Nanette Salvador Quincena


…and her indefatigable quest for success

by Apolinario Villalobos


What impressed me when I saw Nanette was her face which made me recall an actress who belongs to the Salvador clan. She was then, the Branch Manager of the Asian United Bank at Rotonda, Bacoor City, and when we got introduced to each other, my hunch was right. She is indeed a Salvador, a clan known for actors, actresses, directors and film editors – pillars of the country’s movie industry.


I found out too, that her grandfather, Atilano was among the directors of the late Fernando Poe, Sr., but before that, he has been known as a film editor since 1958.  Several uncles are also part of the movie industry as Director, such as, Augusto “Direk Angie” Salvador who had been a favorite director of the late Fernando Poe, Jr.;  Danilo Salvador; and Rogelio Salvador. The skill in film editing has manifested in Nanette’s elder brother, Edwin, who has been given consistent recognition for his achievements as a post-production Editor. On her part, Nanette had her share of the limelight as a model when she appeared in the advertisement of the Orient Bank. She did not pursue the call of the show business as she was more interested in the challenging banking career.


The family of Nanette hails from Lucena City, in Quezon province. Her proud parents are Edgardo and Natividad Salvador, both fortunate for having children who always find a reason to be with them as much as possible, and their reunion is characterized by a color scheme of shirts to make their reunion symbolic and memorable. The Salvador brood, aside from Edwin and Nanette, also include Neah and Edgar, both successful professionals abroad.


Nanette is married to Erwin who works with Coca Cola- Philippines. They are blessed with Nikka Angela, now 17 years old and on her second year in Civil Engineering course; Erwin Angelo who is in Grade 9; and, Nova Angeline who is in Grade 7 – all of them doing fine with their studies according to Nanette which makes her a proud mother.


Nanette balances her life as a career woman, wife, and a mother. Despite her obligations to her family, she has also shown her mettle as a manager when she joined the Asia United Bank. From her former assignment at Bacoor City which is much near her home, she took in stride and as a challenge her transfer to the newly-opened branch along Buendia Avenue extension in Pasay City.


With the new assignment, she had to wake up much earlier than before to avoid the traffic along the three choke-points such as Emilio Aguinaldo Highway in Bacoor City, the Coastal Road with its infinitesimal traffic, and the Roxas Boulevard funnel before finally turning right at the junction of the Buendia Avenue extension toward her office, the last several meters of which on unlucky days could be blocked by slow-moving buses that wait for passengers bound for Makati. She drives her way all the way from Cavite which makes her more admirable, considering that going through hellish traffic jams is no joke.


As a manager, Nanette exudes for her staff, simple and doable traits that I have observed to be natural part of her persona. She shows her colleagues in the office, that it is does not take much effort to smile, and being petite, it makes her more youngish. Added to that is courtesy which has also become deeply impressed in their service, from the way they address their customers to handing of a business card with both hands. These AUBians are really a typical breed of bankers, as they come from humble yet reputable schools that consistently shine because of their graduates, many of whom are government scholars.


Nanette who looks like an elder sister to her eldest 17-year old daughter expressed that she is happy with her life now being fortunate for having a happy family, what with a hardworking husband and intelligent children, aside from loving parents and siblings who always find ways to be together. As with Asia United Bank….it is her benefactor to which she will always be grateful for giving her a break, despite her being a graduate of a provincial educational institution which shows that schools and books do not necessarily spell success, but the drive innate in a person.

The Dynamic Streak of Asia United Bank (AUB) Reaches Buendia Avenue Extension (Pasay City)

The Dynamic Streak of ASIA UNITED BANK (AUB)

Reaches Buendia Avenue Extension (Pasay City)

By Apolinario Villalobos


The first time I was impressed by the service of the Asia United Bank (AUB) was when it took over my former depository bank at Rotonda, Bacoor City in Cavite. I almost decided to cancel my accounts but I changed my mind when I met its first branch manager. A few months later, another branch manager took over, Ms. Nanette Quincena whose typically aggressive salesmanship further bolstered my trust.


