Are the Ten Commandments for the Israelites also Intended for the Future Converts Today

Are the Ten Commandments for the Israelites also Intended

for the Converts Today?

By Apolinario Villalobos

With what are happening all over the world today, I cannot help but take a look again at the “Ten Commandments” that the God of the Israelites issued to them through Moses. When Jesus Christ came, the frontier of the Mosaic faith has been moved extensively outward to include gentiles who are willing to be converted. That makes the “Ten Commandments” applicable to the modern-day Christians and others who trace the origin of their religion to Moses.  In other words, the commandments have become universal as to include even those not yet born, but whose parents are within the fold of the mentioned faith.

The Ten Commandments are supposed to be the gauge of God in judging His faithful, be they the original “chosen people” or the converted gentiles, at the end of their day. Each simply-stated commandment is encompassing and has even become clearer with the passing days. Let us take a look at them:

  1. “You shall have no other gods beside me.” Due to fanaticism and despair, how many bow to the power of nature after a natural calamity has struck? How many trust amulets to protect them…with such trust akin to worshipping an unseen power?
  1. “You shall not carve idols for yourselves in the form of anything….you shall not bow before them or worship them…” How many kneel and bow before an image…wipe and caress its face…kiss the seam of its outfit or false hair…imploring it to perform miracles?
  1. “You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God in vain”. How many swear to high heavens and invoke Him, so that even lightning may strike them on the spot, if indeed, they are telling a lie?
  1. “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.” The “rest day” is supposed to be Saturday, but today most sects, observe it on Sunday, still some, on Friday. Is not moving the Sabbath day, already a violation of the commandment? Nevertheless, what is required here is that such “rest day”, should be dedicated to Him. But how many attend religious gatherings of worship on a Sabbath day or gleefully motor off to resorts to unwind, instead?
  1. “Honor your father and your mother that you may have a long life…” How many homes are broken today because of the evil attitude of children? A home with discordant atmosphere affects the mind of those living in it. It has been proved that one of the reasons why children run away from home is their refusal to take orders with disciplinary intent from their parents. Running away from home results to the children’s indulgence in drugs and prostitution, as well as, other crimes. Will not those vices shorten the children’s lives? The medical science has proved that stress and vices can cause cancer and other diseases.
  1. “You shall not kill.” A simple statement which many people oftentimes forget when they are blinded with pride and dire material need. Some kill to protect their honor, others do it just for fun when under the influence of drugs and liquor, others do it to carry out their evil desire such as robbing or raping, or worst, others do it as a gainful occupation.
  1. “You shall not commit adultery.” During the Bible times, even the Israelite kings committed such crime, but today it is worst, as self-serving rules are promulgated to make such crime acceptable within a society. Such crime is even committed with the consent of parties involved. The pea-brained violators blame the “marriage” contract as the culprit for such crime. For them, without the binding contract, there would be no adultery. But, can they blame the God whose intention was to prevent the blatant practice of uncontrolled sex? Is not the uncontrolled sex or promiscuousness one of the causes of the dreaded HIV disease?
  1. “You shall not steal”. This is the most commonly-committed crime. Stealing is prevalent in all kinds of society. Even at a young age, children learn to commit petty stealing which develop into a bigger crime as they grow. Today, in some societies that do not prosecute minors, parents even prod their children to steal as they cannot be charged anyway. Growing children learn to steal from their parents for extra money that they spend for their vices, one of which is addiction to internet games. As students, some learn to steal intelligence of others via the internet by copy/pasting dissertations to satisfy thesis requirement in school. And the ultimate act is when “intelligent” government officials steal the people’s money resulting to the latter’s social distress and poverty.
  1. “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”. How many innocent people are now suffering behind bars because their poverty prevented them from hiring reliable lawyers to defend them in court, leaving them helpless as false testimonies were heaped upon them? How many of these innocents have been dragged to prisons after the real culprits of crimes were successfully “defended” by false, though, convincing oratorical deliberations of handsomely paid lawyers?
  1. “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house…wife…” The greed of man before and today could have made God issue such reminder. Coveting for weak nations by the powerful ones has been rampant even before the covenant was etched on the blocks of stone. Today such evil desire is sophisticatedly called “expansionism”. Strong nations come up with flimsy allegations as basis in overrunning territories of weak nations. Along this line, such greed is also manifested in the seduction of other people’s better half or spouse, as well as, properties such as in the case of squatting on other people’s land and forging documents that cover them, even using poverty as alibi.

As an answer to the question in the title, yes…the Ten Commandments, originally issued to the Israelites, are very much applicable to the converted Gentiles of today. Those who were born into the Faith of their parents and were forced by virtue of baptism at their infancy, may choose if they have reached the appropriate age, any other affiliation not “covered” by the so-called “covenant”, rather than criticize the firm believers.

