Ramon Gantang, Jr. Wakes Up at 5:00 AM to Prepare Jesus Christ Majesty “Chapel”

Ramon Gantang, Jr.:  Wakes Up at 5:00AM

To Prepare Jesus Christ Majesty “Chapel”

By Apolinario Villalobos


It was a Sunday, almost seven in the morning and I just arrived in Sta. Cruz, struggling with a box full of notebooks, books, pre-used copies of Bible and pens for the Jesus Christ Majesty “chapel” along F. Torres. I was hoping against hope that it would be open that early. The service was yet to start at 10:30AM, but I expect the venue to be ready because of the musical instruments that had to be set up. I was downhearted when I found the folding gate closed though the chairs which were stacked up were obviously ready for their usual arrangement, but the musical instruments were already set up.


Luckily, when I tried calling, a smiling guy peeped from the far end of the corridor. He approached the closed gate and after I introduced myself, he opened it and invited me in. Still smiling, he introduced himself as “Jay R”. Excusing himself, he went out in haste and after several minutes, was back with two styro cups of coffee. I was glad that he was told beforehand by Sister Mayette about my plan to drop by, preferably on a Sunday, in time for their worship.


I looked around and could not help myself from getting amazed at how Jay R could singlehandedly transform the big room, from its “carenderia” setting into a “chapel”, with all the musical instruments such as, keyboard, drum set, and the stacks of chairs. He confirmed my assumption that he wakes up as early as 5AM.


Jay R’s story is about a journey from another denomination towards the flock of Pastor Allan and Sister Mayette Guerrero at the Jesus Christ Majestry Ministry. It all started two years ago when he found about the humble New Christian ministry in the midst of a busy section between Ongpin and Sta. Cruz. That was the time when he got employed at the Philippine Ports Authority with the help of the couple, who are also with the same government agency. Just like other spiritually restless souls, the Divine Providence guided him towards the humble house of worship.


Pastor Allan and Sister Mayette, further helped him by offering the office which doubles as a “Sunday School” for children, for his lodging. The office also serves as a repository for their scant reading materials, as well as, the musical instruments. This arrangement eventually, proved to be convenient for Jay R who used to commute from his job at the port area to Quezon City. At 49 today, he serves as the ministry’s in-house overall Coordinator, Secretary, and on worship days, as a “Worship Leader”.


The twinkle in Jay R’s eyes shows that he enjoys what he does on the day that he was supposed to be resting or just killing time around the city, after the tedious job of receiving and transferring calls.