The Neglected Advantage of “Internet” and the “Infinite” Promise of Improved Cyber Services in the Philippines

The Neglected Advantage of “Internet” And the

“Infinite” Promise of Improved Cyber Services in the Philippines

By Apolinario Villalobos


In the Philippines, it is obvious that the IT (information technology) is generally limited to the use of cellphone and facebook. The national government keeps on promising about the modernization of the “internet system” for the Philippines to be at par with other Asian countries with fast and cheap cost of cyber service providers, but the pronouncements have remained a promise because of greed and corruption. There is news about the entry of a “third party” but when will the Filipinos feel its presence?  As with commodities and other services, especially, the basic ones such as rice, tobacco, electricity and water, the field of information technology has also gone into the basket of greed called “monopoly” encouraged by the seemingly innate corrupt character of many government officials.


The Philippines, despite her being a “third world country”, is already technologically equipped, even how meager these equipment may be. But due to corruption, in some LGUs, while documents show that computer units have been purchased, they are nowhere to be found. Worse, if ever some Barangays are lucky to have been provided with them, they become “typewriters” ONLY due to the absence of signal, hence, not fully utilized.


Another issue is on the lack of proper orientation of the concerned on how the “internet” can be fully utilized for the benefit of the LGUs and interested parties. The “internet” is the system that keeps the cyberspace alive. The world has practically become dependent on it for just anything from show business gossips to sensitive and supposedly confidential securityswinformation of nations. Travelers browse through its travel pages for information about places, food, hotels, etc. Students download information from it for their projects and thesis.


The “internet” is the world’s archival system of information… the web of information highways connecting peoples and nations. This glaring fact has been neglected by many Philippine LGUs as again, their computers have become “typewriters”…not connected to the cyber world, part of which is their “head office” or their Municipal or City Hall . Many  LGus are already contented for having an  “internal archive” in their offices, as instead of hard copies of memos, reports, being printed and filed in the filing cabinet, all that the clerk does is push the “save” on the keyboard  and the work is done!


Another oversight is on the lack of important information on the LGU’s total scope of coverage, especially, historical data. For instance, although, all the barangays are listed in the internet site of their town or city, many of them do not have a site of their own. And worse, although listed, there are no historical data…just current statistics on the area, population and list of officials without accompanying photos of these personalities. How can those be informative?  The LGUs are supposed to have “information offices”, but the question is..are they conducting researches to collect information  right from the field to establish an historical archive?


My suggestion is for these information offices to gather first-hand information by taking photos of anything interesting in their community, conduct interview of old folks for historical information, etc.,  and upload these for archiving in their computers ready for downloading or quick access of visiting researchers and tourists.


The towns and cities should have their own archive for each barangay, and the information shared with the sites of the latter which are technologically ill-equipped.  Information should not be limited to visuals or photos of fiestas and social gatherings, oath taking, etc., as well as, mere statistics which are required of them in the first place, but also extensively written dissertations….essays, studies, gathered proposals, etc. It is not duplication of job, but “enhancement” to what the other offices are doing. This effort shall indicate COOPERATION which many LGUs lack as this expectation is oftentimes overshadowed by COMPETITION among offices which from all angles can be viewed as very unhealthy and viciously unproductive to the detriment of the LGU as a whole.



Why I Blog

Why I Blog

By Apolinario Villalobos


Many people who have been reading my blogs are wondering why I am doing it…worse, some even presume that I am being paid for such emotionally tedious undertaking. Plainly and simply, I tell them that it is my advocacy. I hate to use such word, but I might cause them to raise their eyebrows if I tell them, it is my hobby. I am serious in what I am doing and it is not just for fun. I am not being paid but some viewers of my blogs send help for the subject personalities whom I write about, and which are handled with much care. For this endeavor, I am taking so much risk as my security is also at stake in view of my blogs on corruption.


I always ask myself that if I will not share with others what I perceive and experience “along the way”, who will do it? If I have to be brutally frank, I dare say that many people are numb, naïve, blind, deaf, etc. to what are happening around us. One viewer even had the temerity to send me the message, “you think you are a great writer, huh!”. He is not an fb friend and most hurting is that he is also a Filipino. I just presumed that he is a friend of a politician whom I have been jabbing with my posts, which being “public” are open to all internet browsers. As an information, I have four other blog sites aside from facebook. My first facebook page has even been hacked many months back so I can no longer open it, forcing me to create another one with my photo on it. Unfortunately, many friends still use the hacked fb despite the notices that I have posted.


