You Don’t Know

“You Don’t Know”
By Jasmine Roa


She was young! Didn’t know what the world is
Curious! She want to know all of this
Certain! Of finding what the truth is
In her world where she lingered in

One day, she looked, elsewhere
Find the truth, she seeks, everywhere
But, Oh my! What a pleasant surprise
Group of people caught her eyes

She was startled, she started to fall
All she have to do is, call
They grabbed her! Powerless woman!
She lie, with different man..

Assaulted, raped, cannot walk her legs, crippled
She stayed quiet, let her tears ripple
No voice to speak for she will be judged
By the people who didn’t experience all of that

Disgrace, we all see her
Replace, everything, but stayed forever
We see, we judge, people we crush
She can’t, she tried, she left without saying goodbye

Suicide, dreams have crushed
Set aside, all the voice hushed
Cannot speak, whatever leaks
Truth hurts, dreams have already been burnt

You don’t know, what happened
You weren’t there when it happened
She shut her mouth and cried all day
Hoping that everything will go away

Don’t have a choice but to let it be
So I just let myself free…