We Never Learn Our Lesson

We never Learn Our Lesson

By Apolinario Villalobos


Oftentimes, when we stumble, we grumble and we blame others. We blame the world, even God. But when we succeed we oftentimes forget that we do not only owe to ourselves what we have accomplished. We forgot that we were given the chance by others, although the effort is ours. And, through all the struggles we made, we forgot that there is always His guiding hand.

We are intelligent enough to know that we can be blinded by success. We read stories about it. Yet, some of us persist on doing the same blunder. Some of us cannot keep their feet on the ground. Some thought that they can achieve success on their own, totally forgetting God in the process.

As always, some of us never learn one of the most important lessons in life – that arrogance can blind us to the point of forgetting how we came into this world. Not only some of us betray our fellowmen in the name of greed but forsake our innate faith, as well.