I identify with people whom I blog as I had my own struggles to be able to finish my studies, having been orphaned at a young age. Growing up, I observed the corrupt practices in the government which have been deeply impressed in my mind. I observed so much arrogance of some supposedly “shepherds” of the various churches. Having gone around the country, I saw poverty in its various levels and perceived its ugly faces drawn on my impoverished countrymen. I would like to let the world know about the benevolence of unsung heroes in our midst. Also, let others know, Filipinos and foreigners that the country is a cluster of islands worth discovering for their unique and varying splendor. I would also like to serve as other people’s conscience and mirror. Most of all God gifted me with the ability to write and I know that He did not give it to me to be kept selfishly, but with a purpose. Those are the reasons why I blog.


What give me the drive to go on are the inspiration and encouragement from those who are kind enough to appreciate what I am doing aside from enhancing what I share with their comments and rectifications on what they think should be improved. I am also encouraged to go on if what I share could successfully elicit relevant comments, especially, about blogged people whose characters are worthy of emulation, not just appreciation.  I believe that I am just doing my share of what should be done as intended by God. I am not a doctor, nor a professor, nor a pastor, nor a cook, nor a policeman, nor a businessman, etc….but I have a purpose, too, in this world and that is….as a simple writer.


I always imagine that the world is like a jigsaw puzzle composed of parts with various shapes that snugly fit together. While others could be triangle, circle, square…I could be a rectangle….that is I, as a blogger, and with my own shape, I am trying my best to neatly fit into this world. By the way, I need prayers, too, to keep me keep me and my advocacy alive, at least even for just a little longer.

Ang Mga Pino-post sa Facebook

Ang Mga Pino-post sa Facebook

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Hanggang ngayon ay may nag-aakalang may bayad ang pag-post ng mga larawan sa facebook, na isang maling akala. May mga tao ring nangungutya ng mga nagpi-facebook na ang pino-post ay mga larawang nagpapakita ng kasiyahan – mga kuha sa bertdey kaya maraming pagkain, o di kaya ay nang nakaraang pasko kaya may Christmas tree at mga regalo, nag-eemote na pakenkoy ang posing kaya masaya ang dating, at marami pang iba. Dapat unawain ng mga nangungutya na hindi dapat pinakikialaman ng kung sino man ang pino-post ng may-ari sa facebook niya.


May nabasa pa akong comment na, “ang hilig  magpo-posing suot magagandang damit pero hindi naman nagbabayad ng utang”. Para sa akin, kung ang inutangan ay ang nag-comment, hindi niya dapat hiyain ang may-ari ng facebook sa mga viewers na kapwa nila friends. Dahil sa ginawa niya, lumalabas ang kagunggungan niya, dahil dapat ay kinukulit niya ng singil at kung away magbayad ay ipa-barangay niya. Bakit hindi niya sugurin at singilin?…kaladkarin pa niya sa labas ng bahay at sabunutan sa gitna ng kalye kung ayaw magbayad. Ang commentor ay nagpapakita ng ugaling manlilibak….okey kapag kaharap ang kaibigan pero nililibak ito pagtalikod niya dahil siguro sa inggit!


May mga taong inaakala ng ibang naghihirap kaya ang inaasahan sa kanila ng mga nakakakilala  ay wala na silang karapatang mag-post ng mga photos na naglalarawan ng masaya nilang mukha at ang suot ay magagandang damit, may make-up at abot-tenga ang ngiti. Ang gusto ng mga nakakakilala sa mga taong inaakala nilang naghihirap kaya tumatanggap ng tulong mula sa iba ay malungkot ang mukha ng mga ito sa larawan upang ipakita na sila ay naghihirap. Libre ang pag-post ng mga larawan sa facebook kaya walang dapat makialam basta ang i-post ay huwag lang panawagan sa paghasik ng terorismo!


Karapatan ng may-ari ng facebook ang pagpili kung ano ang gusto niyang i-post. Sa mga naging biyuda pero bata pa o di kaya ay mga naghahanap ng asawa, facebook ang pinakamadaling paraan para sa mga nabanggit na pangangailangan. Ang problema nga lang ay inaabuso ng mga utak-kriminal tulad ng mga magnanakaw at rapist. Ang mga kawatan ay nagmamatyag sa mga inilagagay ng mayayabang sa facebook nila tulad ng “balita” na sila ay magbabakasyon sa malalayong lugar na tulad lang nilang mayaman ang may “karapatang” gumawa, o di kaya ay mga larawan ng interior ng bahay, ari-arian tulad ng alahas at kotse….pati address!


