Ridiculing the Police on the Issue of the Diaper is Senseless

Ridiculing the Police
On the Issue of the Diaper is Senseless
By Apolinario Villalobos

The plan to let the police use diaper as an option to effectively carry out their responsibilities during the papal visit, has basis. Other countries use this option, and discreetly, this was also used during the past big events in the country. It was only during the planning stage of the operational strategy for the papal visit that the police agency was vocal about it, after having been egged to come out with detailed plans.

The thousands of police from the provinces were “billeted” in public venue facilities such as stadiums which are uncomfortable due to limited facilities, yet, they patiently persisted in maintaining their poise despite the lack of rest. This Spartan life was endured for five days. The police went through a lot of sacrifice, although they expected it as part of their job, no question about that.

But despite all those sacrifices, some conscienceless Filipinos, still had the heart to ridicule the police. It is a common knowledge that the rank of these law enforcers also reeks with graft and corruption but to ridicule them despite their selfless effort during a significant papal visit smacks of insanity on the part of the blogger who abused the use of the social media. If the blogger uploaded a photo of a police sniffing shabu or accepting bribe, it could have been acceptable.

Bloggers should show decency, fairness, and as necessary, some restraint in expressing themselves.