We Should Listen to our Body


By Apolinario Villalobos


While I advocate the alternative herbal medicines which are already accepted even by licensed scientific medical practitioners, the “basic” prescribed drugs which are considered as beta blockers such as the “statins” (mine is atorvastatin) and losartan are still necessary. They have their own immediate effect, while those of the herbs have their own, too. Along this line, it is a fact that factory-produced drugs are clones of medicinal herbs, but enhanced with various chemicals to extend their shelf life. As regards the stroke or heart attack, in particular, there are many natural alternatives for its prevention, many of which have already been packed in gel, capsule and tablets, as well as, made more palatable in the form of syrup.


It is important that we “listen” to our body by being sensitive to manifestations of what is wrong with our system. Our intestines, for instance, grumble if we have overeaten for the job that they could not undertake effectively, so we either have loose bowel movement (LBM) or constipation, and worse, we vomit or puke. If we feel constant pain in certain parts of our body, by all means, that particular area must immediately be examined by a doctor. If our skin shows tell-tale signs that suggest cancer, we should see a doctor immediately. If we experience regular chest pains, dizziness, numbness of any of our legs or arms, we might already be experiencing the onset of a mild stroke, etc.


For those who are fond of uncontrollably quaffing alcoholic drinks, they should minimize their intake soonest as they feel signs of high blood pressure (HBP) after downing 5 bottles of beer or more. Other indications for the inception of HBP are redness of the face and appearance of red spots all over the body, but most especially, dizziness.


For the health buffs who are fond of jogging or doing strenuous workouts, they should immediately see a doctor if they experience unusual shortness of breath and chest pain which they have not encountered before. They should not treat them as simple signs of fatigue.


To stay alive and healthy, we should shake off arrogance from our person and accept the fact that there is no perfect body, even if it is pampered by health drugs….not even by high-tech therapies, one of which is stem cell intake by injection or orally. If we have to believe what is said in the Bible, the Godly-decreed life of man is supposedly until before he reaches the age of 70. We should therefore, take care of our body to make the most out of life by being sensitive to its manifestations.




The Benefits of Titanium


By Apolinario Villalobos


The first time I encountered the word “titanium” was when a friend told me that he was saving money for a titanium implant for his son whose thigh was due for an operation. His son figured in an accident and has injured his thigh. The amount he mentioned was staggering.


When I checked on titanium, I found out that space and aircrafts use it due to its lightness and durability. It has also become a fad as a jewelry, but commands a high price. On the other hand, the light gray/ blackish metal also has benefits which offset its unglamorous color which is lacking of sparkle and sheen.


Worn as a bracelet, ring, necklace, or wristwatch, the metal transfers the oxygen that it absorbs to the skin of the wearer. Wearing a titanium accessory near an inflamed area also reduces its swelling. This is the reason why many people prefer to wear jewelries made of titanium than any other kind of metal, especially gold, to alleviate the irritation that result from the onset of arthritis. And, as an implant, it has better and more comfortable effect than stainless steel because it is affected by the change in temperature.


Titanium jewelries can be purchased at high-end jewelry shops. A watch made of titanium would cost between Php10-15,000, a ring costs not less than Php3,000, and a bracelet is between Php5-10,000 depending on the design.


I got my first titanium bracelet from a junk collector in appreciation for a tarpaulin, several packs of diaper for his baby and a thermos. He told me that he found it while rummaging in a garbage dump and after washing the muddy bracelet, took the fancy of wearing it. I refused to accept the gift but he insisted and to show my appreciation, I wore it on the spot.


When I washed it at home, I read the word etched on the lock and discovered the finely etched “Titanium”. My friend was not aware that he gave me a “treasure” so that when I had a chance, I went back to where he was sorting his junks and told him what I discovered. He did not believe me while looking at the light gray/blackish jewelry and just laughed for he thought that I was joking. Obviously, he was only familiar with silver and stainless jewelries that glisten. Also, he told me that he has no habit of getting back what he has given, so I just thanked him again.







The Benefit of Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil


By Apolinario Villalobos


When I had a severe pain in my chest just under the breast bone, I thought I was having a heart attack. After enduring it for several days, it went away. The next pain I had was on the right side of my stomach that radiated to the back just above my right buttock, I thought it was an indication of the spread of cancer cells from my prostrate, but I was not experiencing difficulty in passing urine in the evening…so the thought gave me relief. The pain went on especially in the evening so that I had to hold my breath every time I change my position and when I get off the bed. Fortunately, when I confided with a friend, he told me that he had the same experience. But he was able to “cure” it…


The cure?….APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! He took a spoonful of the vinegar at around 11PM or 3AM with a little water.  That’s the time when it gets to work….softening stones in the gall bladder. After 2 months of consistent “therapy”, the pain was totally gone according to my friend.


In my case, I enhanced the “cure” by taking 1 teaspoon of olive oil with 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar at either time mentioned in the previous paragraph. I thought, if the pain had got to do with galls stones, then those that will be softened by the vinegar and get released could be lubricated by the oil for easy expulsion. Also, I took 1 spoon of the vinegar with my dinner at 3PM. I diluted the vinegar in a mug of water with 1 spoon of honey – my personally concocted “softdrink”. After less than 1 month of such regimen, the pain was gone. It entailed a lot of discipline considering the time that I had to wake up, but the sacrifice paid up.


By the way, don’t worry about the acidic taste of the vinegar and the oily taste of the olive oil. Just force the idea in your mind that what you are doing is much cheaper than having complications later on which might require operation. Also, the “acid” in the vinegar is alkaline which our body needs, too.