Ang mga manyakis naman na kalimitan ay may porma-  guwapo at matikas kung manamit na nakikita sa mga larawan sa facebook niya, ay nakikipagkaibigan sa mga babae, bata man o matanda na “matakaw” sa kaibigan. Ang mga naguguyo ng manyakis ay iniimbita sa isang “eyeball to eyeball” o pagkikita, halimbawa, sa mall. Ang susunod na kuwento dahil may halong krimen ang layunin ng pagkikita ay paggahasa sa babaeng may kabataan pa o pagnanakaw sa matandang babaeng nag-akalang may asim pa siya!

Ang “Blogger”, “Basher”, at “Nakawan” sa Internet



Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Ang “blog” ay maaaring ituring na “noun” o “verb”. Kaugnay niyan, kapag “noun” ay pwedeng sabihing “the blog”, kapag “verb” ay masasabing, “to blog”. Subali’t kung tutuusin ay tungkol lang ito sa “pagsusulat” o “pagpo-post” ng buong sanaysay o komento man lang o di kaya ay ng larawan sa sariling facebook o sa facebook ng iba pero may pahintulot nila, at iba pang sites sa internet, lalo na ang mga pag-aari ng blogger.


Ang “basher” naman ay mga nagbabasa ng mga blogs at dahil kampon yata ng demonyo, sa halip na tumulong sa pagpapalinaw sa isinulat ng blogger, ay umiikot sa mga personal na bagay ang isinusulat bilang komento. Ibig sabihin ng “personal” ay tungkol sa mga bagay na may kinalaman sa blogger kaya nade-derail ang mensahe ng blog. Sila yong mga kung tawagin ay “viewers” o nagbabasa ng blogs na hindi nagpaparamdam at tumatayming ng blog na pwede nilang sirain o bulabugin kaya nagagalit rin ang ibang mga seryosong nagbabasa. Kalimitan ay gusto nilang palabasin na mas magaling sila sa blogger sa paggamit ng Tagalog o English, o di kaya ay palabasing mas maganda ang kanilang pananaw. Kung ganoon sana ang paniniwala at pananaw nila, sumulat na lang sila ng sarili nilang blog upang mai-post sa kanilang fb.


Sa isang banda, maraming taong matatalino sa larangan ng teknolohiya ang nakakakita ng “ginto” sa internet…mga oportunidad na pwede nilang pagkitaan sa anumang paraan, kahit masama. Ang isang paraan ay ang illegal na pag-hack ng mga sites, gawaing itinuturing ng mga hacker na isang prestihiyosong kaalaman. May mga hantaran pang umaamin na sila ay hacker dahil maraming tao at kumpanya ang umuupa sa kanila upang makapanira ng kalaban o kakumpetensiya sa negosyo. Yong ibang hacker naman ay pumapasok sa sites ng iba bilang katuwaan lang o para patunayan na sila ay magaling. Sa ganitong gawain ay may mga sinuswerte rin, tulad ng Pilipinong nag-hack ng IT system ng Pentagon. Sa simula ay kinastigo siya, pero kalaunan ay kinuha na lang ng Pentagon upang mapakinabangan ang kanyang katalinuhan.


Ang iba namang “magagaling” ay gustong kumita sa pamamagitan ng panloloko. Ang mga paraan ay, ang paggamit ng email kung saan ay magpapadala sila ng mga nakakaiyak na kuwento ng kanilang buhay upang makapag-solicit ng tulong; pakikipagkaibigan upang mapagamit sila ng bank account ng kinakaibigan na paglalagakan kuno ng perang minana nila; pagpapadala ng email message tungkol sa isang pasyente sa ospital na kailangang operahan kaya nakikiusap sa pinadalhan na ikalat ang message dahil kapag ginawa ito, bawat isang message na ipinadala sa isang kaibigan ay may katumbas na pisong didiretso sa isang account, kaya kung mag-viral ang message dahil sa dugtung-dugtong na koneksiyon ng mga may-ari ng emails, siguradong hindi lang 1 milyong piso ang malilikom; pagbebenta sa internet ng mga kalakal lalo na gadgets, subalit kapag nakapaglagak na ng bayad sa ibinigay na bank account ang niloko ay parang bulang mawawala ang on-line seller.


