Long Distance

Long Distance
by Louie John M Salda

We find each other at our most unexpected time,
I never dreamed that you will be mine.
Your eyes shine and smile like diamonds in the sky,
That gives me joy that it so hard to find.

In this weeping sky I feel your warmest embrace
The stars glitz and we were at peace.
The cold breeze and the moonlight shades the night with meaning,
And the sweet sounds of the air made me feel that someone is missing.

All the memories of yesterday frolicked and flashbacked,
The times that we hold each other’s hand.
Im wishing and staring in the stars that you will soon come back,
for I miss you so bad and I want to hug you so tight.

In this very night you take your first flight,
To the destination you’ve chosen right.
I know that you decided with a good reason,
And I’m willing to wait for you even if it will take that long.

For as long as we keep each other’s faith,
Our love for each other will truly be blessed.
Our hearts that beats as one,
Surely you will always be the one.

I will surely miss you,
And I know that you feel the same way too.
And in my heart I will always keep you.
For sooner or later I will be with you.

This long distance relationship would really challenge us,
In a way that we will realize that we need each other’s hand.
Time will come I will ask for your hand,
And God’s mantle will clothe as one.




Habang akoy umiinon ng mainit na tsaa,
Akoy napaupo sa aming bakanteng sala.
Halimuyak ng mga magagandang bulaklak sa labas,
Dalay kasiyahang walang katumbas.

Sa aking pag-inom,
Ako’y may kakaibang napansin.
Ako’y may hinahanap na panlasang kaibig-ibig,
Sa kakaisip ko ay aking napagtanto,
Kulang ito sa kalamansing nasa harap ko.

Ang bawat patak ng kalamansi dala ay ligaya,
Sa bawat higop dala ay habag.
Oh anong tuwa ko habang ikay iniinom,
Dahil napawi ang pighati ng damdaming sawi.

Ako ang tsaa at ikaw ang kalamansi,
Kung ika’y wala ay walang kasing-pait.
Buhay ko’y sadyang nagpupumilit,
Na ikaw ang hanap kahit gaano kasakit.

Bakit ngaba ika’y inibig,
Na ako lamang ang may alam sa aking pag-ibig.
Tila sadyang mapagbiro itong si tadhana,
Dahil puso’t isip ikaw ay laging hanap hanap.

Alam kong ikaw ay may mahal at ibang gusto,
Bakit di mo na lng ako prangkahin ng diretso.
Wag ka ng mag-aksaya ng paanhon na hanapin ako,
Dahil alam kong di ako ang tasa ng tsaa mo.

Tanggap ko na siya ang iibigin mo,
Sana siya ay mamahalin at iingatan mo.
Di bale na lng akoy paiyakin mo,
Huwag lang tumulo ang luha nya ng dahil sayo.

Dito ko na lang idadaan sa aking tula,
Mga salitang di ko maibigkas.
Tawagin mang akong BITTER ng iba,
Ako ay di na aasa para huwag matawag na HOPIA.

K-12: A Perspective for a Better Philippines

K-12: A perspective for a better Philippines

By: Louie John M. Salda


Education for life!

Juan dela Cruz pays so much attention to education. He believes that education is one of the most important keys that can open a door of opportunities, triumphs, excellence and success.

Education at its best would always be Filipinos’ battle cry- a philosophy and a belief that if people are educated they can serve as a paradigm for good and progress.

In the recent context of society, with the real scenario of educational system of the Philippines the challenge is. Is Juan dela Cruz ready to face the real world? Is he capable enough of unveiling the windows of the universe? This may sound over the top but the definitely he has the option for all of this.

The implementation of Republic Act 10533 also known as an act of enhancing the Philippine Basic Education System by strengthening its curriculum and increasing the number of years for education is the answer for the Filipinos who clamors for intellectual preparedness and longing for an educational system that will equip and engulf them with knowledge and skills that is tantamount in living and dealing life.

Certainly, the new trend in Philippines’ Educational System is indeed an accomplishment and a great initiative to conform to the standard call of international education, efficiently and effectively.

First, this complex educational system was designed to enhance and strengthen the cognitive development of each learner. With the addition of two more years in the basic curriculum this will surely insure every Filipino learner that they will be equipped with both basic and complex ideas. The strategized and dynamic approach by the teachers will sure help the students to prosper in their academic endeavors. Thus, learners’ theoretical skills will be enhanced and better understanding on every topic will surely be met.

Second, what is more engaging about going to school, are the things that you will discover and learn to do with. K-12 entails not only to develop one’s mind but also help them realize that education should be an outcome base one. The additional two years in the basic curriculum will also focus on technical skills enhancement, particularly those in demand industries that calls for large number of skilled workers. Moreover, this educational development would not only benefit Filipino students but also the teachers who are teaching skilled subjects to be updated and informed with the world’s latest trend and standards.

Lastly, with this new advancement in education, learners’ personality will also develop. The curriculum provides activities that will enhance and boost one’s personality. Furthermore, with the series of group activities that will be given to the learners it will develop their confidence and trust not only for others abut more importantly for themselves. Thus, human relation skills, teamwork, collaboration and cooperation among learners will surely be developed.

Now, that the Philippines is confronted with serious problems. And technology grows at its awesome speed. Filipinos must learn and be ready to cope with these challenges. Learning is not only by mind, but also by heart. Education is indeed a right and a privilege of every Juan. Every change can send forth disadvantages, but looking at it positively and giving this program a benefit of a doubt will help every Juan realize that there is more about education. This initiative might be expensive but people should be mindful about its advantages-advancement to every Filipinos learning and realization of lifetime investment.