Mt. Dos Cuernos (Cagayan Valley’s Paradise)

Mt. Dos Cuernos

(Cagayan Valley’s paradise)

By Apolinario Villalobos



A valley of green

            and a little

of almost everything.

Alas! There, she sprawls

            dented with hills

            gently sliced by a great river

            that sparkles

            under the searing sun –


A land made great

            by sun-tanned people

            patient and frugal all

            whose strong hands

            shaped the valley

            into a haven-

            fit for man.

And, beyond-

            riding the undulating

            horizon of green

            Dos Cuernos beckons.

Mysterious horns

            that harbor secrets

            for centuries

            and songs of the wild

            hummed by birds

            that make trees sway-

            songs, bewitching and gay.

A bit of paradise on earth-

            Dos Cuernos

            scented by Nature’s breath

            oozing from petals

            that cram unlikely nooks

            and moss-laden branches

            equally tempting

            souls whose praise they sing.

Dos Cuernos

            go on with your call

            that more may savor life

            in your bosom as meant to be

            we just hope and pray

            that you’ll last –

            until eternity.