This blog has no intention of sparking an exchange of criticism on religions. Rather, I am presenting a personal view of what are happening in the world today. I would rather accept criticisms for oversight, exaggeration, etc., than read comments of viewers criticizing each other based on their religious affiliation, to express their having been incited unknowingly, which again, is not the intent of this simple presentation.

Ang Arkilahan ng mga Kung Anu-ano

Ang Arkilahan ng mga kung Anu-ano
Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Sa ibabaw ng mundo, mula’t sapul ay nauso na ang arkilahan. Sa Tsina, isa sa mga bansa na may pinakamatandang kultura, mula pa noong unang kapanahunan nila, umaarkila na ng mga mangigiyak kung may patay. Ngayon, hindi lang mangingiyak ang inaarkila nila kundi mga halos hubad na mananayaw upang makaakit ng mga taong makikipagluksa. Kamakailan lang, sa Tsina pa rin ay may lumabas na web site para sa mga pwedeng arkilahang taga-bugbog ng mga nangbo-bully sa school at opisina.

May tinatawag na mersenaryo, o mga sundalong bayaran na may ibang nasyonalidad at lahi na pwedeng bayaran upang magamit ng mga bansang nangangailangan ng serbisyo nila. Itong gawain ay talamak kahit noon pa mang panahon ng mga tao sa Bibliya. Ayon sa mga komokontra sa isyu na naging alipin daw ang mga Hudyo (Jews) sa Egypt kaya inilabas ni Moses, ang totoo raw, binayaran ang kanilang serbisyo upang magtrabaho sa iba’t ibang proyekto, kasama na ang paggawa ng mga piramida (pyramid).

Uso din mula pa noon ang pag-arkila sa serbiyso ng mga mamamatay-tao. Isa ito sa mga negosyo ng Mafia sa Estados Unidos, at ng iba pang mga gang-style na samahan sa iba’t ibang panig ng mundo. At, siyempre kasama na diyan ang Pilipinas, kung saan ay napakamaraming inaarkilang mamatay-tao, lalo na ngayon, kaya nga may mga kuwento na sa halagang limang libo ay pwede ka nang magpatumba ng tao sa Pilipinas, basta tama lang ang koneksiyon.

Hind lang taong buhay ang inaarkila, lalo na sa Maynila. Kahit patay ay inaarkila ng mga sindikato na gustong magpasakla, lalo na sa mga squatters’ area. Kalimitan, ang pinapaarkila ay mga patay sa punerarya na naka-freezer habang naghihintay ng claimant. Ibig sabihin kasabwat ang mga tiwaling punerarya, para siguro mabawi ang ginagastos nila sa “freeze storage” na kumakain ng espasyo at kuryente. Sa ganitong gawain, naghahanap ang sindikato ng isang pamilya na talagang naghihirap upang maakit sa perang magiging bahagi nito mula sa kikitain ng sakla. Gagawa sila ng kuwento tungkol sa pagiging magkamag-anak ng patay at may-ari ng bahay. Upang malaki ang kita, kung minsan, inaabot ng hanggang dalawang buwan ang “lamay”.

Marami pang bagay ang inaarkila upang maging magamit pansamantala ng mga nangangailangan, kasama na diyan ang tirahan, mga gamit para sa party lalo na videoke, balloons, silya, mesa, at clowns o payaso, di kaya ay mga magicians. Ang mga sasakyan ay inaarkila din, pati mga gamit panluto.

Meron ding inaarkilang tagapagdasal sa labas ng malalaking simbahan ng mauunlad na lunsod tulad ng Maynila at Cebu. Sa Cebu, ang dasal ay may dagdag pang sayaw. Sa Quiapo ay dasal lang ang ginagawa habang nakikinig ang nagpadasal upang masigurong tama ang pangalang babanggitin – pangalan ng asawa na ipinagdasal upang mamatay dahil sumama na sa kerida. Ang ibang nagpapadasal naman ay sinasabayan ng paglusaw ng mga kandila.

Sa malalaking kumpanya at sa gobyerno, nauso na rin ang pag-arkila sa serbisyo ng mga “consultant”…mga may angking kakaibang talino. Ang ibang kumpanya ay nagkakasya sa iisa o dadalawang consultants. Subali’t ang gobyerno, lalo na sa Pilipinas, ang mga ahensiya ay halos mamutiktik sa mga consultants. Ang dami ng consultant ay nagpapakita ng kahinaan ng isang ahensiya, o gobyerno sa kabuuhan nito….at yan ang sitwasyon ng Pilipinas!