Never Mistake Laziness for Patience

Never Mistake Laziness for Patience
By Apolinario Villalobos

The cleverness of some people enable them to assume a patient image, though, in reality is actually one of indolence or laziness. The alibi is usually, their being patient in awaiting good result for certain undertaking. And, it is just that…doing nothing but wait, instead of being productive in doing other things while waiting.

The country is practically flooded with graduates every year. The number bloats with the years because only a very significant number of past graduates consists the lucky applicants to land jobs. Worse, the “patient” graduates always reason out that they are waiting for the calls of companies to which they submitted their resumes. Rather than try other companies they opt to sit it out in the company of their buddies imbibing bottles of beer, or confine themselves at home with eyes glued to the TV set.

When opportunities come knocking, ambitious job-seekers reject them as they strongly believe that they deserve more than the offered wage, because they finished their degrees in high-end universities. They refuse to work their way up the corporate ladder, by acquiring knowledge from starter positions as clerks. These ambitious university graduates want a managerial job right away!

When after years of patiently waiting passed them by without results, they wake up one morning to the reality that competition in seeking job has become stiffer…and they blame the government for their being jobless! They blame the government for not creating jobs for them, when all the while, jobs are scattered around, but these indolent do not want to dirty their hands up, by taking courses leading to research, office administration, sales, business management, etc. – all white collar jobs. On the other hand, the information technology and mechanical courses which are what the present time needs are never even given a side glance.