Ano pa nga ba’t ang magandang layunin sana ng teknolohiya ay sinira ng mga taong may mala-demonyong pag-iisip. Dahil sa mga nangyayari ngayon, nagkaroon ng agam-agam o takot ang mga internet users sa pagpadala ng mga mahahalagang impormasyon sa kanilang mga mahal sa buhay tulad ng numero ng passport, mga kopya ng dokumento, bank account number, numero ng telepono, at pati address ng bahay o negosyo. Yong isa ngang mayabang, nag-post lang ng kopya ng kanyang First Class plane ticket at boarding pass sa facebook ay nakuhanan na ng mga personal na detalye tulad ng contact number at address ng bahay na nakapaloob pala sa “bar code” ng boarding pass gamit ang isang skimming device na gawa sa China! Kaya habang nagliliwaliw ang mayabang at ang pamilya niya, inakyat-bahay sila! Nangyayari ito kapag ang pasahero ay miyembro ng promo program na nangangailangan ng mga personal niyang impormasyon, kaya ang pangalan niya ay naka-connect sa information archive ng information system ng airline.


Ang epekto ng teknolohiya sa tao ay hindi nalalayo sa epekto ng mga inimbentong bagay na magdudulot sana ng kaginhawaan sa buhay ng tao. Ang gamot halimbawa, ay inimbento upang makapagpahaba ng buhay, subalit inabuso, kaya may namamatay dahil sa overdose o maling paggamit. Ang baril ay inimbento sana upang maging proteksiyon subalit ginamit sa katarantaduhan. Ang dinamita na gagamitin lang sana sa pagpasabog lang ng malalaking tipak ng bato upang hind maging hadlang sa ginagawang kalsada sa gilid ng bundok ay ginamit sa maling pangingisda at terorismo. Ganon din ang ginawa sa marami pang inimbentong ginamit na pagpuksa ng kapwa-tao at kalikasan. At, lahat ng iyan ay nangyayari dahil sa pagkagahaman ng tao  na umiiral sa mundo!



Ang Information Technology sa Pilipinas


Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Unang-una, nakakatawa ang sinabi ng isang survey agency na kasama sa limang bansa ang Pilipinas na may pinakamabilis na kakayahan sa pag-upload at pag-down load. Nahihibang na yata itong survey agency dahil sa pagkonekta nga lang sa server ay inaabot na ng siyam-siyam kahit ilang kilometro lang ang layo sa cell site ng user. Sa kabagalan sa pagkonek sa internet, by the time na naging successful, halos ubos na ang load ng user na gumagamit lang ng nilolodan na broadband at wifi. Sa likod namin ay may tower ng Globe pero kapag nasa loob ng bahay ay hirap nang makipag-usap kapag Globe sim card ang gamit dahil kung hindi garalgal ang boses ay nawawala pa ilang saglit lang pagkatapos makakonekta….at kung hindi dalawa ay iisang guhit lang na signal ang nakarehistro sa cellphone at nawawala pa! Ibig sabihin palpak ang malapit tower!


Lumabas ang survey na binanggit sa panahong nilalakad ang pagpasok ng isa pang server na siguradong papatay sa serbisyo ng Globe at Smart. Ang masaklap pa ay binigyan ng National Telecom ang mga kasalukuyang server ng isang taon na sobrang napakahabang palugit, upang patunayan na talagang may kakayahan sila, kaya hindi na kailangan ang isa pang server. Kung ilang taon nang kinakalampag ang Globe at Smart dahil sa palpak nilang serbisyo at mahal na singil, bakit ngayon lang sila nagkakandaugaga sa pag-ayos ng kanilang serbisyo? Sa isang banda, ang isyu dito ay ang kapasidad at kakayahan ng kanilang mga gamit upang sabay na maserbisyuhan ang mga customer nila, pero lumilitaw na wala talagang kakayahan dahil pagdating ng “peak hour” kung hindi man mga drop calls ang nadadanasan, ang mga internet users ay nadi-disconnect na. Para bang gusto nilang sabihin na, “O, yong kaninang madaling araw pa gumagamit ng internet, pagbigyan naman ang mga bagong kokonekta ngayong tanghali”.


Sa isyu naman ng mga CCTV, may mga kamerang nakakabit sa mga poste subalit, itim naman ang lumalabas sa monitor ng barangay….sira! Kaya kung may mga kasong nangyari sa isang lugar at kailangan ang footages ng insidente, ang pinapakiusapan na lang ng mga pulis ay mga may-ari ng private CCTV.


