Quest for a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for Pnoy…ultimate idiocy of his ass lickers

Quest for a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for Pnoy
…ultimate idiocy of his ass lickers
By Apolinario Villalobos

The quest for a Nobel Prize nomination for Pnoy could be the ultimate idiocy of his ass lickers. They have not learned from blunders that keep on heaping in their effort to salvage the image of their idol. For delicadeza’s sake, Pnoy himself, should tell his people to stop it, that is, if there’s even just a bit of it left in his person. He should know that he is not worth such a magnanimous recognition, much less even an obscure one.

As far as the Filipinos are concerned, Pnoy has zero in accomplishment…and more zero in the improvement of the country’s state as a whole since his day one at the Malacaῆan Palace. His being an Aquino has somehow mellowed the anger of the Filipinos as some have “thought” that his father, Ninoy, was a “hero”, but at the rate things are going, this may not last long. The Filipinos are beginning to recover from their nightmarish mistake of voting for him as president of this ailing nation. His so called “misadministration” has just amplified the woes of the already suffering Filipinos.

His administration has so neglected the country that it is now left drowning in so many inadequacies, wants, and most especially, corruption. Many agencies, are until now without Chiefs, especially, the COMELEC, despite the fast approach of the 2016 election. The Commission on Audit and the Department of Health are in the same predicament, just to name some. Other agencies are with Chiefs, but operate as if they have none, as they are pitifully wanting of sound decision. He founded his administration on “friendly trust” and gratitude which later proved to be very disastrous due to the incompetence and dishonesty of the people whom he thought were trustworthy enough or to put it bluntly, without a taint of corruption, or know how to operate an agency sanely. So what’s happening now is a case of a blind leading other blinds.

The Mamasapano massacre should be treated as a “blessing in disguise” despite the heartache it brought to the loved ones of the unfortunate 44 SAF commandos. The massacre exposed the Bangsamoro Basic Law’s questionable provisions- a clear betrayal of the people’s trust given to the administration of Pnoy. The name “Bangsamoro” alone, clearly indicates a seemingly exclusivity in favor of those who hug the Islamic faith. How about the Lumads and the Christians within the appointed territories, and who constitute a significant chunk of the population? Why did they not choose a regional name that could neutrally represent the diversified cultures and religions? Not only is the name an eyebrow-raising issue, but many of its provisions, too, that even the lawmakers expressed great apprehension if the BBL would be passed posthaste. Instead of resulting to peace, the “raw” BBL is perceived to sow more indifferences and frictions among the parties with vested interest. And, this BBL matter has become the biggest blackeye of the president, ever. Does he deserve a Nobel Prize nomination for this?

In his attempt to reconstruct his damaged relationship with the Philippine National Police after the Mamasapano massacre, he attended a simple turnover ceremony which was very unusual for a president to do, especially, of his type. His attendance was considered a precedent – a first time. He even tried to extend a reconciliatory gesture by holding an almost three hours meeting with the members of the PNP, but he was given a cold shoulder. The unspoken message of the police contingent is clear, especially, with his dropping of his best friend, Purisima, the former Chief of the PNP but later suspended due to graft cases, and who eventually resigned. Dropping him like a hot potato, Pnoy pointed to Purisima as the one who should be held responsible for the Mamasapano tragedy of 44 SAF commandos because of his meddling despite his suspension. Pnoy made this change in stance, despite his earlier admission of responsibility. Again, how can he expect a Nobel Prize nomination when he cannot even forge a peaceful relationship with the country’s police force that now perceives him as a leader with a fickle mind?

The Filipinos are now looking at Pnoy, not as a “man of promise” but a “habitually promising man” – with so many promises, but nothing done….yet, his cohorts want a Nobel Prize nomination for him! Out of embarrassment, perhaps, his people at the palace are denying about such quest…but, isn’t it that if there’s smoke, there’s fire?

Ode To Nelson Mandela

Ode to Nelson Mandela

…Sublime Rolihlahla of South Africa


By Apolinario Villalobos


July 18, 1918 – lucky day for South Africa

For this day saw the birth of Rolihlahla

Later given a Christian name, Nelson

When he began his studies, as a custom.

Toiling  for survival as a fatherless child

He dreamed of one day, be part of struggle –

For freedom… aspired, desired by his people

Though he knew that such wish is not simple.

His journey through the portals of knowledge

Were not as fortunate, for despite two attempts

To have a college degree, he failed to achieve

But for such dream, he fearlessly persevered.

Graduated with Ll.B, although in absentia –

In 1989, thanks to University of South Africa

Making it on his last months of imprisonment

That filled his heart with intense sentiment.

Life in a country of strife far from being free

Is not what Nelson wanted, but one with unity

His effort brought him to prison not only once

But he vowed to fight on, whatever the chance.

Never did he accept the bribe of three offers-

Setting him free but with binding conditions

Such an insincere gesture, for him is just trash –

That only a man without honor may readily grasp.

1991 saw him as ANC President that he deserved

And in 1993, given Nobel Prize with de Klerk jointly

A year after, 27th of April, casting his first vote ever –

Such achievements, no longer made Nelson wonder.

Inaugurated as South Africa’s first elected President

It was in May 10, 1992, under the shadow of democracy

And true to his promise, stepped down after his term

It was in 1999, feeling fulfilled in achieving his dream.

A humble inspiration to the trampled and exploited

Nelson Mandela exemplified honesty and sincerity

With which he fought for equal opportunity and unity –

He succeed…

And, the achieved harmony for his people

Will always be his priceless legacy.