When the AUB decided to expand its operation to cover the Pasay area, it opened a branch along the Buendia Avenue extension, between Harrison and Leveriza Streets, on September 20, 2016, with the deployment of Ms. Quincena as the first Branch Manager tasked to lay down the foundation. She has been expecting a tough job as along the stretch of Buendia are also other reputable banks. Nevertheless, she considers the situation as a challenge which she can hurdle, together with equally aggressive, Ms. Gemmalou Ortega, the Field Sales Officer, with whom she confers every morning before the latter starts her sales calls.


Interesting to note is the fact that AUB pioneered the paperless transaction in the country with the use of the Virtual Teller Kiosk (VTK) which resulted to a resounding success. At the Buendia branch, the VTK occupies a prominent space which easily catches the attention of the customers. The transaction via the VTK, has likewise, reduced the queuing time considerably.


What impressed me most is how the bank starts the day with a heartfelt prayer, in which everybody joins – the guard, Utility/Messenger, the Operations staff, such as Richard Dumayas, the Service Manager; Gemmalou Ortega, the Field Sales Officer; Jowell Agaban, Counter Teller; and Jean Marie Padua who handles the New Accounts Section. I found out too, that the youthful staffs are all from prestigious schools known for their scholars – Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Maynila (PLM), University of Makati (UMak), and New Era University (NEU).


According to Ms. Quincena, the bank maintains its high standards with the support of its consistent utilization of every available banking technology and young recruits who are willing to learn the intricacies of the industry and most especially, are willing to grow with their chosen benefactor. The bank’s investment in human capital so far has been successful, as consistent show of diligence on their part has been very prominent.


On October 31, 2016, Asia United Bank is celebrating its 19th year of success. By then, and onward, Ms. Quincena is expecting more challenges that she aims to clear, to significantly improve the steady growth of the Branch… but of course, with the cohesive co-operation of the whole Buendia Branch Team!


By the way, Asia United Bank is proudly 100% Filipino!





Asia United Bank…a Dynamic Plus of the Economic Foundation of Bacoor City



By Apolinario Villalobos


A community’s growth is always determined by the economic institutions that are found within its periphery, and foremost among them are the banks, the presence of which implies that it is booming. And, because competition is expected among these institutions, one which has got the most high-tech facility coupled with satisfying service would surely have the clout. In this regard, worth mentioning is the Asia United Bank in Bacoor City, a newcomer in the banking arena that has gained a significant share of the local market since its establishment in 2012. The bank is prominently located at the city’s crossroads, the rotunda from which emanate the southern road that leads to Imus/Batangas, the westbound road that leads to Cavite City, and the southbound one that leads to Las Piἧas and Manila.

Asia United Bank has a reputation of having established the first paperless transaction in the country with the “virtual teller kiosk” in the midst of its system that practically shrinks the time element in the client’s transaction with the bank. The on-line transaction which many clients dread due to the proliferation of hacking is made secure by the bank with its 3-level security password system. Its one-of-a-kind “Bizkit” allow clients to choose which offerings are appropriate for their needs. It has many current products that the Field Sales Officer of the Bank or the OIC/Branch Manager can discuss…all one needs to do is just request for their visit. As can be gleaned from the bank’s “resume”, it is some kind of a “total Filipino bank”.

I had my own encounter with the bank when I decided to let them take care of my meagre savings, a turnover from another bank which they took over. I was totally impressed with the service and such impression has been maintained until today, especially, because of the new and amiable Bacoor branch manager, Ms. Nanette Salvador Quincena. She further cemented my trust in the bank when I observed how her team in the branch – all young, would move with seemingly orchestrated professionalism. During a casual chat with her, she expressed, “…at AUB, we are exhausting all means to tap the local market as we are trying to reach out to the working level of the populace that needs our assistance”…an impressive statement! As my habit, because of the good impression, I decided to write something about this “young and dynamic” bank to express my appreciation.

It is admirable to know that the courage of people behind this institution is an offshoot from pooled brilliant business ideas that started with a biscuit company…the Republic Biscuit Company (REBISCO). So, that’s another success story that can make one recall Lucio Tan’s whose bold diversification emanated from a bank, but still earlier, supposedly, a buy and sell venture. Add to that the story of Henry Sy whose giant business empire grew out of a simple shoes store in Sta. Cruz, Manila.