Gusto ng gobyernong magkaroon ng national ID system, ganoong epektibong electronic connection nga lang ng mga ahensiya sa isa’t isa ay WALA. Ang NBI ay hindi sistematiko ang filing system sa kanilang opisina kaya simpleng “same name” na kaso ay hindi nila maresolba on- the-spot….pababalikin pa ang aplikante ng clearance pagkalipas ng ilang araw. Kaylan lang ay nabistong kahit ang pinakabagong Philippine passport na pinagyabang nilang tinawag na “E-passport” ay hindi rin ligtas sa katiwalian dahil sa pagkasabat sa mga Indonesian na may hawak ng mga ito. Ang sistema ng Department of Tourism, Commissison on Election, at Department of Foreign Affairs ay minsan nang na-hack. Ang SSS at COMELEC at iba pang ahensiya ay hindi nakakapag-isyu ng matinong ID at ang pag-isyu ay inaabot ng siyam-siyam, national ID system pa kaya? Palpak ang sistema ng SSS na pinagpipilitang ipadala by courier ang ID sa halip na hayaang ma-pick up ng miyembro….at NAPARAKAMING PAGKAKATAON na ang nagpatunay na hindi sila talagang nadi-deliver ng maayos dahil ang mga aplikante ay nakatira sa ilalim ng tulay at squatters’ are na walang postal address….subait hindi pa rin ito isinasaalang-alang o kinokonsidera ng SSS.

Ang national ID system ay obvious na pang-mayaman o para sa mga mamamayang nagtatrabaho sa mga opisina, kaya paano na ang NAPAKALAKING BAHAGI ng populasyon na nakatira sa mga probinsiya, liblib na barangay, at mga squatters’ area?


Dapat ay ipursige ang paglagay ng maliit CCTV sa katawan ng pulis at kanilang sasakyan upang ang galaw nila ay namo-monitor upang masigurong wala silang ginagawang kapalpakan. Ayaw ito ng PNP dahil “bulky” raw o dagdag-pabigat lang sa iba pang kasama na sa uniporme nila. Nakita ko ang fully- uniformed police at ni wala ngang batuta kundi short sidearm kaya paanong pabigat ang isang maliit na kamera na sinlaki lang ng tansan?


Ngayon dahil may mga operasyon Tokhang, kung walang taga-media ay walang nari-record sa mga ginagawa ng mga pulis. Problema pa rin ang mga checkpoint na panlaban sa terorismo kuno, ganoong ang ginagawa lang naman ay “tingin”. May super-vision ba ang mga pulis upang masigurong walang mga pambasabog sa trunk o compartment o ilalim ng mga upuan? Magsuot-disente lang ang mga nasa kotse na animo ay mga diplomat, siguradong sasaluduhan pa sila ng mga nagti-checkpoint. Ang mga terorista ay hindi mukhang nanlilimahid na may balbas at disente ang kanilang kasuutan, mga magaganda at pogi, dahil alangan namang gagamit sila ng mga tauhang mukhang butangero at isang tingin lang ay hindi na pagkakatiwalaan. Kung may mga kamera ang mga pulis sa kanilang katawan siguradong hindi na magrereklamo ang mga tumitigil sa checkpoint dahil alam nilang namo-monitor sa headquarters ang kanilang mga kilos kahit pa mag-request silang buksan ang trunk o glove compartment man lang…dahil maiiwasan ang hinalang may itatanim.


Maraming paraan ngayon ang mga may utak-kriminal upang makakuha ng impormasyon tungkol sa kanilang kapwa, lalo na kapag ang balak ay pagnakawan sila. Kahit nga naitapong ATM receipt na itinapon sa basurahan o iniiwan ng mga burarang may-ari ng bank account ay kayang gamitin upang ma-hack ang impormasyon. May mga umiikot sa mga subdivision at mga lugar na maraming bahay na nagnanakaw ng mga nakaipit na mga resibo o sulat sa gate. May mga matitiyagang gumagamit ng computer upang ma-hack ang email ng iba dahil sa pagbabakasakaling may makuhang email na naglalaman ng remittance o imporamasyon ng passport at bank account number, pati mga address sa ibang bansa na dapat ay confidential.


May katapat ang information technology, at yan ang taong may utak-kriminal!….pero hindi ko sinasabi na dahil diyan ay hindi na magpapaanod sa daloy nito ang Pilipinas. Sa ganang akin, huwag magpadalus-dalos ang Pilipinas para lang masabing high-tech na siya, ganoong malaking bahagi ng populasyon ay halos hindi makakain ng maayos sa loob ng isang araw!



