baka umabot pa sa mga barangay sa kabundukan, upang maniguro.

Subalit kung pipilosopohin ang ilan sa mga balak ni Binay, mangangahulugang ang ginawa niyang pangungumisyon sa Makati ay gagawin na rin niya sa buong Pilipinas, dahil gusto nga niyang palawakin ang ginawa niya sa Makati. At, dahil sa dami ng mga senior citizens sa buong bansa, bilyong piso na ang kikitain sa mga cake na ipamimigay sa kanila bilang birthday gift.

Ang panlaban naman niya sa mga bintang ay simpleng deklarasyon: “bakit may napatunayan ba sila?” Gasgas na at nakakasawa ang “pinupulitika lamang ako”. Sa batas kasi hangga’t walang napatunayan sa husgado, ang akusasyon ay walang silbi, kaya diyan din makikita ang kawalan ng malayong pananaw ng mga senador na nanguna sa pag-akusa kay Binay. Pwede siyang i-impeach pero hindi pwedeng akusahan sa husgado dahil sa immunity bilang Vice-President…pero may panahon pa ba? Tulad ng dati, marami pa ring taong maiiwang nakatunganga…nakanganga! At, ang mga Pilipinong umaasa sa mga “bright” na senador na malinaw na naisahan, ay nagkakanda-high blood sa inis!

The Problem with Legislation in the Philippines…its corruption and abuse

The  Problem with Legislation  in  the  Philippines

…its corruption and abuse

By  Apolinario   Villalobos

There is a move by Philippine Congress to amend a particular section of Constitution to accommodate the administration’s effort to entice foreign investors by liberalizing the provisions regarding this issue. The assurance of the Congress is that nothing else shall be   touched, except the insertion of the “unless, otherwise, provided by law…” which is self-explanatory. However, those four innocent and simply – spelled words could create disaster if triggered by another simple word – abuse. A dangerous scenario is that of future legislators coming up with laws that will favor foreign investors in exchange for favors. Future lawmakers will no longer be interested in pork barrels which are theoretically- scrapped, but in commissions from foreign investors favored by the law that they shall pass.

The Filipinos cannot be blamed for their distrust in Congress which ever since has been perceived as corrupt. There is now an apprehension that even liberal provisions that shall favor the establishment of Bangsamoro shall be inserted in the Constitution because of the four words. What will stop the corrupt lawmakers to make laws that shall be justified by such phrase?

The Filipinos are already suffering from the effect of laws that altered the economic system of the country. Foremost of these are those that privatized the basic service providers and deregulated the oil industry. It should be noted that even without the proposed change in the Constitution, somehow, existing laws as regards investment in the country are being circumvented to favor foreign parties with the use of Filipino dummies…so, why alter the Basic Law of the land, an act which clearly, shall cause an uncontrolled avalanche of corruption?

Not a single case on corruption and plunder has ever been closed under the Aquino administration. Practically, cases were exposed by the so-called “concerned” legislators, but obviously, their objective is just to earn media mileage. As if the plunder of the government coffer is not enough, now they want to distort the very Basic Law that serves as the sinews and essence of the Filipinos’ existence. Where has the common sense of the legislators gone?…or do they have such simple sense at all?

The Problem with Legislation in the Philippines…its corruption and abuse

The Problem with Legislation in the Philippines
…its corruption and abuse
By Apolinario Villalobos

There is a move by Philippine Congress to amend a particular section of Constitution to accommodate the administration in its effort to entice foreign investors by liberalizing the provisions regarding this issue. The assurance of the Congress is that nothing else shall be touched, except the insertion of the “unless, otherwise, provided by law…” which is self-explanatory. However those four innocent and simply spelled words could spell disaster if triggered by another simple word – abuse. A dangerous scenario is that of future legislators coming up with laws that will favor foreign investors in exchange for favors. Future lawmakers will no longer be interested in pork barrels which are theoritically scrapped, but in commissions from foreign investors favored by the law that they shall pass.

The Filipinos cannot be blamed for their distrust in Congress which ever since has been perceived as corrupt. There is now an apprehension that even liberal provisions that shall favor the establishment of Bangsamoro shall be inserted. What will stop the corrupt lawmakers to make laws that shall be justified by the phrase, “unless, otherwise, provided by law”?

