Intimidation, Insecurity, and Envy


By Apolinario Villalobos



Life could be complicated for those who just want to live simply and work hard and honestly, because of people around them, who, they unknowingly intimidate, hence, become incredibly insecure and finally become unbelievably envious. Many people would just be surprised why all of a sudden they have “enemies”.  This is an ordinary occurrence in job sites where the honest and sincere performance of an employee can intimidate his lethargic colleagues.


Bloggers, too, are not safe from the envious viewers whose bloated ego made them believe that they are the best and cannot take the success of low-profile, though, serious internet users who just want to share their ideas with others. They are the bashers and the trolls who make fun of the well-intent bloggers. These bad guys enjoy in spoiling the day of unsuspecting bloggers with their uncalled for comments which, as viewed from all angles are not related to the blogged issue. These spoilers do not even know the bloggers personally and worse, the former may not even be capable of articulating extensively what they have in mind, otherwise, they should not be commenting only, or copy/paste materials taken from other sites, and which they tag with either favorable or unsavory remarks, then post on their facebook.


The cradle of learning, the school, is not spared by this “phenomenon”. Many stories have surfaced in the internet about bullying which is a clear indication of insecurity masked by “superiority complex” on the part of the perpetrator. Victims are students with strong personality due to their intelligence or good looks.


The family is not spared by insecurity felt among siblings. And, most often, the parents are to be blamed due to their favoritism that makes the non-favorites among the brood, feel unloved. Rebellious manifestations in the acts of the “neglected” siblings follow. Ironically, parents wonder why they have a “black sheep” in the family.


Finally, many hardworking and serious employees resign from their job because their commendable performance has intimidated envious colleagues who resorted to doing all possible to pull them down. Specifically, on the national level of politics, many envious and ambitious  officials have been intimidated by Rodrigo Duterte. As he is not corrupt, they could not put him down using this issue, so they focused on his personality – brash, cussing probinsiyano, not-good looking, etc. But there is an adage that says, “you cannot put a good man, down”. It is happening to Duterte, and I personally hope, that his persistence to do good can see him through his six-year term…as long as he does not listen to the whispers of what he says is from “God” that tells him to stop his cussing….(joke only!)



The Animosity Between the Philippine Military and National Police

The Animosity Between

the Philippine Military and National Police

by Apolinario Villalobos


The professional jealousy between the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is very obvious. No amount of cover-up can hide it. I have talked to a retired military officer and he told me that there is a popular impression in the AFP that the police is apparently pampered not only on the aspect of pay but benefits as well. My friend added that while the AFP soldiers who are exposed to the elements and danger of fired bullets from the enemy line in the field, the police field personnel comfortably commute to their posts on expensive motorcycles or stay in air-conditioned offices.


On the other hand, when I talked to a police friend, he told me that compared to the military, they are more “professional”, as they are degree holders, some even are lawyers, so they deserve appropriate compensation.


The Mamasapano massacre is one instance during which this animosity was manifested. Although, on papers, the two national security agencies are supposed to be “closely coordinating” with each other, in actual practice, there is much to be perceived. The two parties practically pointed accusing fingers at each other, for alleged negligence that led to the gruesome massacre of SAF44 at Tocanalipao, Mamasapano, Maguindanao Province (Mindanao). Until the re-opened Mamasapano hearing in the Senate has finally wrapped up, late in the afternoon of 27 January, 2016, the AFP and PNP are viewed as far from being reconciled.

The Insecurity of the President is Intensified with the onset of Election 2016

The Insecurity of the President is
Intensified with the onset of Election 2016
By Apolinario Villalobos

The early manifestation of the President’s insecurity in his refusal to fire unproductive cabinet secretaries was tolerated. But the irritation of the Filipinos went out of hand when they clamored for the removal of Allan Purisima from his post as Chief of the Philippine National Police.

With the onset of elections, another manifestation of insecurity of the highest official of the land is again showing, and this time, even loudly expressed, when he refused to give instruction to his Cabinet secretaries who plan to run in the coming election, to resign. The reason for the popular call to for these government officials is obvious – there is a great possibility for them to use their respective agency in campaigns.

Unlike the senators who can return to their jobs if they lost in the election, the cabinet secretaries do not have this option. This could be the reason why the president is in a quandary because he cannot just seem to trust others than those who are now in his “stable”. What insecurity, indeed!…no wonder he is called by some parties as “weakling”.