Beverly Padua: Nakakabilib dahil Nakakabenta sa Internet kahit Cellphone lang ang Gamit

Beverly Padua: Nakakabilib Dahil Nakakabenta sa Internet

Kahit Cellphone lang ang Gamit

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Meet Beverly or Bevs na nakakapagbenta sa internet kahit walang laptop, i-Pad o desktop computer dahil ang gamit lang ay isang simpleng smart phone. Nakakagulat, dahil sa pagkakaalam ko, ang mga on-line sellers ay umaasa sa malalaking computer na kanilang tinututukan sa loob ng 24/7, hangga’t maaari. Nang una kong makita ang shop site niya ay bumilib na ako dahil  sa linis ng pagkagawa, hindi kalat o magulo kaya hindi nakakalito. Ginawa rin pala niya ito gamit lang ang simple niyang cellphone.


Panganay siya sa kanilang magkakapatid at ulila na sila sa ina. Ang tatay naman nila ay sakitin kaya silang magkakapatid na kumikita kahit papaano ang nag-aambagan upang makaraos ang pang-araw araw nilang pangangailangan. Kahit madalas silang kapusin sa budget ay dinadaan nila sa matinding pagtitipid ang lahat upang masambot ang kanilang pangangailangan lalo na ang mga gamot ng kanilang tatay.


Single mom din siya. Wala siyang hinanakit sa ama ng kanyang anak kahit na ito ay may iba nang pamilya. Kahit sa hinagap ay hindi niya naisip ang maghabol o magalit sa dating asawa, bagkus ay dinadaan na lamang niya sa pagsisikap ang lahat  upang mapalaki nang maayos ang nag-iisang anak na naging inspirasyon niya sa buhay. Sa kabila ng lahat ay hindi natinag ang kanyang malakas na pananalig sa Diyos, at sa halip ay tinutumbasan na lamang niya ng pagpapaubaya, dahil ayon sa kanya, darating din sa tamang panahon ang taong talagang nakalaan para makasama niya habang buhay.


Hindi siya nariringgan ng kahit kaunting hinagpis kahit may mga pangangailangan din siya para sa kanyang kalusugan bilang isang diabetic. Ilang beses na rin siyang sinumpong nang matindi dala ng kanyang sakit subalit lahat ay kayang nalampasan, kaya ang ginagawa na lamang niya ay pag-ibayuhin pa ang pag-iingat upang hindi siya atakehin uli.


Masidhi ang pananampalataya ni Bevs sa kapangyaarihan ng Diyos dahil ilang beses na rin daw niya itong napatunayan. Noong nakaraang taon kung kaylan patung-patong ang pangangailangan nila sa pera ay saka naman humina ang bentahan, subalit hindi siya nagpakita ng pagkainis, sa halip ay tinanggap na lang ang sa tingin niya ay isang pagsubok. Totoo ang kanyang naramdaman dahil nitong nakaraang mga araw ay nagsunud-sunod naman ang pagpasok ng mga order sa kanya.


Kahit ang dapat sana’y kailangan niyang i-Pad lamang upang lumaki kahit bahagya ang screen na kanyang tinututukan ay ipinagkikibit na lamang niya ng balikat. Hindi daw priority ito, kaya bibili na lamang siya kapag may ekstra siyang naipon dahil ang mahalaga ay ang pangangailangan ng kanyang anak, isa pang kapatid na nag-aaral, at amang nangangailangan ng mga gamot.


Hindi siya nawawalan ng lakas kahit halos magdamag kung tumutok siya sa cellphone sa paghintay ng papasok na order dahil kapag pinalampas ng kahit ilang minuto lang na hindi nasagot agad, ay lilipat na sa ibang online shopping site ang browser. At, ang sikreto daw niya sa pagkakaroon ng lakas ay ang tiwala sa Diyos na nasa likod lang niya.


Magandang halimbawa si Bevs sa mga nagsisikap kahit maraming kakulangan dahil kahit simpleng smart phone lang ang gamit ay kumikita, hindi tulad ng iba na nakikipag-text at tsismisan lang sa mga barkada, ang gusto ay mamahaling cellphone o i-Pad pa, at kung hindi mapagbigyan ay magtatampo sa mga magulang o di kaya ay lalayas, at kung asawa naman ay magdadabog na humahantong kung minsan sa pagpapabaya ng mga obligasyon bilang asawa at ina.