The Filipinos are already suffering from the effect of laws that altered the economic system of the country. Foremost of these are those that privatized the basic service providers and oil deregulation. Even without the proposed change in the Constitution, somehow, existing laws regarding investment in the country are already circumvented to favor some parties with the use of Filipino dummies…so, why alter the Basic Law of the land, an act which clearly, shall favor the corrupt parties in the government?

Binola Daw Siya ni Napenas…sabi ni Pnoy…..owww, talaga?

Binola Daw Siya ni Napeῆas…sabi ni Pnoy
…owww, talaga?
Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Ang isang libro ay may “preface” o “introduction”, ito ang nagpapaliwanag sa pinakamaiksing paraan kung ano ang aasahan ng mambabasa. Sa libro ng kuwento tungkol sa Mamasapano massacre ay mayroon din – ang talumpati o “paliwanag” ni Pnoy sa “prayer meeting” sa Malakanyang kahapon, March 9, 2015. Sa kanyang talumpati ay lalo niyang idiniin si Napeῆas na siyang may kasalanan, kaya kahit hindi niya diretsong binanggit, parang inabsuwelto na niya si Purisima na nakialam kahit suspendido. Sa naunang blog ko tungkol sa isyung ito binanggit ko na upang malubos ang paghuhugas-kamay niya sa pagbitaw kay Purisima, dapat idiin niyang lalo si Napeῆas, na dapat ay lumabas na ultimate na may kasalanan ng lahat….na ginawa na nga niya sa “prayer meeting”.

Maaaring ang “prayer meeting” sa Malakanyang na ang magbibigay “linaw” kung bakit na-delay ng tatlong beses ang report ng Board of Inquiry (BOI). Sa pinakahuling pangako ng Board na may tunog paniniguro ay sa Lunes o kahapon, March 9, 2015, na nila isa-submit ang report na gagawing isa sa pagbabatayan ng conclusion ng mga hearing ng Senado at pagsisimula na naman ng hearing ng Congress, subalit hindi nangyari at humingi uli ang BOI ng matagal na palugit. Inamin ng BOI na mga “facts” lamang ang kanilang ire-report. Ibig sabihin ay isa-“summarize” lamang nito ang mga resulta ng kanilang mga inquiries…walang analysis upang makagawa sila ng conclusion. Kung ganoon lang pala ang mangyayari, bakit natatagalan ang BOI sa pagsumite?

Hindi maiwasan ang speculation na dinodoktor ng Malakanyang ang mga “facts” upang mapalabas na walang kasalanan si Pnoy, kaya ito (Malakanyang) ang sinasabi ngayon na nasa likod ng pagka-delay ng pagsumite ng BOI summary. At, upang hindi mabigla ang taong bayan, nag-organize ang Malakanyang ng “prayer meeting” na magsisilbing “venue” ni Pnoy kung saan ay ilalahad niya ang lahat ng nalalaman niya – kuno. Kaya maituturing na talumpati niya ang magsisilbing “introduction” o “preface” ng BOI summary. Lumabas man ang “summary” report ng BOI, tanggal na ang mga “facts” na mag-uugnay kay Pnoy. Dapat kasing tumugma ang BOI “summary” sa mga sinabi ni Pnoy sa “prayer meeting” kaya dapat mauna ito kaysa BOI summary. Dahil sa nangyari, asahan nang sisentro ang BOI summary sa paninisi kay Napeῆas …na dasal ng mga taga-Malakanyang ay mag-aabsuwelto kay Pnoy at kay Purisima!

Subalit nakalimutan yata ng Malakanyang ang tungkol sa unang recorded investigation na ginawa kay Napeῆas ng mga representatives ng PNP, AFP at ni Roxas. Ginawan ito ng report ng ABS-CBN, at doon ay ibang-iba ang mga sinabi ni Napeῆas sa mga sinabi ni Pnoy sa “prayer meeting”. Ibig sabihin ay naunahan ni Napeῆas si Pnoy sa paglahad ng “katotohanan” sa likod ng Mamasapano massacre. Kaya hindi dapat umasa si Pnoy na 100% siyang paniniwalaan ng taong bayan. Ang isa pa, makailang beses nang nagsinungaling si Pnoy at mahilig maghugas ng kamay, kaya sa pagkakataong ito, paniniwalaan pa kaya siya ng taong bayan?

