Ballad of the Oblates of Notre Dame

I composed this song when I was in first year high school. We would standby at the Samaria House near the OND Sisters’ convent…and if we found a chance, crawled to the guava trees of the Dominican Sisters nearby, and help ourselves with some of the delicious fruit…those were the days….with Tasan, Engkis, Paya, James Bides, Boy Baclaan.



Ballad of the Oblates of Notre Dame

(for the OND Sisters)

By Apolinario Villalobos


Morning has come

            and sunrays bring

            hope and warmth

            of gay birds’ songs

            to the people of Tacurong

            as, here come the Oblates

            of Notre Dame —–

            splendid in blue and gold

            with bright faces

            and steps, big and bold.

With big hearts

            and armed with fervent prayers

            they went all along

            until they reached  Tacurong

            hemmed in by Mount Dagoma

            Buluan Lake, and river Kapingkong.

At last, finding a solid ground

            the Oblates prayed 

sang praises to the Lord

as the cross could now be planted

for the eager horde.

And now, that cross

            has grown and bloomed

            to have sturdy branches

            and leaves so green

            spreading and reaching out

            to the hearts –

            the hearts that need

            its warmth and grace.