(For interested shoppers, please check Princessrobe O’shop and OBe Padua facebook pages.)

Bevs Padua



A Day in the Life of a Struggling Blogger

A day in the Life of a Struggling Blogger

By Apolinario Villalobos

In countries like the United States, bloggers have no problem because all they need to do is just go to a park, and there, with free wifi connection, they can blog for as long as they want. But not in a third-world country like the Philippines where the government’s promise for free wifi sites in public places is part of nauseating propaganda of the administration. A blogger has to have a landline for an assured strong signal that can be sucked by a modem. An option is to have a USB broadband and portable or pocket wifi which must be loaded. Lucky are the bloggers that can connect to a neighbor with a repeater wifi that he can use, with consent of course.

But for a struggling blogger who has no landline to which a modem for wifi can be attached for a strong signal, or cannot afford a post-paid plan for broadband or pocket wifi, there’s no other choice but a load from a corner store bought for 50pesos which is good for one day. As soon as the load has been registered, the blogger must get to work immediately to maximize the use for the allotted time. The problem is the weak signal, especially, if several blog sites have to be opened for uploads. During unfortunate days with a weaker signal, uploading may take the whole day, instead of the normal four to five hours. During those days the indicator for a successful connection would just turn round and round, almost infinitely.

There are times when blogs which are thought to have been uploaded successfully are trashed due to incompleteness of attempt. Other times, due to the weak signal, uploading process hangs. And, worst, is when the signal is cut off in the middle of uploading!

What aggravates the situation are the promo offerings of servers, enticing internet users to buy their cheap surfing package which are deemed useless because, even until the purchased load has been consumed, no connection has been made! It is like rubbing salt to the wound.

The National Telecom time and again has expressed it s disgust over the inutility of the service of the different Philippine-based servers, but just like the mumblings of other government agencies for show, nothing has been done which is a clear defiance on the part of the servers, an obvious loss of respect to the government. Meanwhile, the internet users suffer, especially, struggling poor bloggers. And, just to assure a little bit of strong signal, bloggers of this kind have to do the uploading in the wee hour of 3AM!

To Blog and Risk Losing Life, Friends and Kinsfolks or Not to Blog and Remain Nice to All…and Stay Alive

To Blog and Risk Losing Life, Friends and Kinsfolks

Or Not to Blog and Remain Nice to All…and Stay Alive

By Apolinario Villalobos

The difference between “blogging” and “contributing” is that while the former gets published in the web of the information technology, the latter gets printed on papers. However, their common denominator is the “purpose” which is to “share”…a risky endeavor, especially, if what are shared concern politics, corruption, and religion. The risk is on losing one’s life, kinsfolks, and longtime friends.

In our province, Marlene Garcia Esperat, a courageous mediaperson lost her life when she exposed anomalous transactions in a government agency. The obviously hired killer had the gall to enter her house and pumped bullets into her head, to make sure that she was disabled for life. That’s one risk, made real – losing one’s life. Similar stories get splashed on pages of tabloids and broadsheets that many people do not take seriously, as they are perceived to be just ordinary incidents akin to road accidents and apprehension of drug pushers.

Bloggers cannot limit themselves with shares about fashion, literary, foods, travel, photography, etc. Sometimes they have to touch on controversial matters, such as politics that include corruption, and religion.  Blogs on these topics may affect the bloggers’ sensitive relatives and friends. Bloggers, therefore, wonder why, all of a sudden, some relatives and friends shy away from them. Some find themselves ignored by friends and buddies since grade school, as well as beloved relatives.

This unfortunate reality is happening to all bloggers. I found this out when I attended a small gathering of bloggers, during which blogging updates were passed around. Two bloggers shared that their sites were hacked, and another started getting threats via facebook messages when he uploaded blogs shared from other sites, about a controversial politician from their province in the north. Expectedly, the sender uses a fictitious personality.

Bloggers are just human instruments of the information technology, so that what they do should not be taken against them. A lot of sacrifice is made, aside from exhaustive effort in coming up with blogs, not to mention the precious time spent and money saved from scrimping on other necessities. Some bloggers earn, but most do not…as they bring out ideas, mainly due to their ardent love for writing and sharing.

The Serious Netizens…who are they?

The Serious Netizens

…who are they?

By Apolinario Villalobos

Civilization has given us the high technology, thanks to the geniuses who toiled many 24/7 days of their life in order to develop bundles of convenience and comfort. And, the cyberspace is the centerfold of such effort. Today, not only texts and designs can be printed but some approved medicines, as well. Actual operations on patients in operating rooms thousands of miles away can be made via visual instructions. Interplanetary explorations are today made with ease, unlike before when taking an accurate photo of the moon’s cratered surface was a complex thing to do.

