For My Dear Mother…

Tribute to the greatest woman on earth, our mother, for this International Women’s March, March 2015…

By Apolinario Villalobos

Just like the rays of the sun that burst forth
To flood the earth with warmth and light
Stringing the world with threads of life
You, with that warm smile and twinkling eyes
Makes me feel like there’s no darkness
And gloomy twilight
That dims the sight.

That radiant face just glow
Thanks to the womb that nurtured you.

You once told me:
“In this world, roads are strewn with rocks and thorns
Clear skies may suddenly turn dark
To let go of torrential downpour
That could wash down your enthusiasm desire
Leaving you, chilling in the mire.

But if you will just set your eyes
Beyond the horizon
Where there are clearer skies
Your hopes won’t go to waste my child
Especially, if you just let God
Be your guide.”

Now I know….I love you mother!