The Homing Pigeons and Wayward Souls

The Homing Pigeons and Wayward Souls

By Apolinario Villalobos


Ever noticed the heart that seems pasted on the beak of the pigeons? If not yet, try to scrutinize one if you are lucky to come closer. The pigeons are such loyal birds and the only one of its kind marked with the symbol of love. In the Old Testament, it is among the accepted sacrificial offerings of the Jews to the Lord. Lately, there is a craze involving these birds in which, entry pigeons are released by their owners from far off provinces and the fastest to find their way back are declared as winners.


This ability of the pigeons to trace their way back home may no longer be considered as just an instinct but a developed desire due to strong attachment to their owners, some of whom claim that their pets even persist despite bad weather. If released for some miles of flying from home, the birds sort of follow a built- in time indicator because they definitely are back just before dark. There may be temptations that can be seen from up in the air such as baits offered by home-based poachers, as well as, other flocks that call. But in the end, it is always the strong desire to fly home that prevails. Sometimes, though, the weaker ones give in to the temptations.


If only the wayward man can be like the pigeon that persists in coming home despite obstacles along the way of its flight, the world may no longer resonate with the sound of anguish and regret. Opportunities are given to man to make up for committed misdeeds and trace his footsteps back to the Lord, but there is vehemence in his refusal. Those who try, almost made it but instead of pushing their way on, they fall again and turn back to their old ways.


The different religions have their own instruments of atonement, from penances to scheduled seasons of penitence. But, after the so-called “show”, their flocks are back to the fold of the evil ways. Some say that only death can stop man from tracing his steps back to his sinful ways. Yes, it is true, and unfortunately for some, death stalls them before they can even amend their ways so that they can properly present themselves at the pearly gate.