The emergence of high-technology has also developed a new generation of humanity – the “netizens”. These are the patient people who made the quick spread of knowledge possible. When before, one has to run to the library to check on something or pore over pages of encyclopedia at home, today, all that one need to do is tap the keys of his laptop, desk computer or smart phone, anywhere, anytime.

One can “travel” to other places by just browsing through the posts of travel bloggers, or check the posts of foodie bloggers to have an idea on what those in African continent and Mediterranean islands eat most of the time, or be updated on how to improve his health by going over the pages of posts on health and medicine.

The serious netizens are those who share what they know because they want to help humanity. They are also those who are hungry for the information that are archived in the webs of the cyberspace. They do not abuse the technology by bashing others through the facebook or post blogs that can foment misunderstanding, as well as, incite trouble.

The serious netizens are the unselfish ones who cause the viral spread of information about people, animal and places in distress. They offer help in any form – counsel, money or prayers to helpless strangers whose face they saw only on posted blogs. They are the new citizens of the world whose effort in helping others knows no boundary, and whose heart’s warmth penetrates even the deepest corners of any jungle all over the world.

You, who are viewing this, belong to this new generation! Congratulations!

The Mental Exercise in the Cyberspace also Benefits the Body as a whole

The Mental Exercise in the Cyberspace

also Benefits the Body as a Whole

By Apolinario Villalobos

The developers of blog sites such as blogspot, wordpress,Tumbler, facebook, etc., must have known the fact that all men have related ideas but some just beat the rest in posting them, hence, the buttons for the “like” and “comment”. If the viewer of a blog for instance, conforms to it because he has the same idea, he clicks the “like”, and if he feels like bringing out his own, he clicks the “comment” and proceeds to enhance the blog. That is the reason why posted or blogged materials are called “shares”.

Bloggers tickle the mind of viewers so that they will let go of what they harbor deep within the recesses of their brain. This makes the bloggers as initiators of discussions in forums of various blog sites. Some viewers may not even be aware about their ideas until they have come across blogs related to theirs. The only problem in this healthy exercise, are the “bashers” who muddle the discussion by interjecting unnecessary and irritating remarks. These are the viewers who try to join the intellectual intercourse, but could not honestly accept their limitation that gives them a feeling of inadequacy. What the “bashers” should do is absorb, instead, what are shared by bloggers and viewers to enhance their bit of knowledge on what are being discussed.  This opportunity should be seized by the “bashers” to enhance what teeny weeny bit of information they may have in their brain.

A simple vintage photo about happy school days posted on the facebook is enough to agitate the memory of the viewer while identifying those giving their best pose, which means that he is “exercising” his brain. A simple quote about the Virgin Mary or Jesus or the Pope or Mother Theresa, is enough to make a viewer think of something that can be correlated to it – another mental exercise. And, a long dissertation on politics, history, or science can provoke a viewer to think deeper for a better analysis of what is being shared – still another exercise, though, a heavy one.

The internet has given us a cheap opportunity to keep us mentally fit and healthy. All we need to do is just browse through the sites, absorb what we need, and share what we got. The brain is just like the body that needs an exercise, otherwise, if left idle, it will just be wasted and turn into a worthless gray matter that crams the head.

What is nice about the various cyberspace forums is the opportunity to execute what are being shared. Some viewers have learned how to cook through internet browsing. Still others somehow learned of their country’s history though shared trivia. Viewers whose farthest venture away from home is not more than fifty kilometers have learned about Africa through posted photos and travelogues. On my part, I must admit that through the cyberspace, I was able to pick up information about the traditional medicinal herbs that I need to improve my health. In other words, the mental intercourse in the cyberspace also benefits not only the mind, but the whole physical being of the viewer, as well.

Finally, the “addicts” of the games such as “candy crush”, solitaire, etc., as well as, facebook, need not be bashful about them, because they also provide some kind of mental exercise in another form. They are the mental equivalent of the “twirking” and zumba physical exercises that the body needs for toning. So the next time you tell your friends about the point you have earned in the nerve-wrecking and mentally taxing “candy crush”, be proud of it. You should also be proud and feel emotionally-boosted, after you have successfully located your childhood friends and classmates through facebook…so, now you can look forward to a grand and jovial reunion!