Kawawa si Pnoy dahil para siyang nakatayo sa kumunoy at ang mga salita niya ang nagbibigay ng bigat sa kanya, kaya habang nagsasalita siya tungkol sa kahit anong bagay ay lalo lamang siyang lumulubog. Baka, bago sumapit ang 2016, ay sisinghap-singhap na siya!
Maganda sana kung lumapit din si Napeῆas sa mga kamag-anak ni Pnoy upang humingi ng tulong…o di kaya ay sa asawa ni Clooney na isang international human rights lawyer, tulad ng ginawa ni Gloria Arroyo….wild suggestion lang ito. Ang dapat gawin ni Pnoy ngayon ay huwag niyang isama sa mga paninisi niya ang asawa ni George Clooney na international human rights lawyer, tuwing sisihin niya si Gloria Arroyo. Malay natin, baka after 2016, humingi din ng tulong si Pnoy kay Mrs. Clooney, at kung bakit, hindi ko na babanggitin…wild speculation lang din ito!

Mga Produktong Siguradong Magiging Mabili sa Kasalukuyang Panahon

Mga Produktong Siguradong Magiging Mabili
Sa Kasalukuyang Panahon
Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Sa panahon ngayon, siguradong magiging mabili ang mga sumusunod na produkto kung lalagyan ng letrato ng mga opisyal ng gobyerno na ampaw ang pamumuno, o nakalbo dahil sa sobrang dunong sa pagmadyik ng budget ng bayan, o mga kapit-tuko sa pwesto sa kabila ng panawagang bumaba na sila dahil wala namang alam sa pagpapatakbo ng ahensiya, o mga kongresista na sipsip sa pangulo dahil sa maya’t mayang bonus, at mga senador na nagdudunung-dungan:

1. Toilet paper, upang maidampi sila kung saan sila nararapat.
2. Diaper, upang maitapal sila doon sa singawan ng sama ng loob.
3. Arenola o ihian, upang malunod sila sa katas ng sama ng loob.
4. Upuan – sofa, stool, at bangko, upang madanasan nilang suminghap sa hirap.
5. Basahan, dahil pareho lang sila nito na sa kalaunang gamit ay nanlilimahid.
6. Pingpong racket set, upang mapagpasa-pasahan ang nararamdamang ngitngit.
7. Sangkalan o chopping board, upang matadtad sila kahit papaano.
8. Dart board, upang mapuntirya nang tuluyan ang may sala.
9. Tsinelas at sapatos, upang maikaskas sa lupa ang kanilang mukha (mas okey kung may alipunga ang magsusuot!)
10. Sapin o cover ng kabayo sa plantsa, upang maipadama sa kanila ang init ng impyerno.
11. Kainan ng aso, swak sila ni Bantay, kasi mahilig din lang silang humimod ng amo.
12. Punasan ng paa para sa pinto o door mat, karapat-dapat lang…no questions asked.
13. Gomang proteksiyon na apakan sa banyo, upang malunod sila sa tubig na may libag.
14. Malalaking kandila, upang matuwa ang tao sa unti-unti nilang pagka-agnas.
15. Mga balat na gwantes o gloves ng baseball o softball, pati na bat o pamalo, dahil…yon na nga – dapat lang silang ihagis at paluin!
16. Mag wheels ng kotse, upang masagasaan man lang nang paulit-ulit.
17. Brief at panty, upang mailagay sila sa dapat kalagyan – mga sipsip!
18. Basketball ball at volleyball ball, upang pagsawaan silang mai-untog sa sahig na semento at mapalo ng nagngangalit na kamao.
19. Palanggana, upang malunod sa malibag na pinaglabhang tubig.
20. Lagayan ng basura o basurahan….kung saan sila angkop na angkop dahil sa baho nila!