Do Not Pamper Illness and Grief

Do Not Pamper Illness and Grief
By Apolinario Villalobos

Several times, I have proven that “mind over matter” really works. I found out that some friends also had the same experience. Pain can be managed – both emotionally and physically. All it needs is discipline. Unfortunately, some people fake illness and grief to be used as alibi in evading responsibilities.

Pampering illness and grief results to self-pity that further results to the deterioration of personality. The body has its own way of counteracting the malfunction of any organ, the most noticeable sign is having a fever. Instead of feeling down, the mind should help the body by controlling the emotion. The same mind-driven control should be applied when somebody is grief-stricken.

If a person becomes used to the “mind over matter” routine, emotional maturity sets in which is very important in coming up with sound decisions and having a healthy outlook in life. Also, if a person gets used to pain, no amount of threat or weight on his shoulder can buckle him down.