Here’s how I do it: I first take the olive oil, followed by the vinegar, then honey (optional). But since I am used to the vinegary taste, I can even take it straight without water or honey….for the sake of healthy living. I also sprinkle some drops of the vinegar to my rice to make “Japanese rice” but enhance the taste with some drops of soy sauce, olive oil, and chili powder.





Turmeric Relieved me of my Long-time Fear of Cancer



By Apolinario Villalobos


Due to my awareness of cancer that stalks our family due deaths caused by the said disease, except for one, I became apprehensive when I learned about the unusual level of cancer cells in my blood. I was also aware of the state of my prostate, but I just endured the dread for the rapid development of the big C. I made researches on herbals and alternative medications which made me try practically everything, even expensive capsules, supposedly powdered and extracts of foreign-sounding plants. When I had a problem in pissing comfortably at night, my fear worsened. That was until I learned about turmeric.


When I got hold of a thick reference book on alternative medication using herbal remedies, I pored over the pages that listed diseases and their herbal remedies. Diseases that involve inflammation, cancer, weak immune system, sensitive skin, diabetes, cholesterol, weak intestine and problem in passing of urine, included turmeric as among the remedies. The rest of the herbal remedies are foreign-grown and only finished products in capsule and tablets can be found in the local outlets. If inflammation is the initial manifestation of a disease that attacks prostrate and which can even lead to cancer, then, turmeric is the answer to my problem, I surmised. Turmeric is supposed to block the way of the “food” of the cancer cells to flow towards them resulting to their “starvation until they die. Inflammation and cysts, in most probability, are indication of growth of cancer cells in any organ of our body, although, as sometimes they may just be benign.


Initially, I painstakingly pounded turmeric roots before boiling them into a concoction but which I find messy. Fortunately, during one of my passing through a side street of Divisoria, I discovered a hole-on-the-wall sort of store that sold powdered turmeric imported from India. The price was reasonable enough so that, from then on, I switched to using the powder form – a teaspoon of which is stirred in a mug of coffee.  Every morning I would prepare two mugs – one taken before breakfast, and the other mug ready for taking at noon or afternoon. I also stir in two pinches of cinnamon powder for prevention of diabetes. For water, I use tea from boiled leaves of guyabano and a few pieces of star anise. The star anise is to boost the property of turmeric in strengthening my immune system.


Ever since I went through the above-mentioned regimen, I began to comfortably pass “abundant” urine twice in the evening, compared to the trickles before, that practically made me uncomfortable till morning. In other words, my prostrate may no longer be inflamed or if ever, to a lesser degree, as clearly, my urethra is no longer badly compressed.  I have also stopped taking “maintenance” drugs such as Atorvastatin and Losartan. But perhaps, my being a vegetarian could have also contributed to the improvement of my health. I always see to it that “saluyot” is part of my daily fare, as it is also a strong deterrent for diabetes. Observable improvements after more than five months of taking turmeric and other mentioned herbs are my no longer developing of allergy resulting to long bouts of colds and slight fever, and disappearance of the bean-sized growth in my colon.

The versatility of turmeric is such that it can add color to foods to make them more delectable. The expensive “java rice” served in high-end restaurants is yellowed by turmeric. Pounded fresh roots are used in Muslim dishes such as “langka in coconut milk”, fish curry, vegetable curry, chicken curry, and lentil soup. The popular delicacy, arroz Valenciana also derives its yellow color from powdered turmeric. In some Visayan dialects, turmeric which is also considered as preservative, is called “dulaw”, “kalawag”, and “kalwag”. It is a relative of the ordinary ginger and “langkawas” or Thai ginger.


In Manila, capsulated turmeric is very expensive just like the widely-advertised tea and powder from mangosteen. But fortunately, I learned that my former teacher in college, Mr. Morito Parcon who is based in Davao City sells this product, so that I have made a plan to drop by his place for my supply the next time I take the flight to Davao for my land trip home. The capsule can take the place of the powder form, and which can be comfortably carried around.  One capsule per meal is enough. For the benefit of friends who are interested, they can get in touch with Mr. Parcon by checking his facebook, “Morito Parcon” and send him a message for more information. He can also be contacted through cellphone, 09233783012.




Ang Pagiging Mataba

Ang Pagiging Mataba

ni Apolinario Villalobos


Unang-una, dapat aminin ang katotohanan na hindi maitatago dahil masyadong obvious. Huwag nang pagtakpan ng mga salitang, “healthy”, “chubby”, etc. ang isang tao na obvious naman talagang mataba. Wala namang masama sa pagiging mataba. Kung nagkaroon ng hormonal irregularity kaya naging ganito ang katawan, hindi kasalanan ng may-ari ng katawan. Pero kung tumaba dahil sa junk foods, ibang usapan na yan….kasalanan niya dahil sa kasuwapangan.


Kaya naging isyu ang katabaan ay dahil sa mga sticker na dinidikit sa ilang aircon van sa Maynila, tulad ng: “Slims Only”, “Bawal ang Mataba”, “Tatlong Payat Lang Dito”, etc. na ayon sa LTFRB ay bawal kaya papatawan ng parusa ang mga driver. Pero, pati ang mga operator o may-ari ng mga tinutukoy na van ay dapat ding parusahan dahil ang ganitong gawain, bukod sa nakakainsulto ay isang uri ng pang-aabuso at pangmumulestiya ng karapatan. Hindi dahilan ang kalugian ng mga driver kung may sasakay na mataba sa minamaneho nilang aircon van. Dahil kung ganyan ang pananaw nila, dapat ang mga payat ay kalahati lang ang bayad!


Hindi naman nangyayaring sa tuwing biyahe nila ay matabang sumasakay. Dapat ay asahan na nila ang ganitong sitwasyon tulad halimbawa ng mga pagkakataong karamihan ng pasahero nila ay mga estudyante o senior citizens kaya mababawasan ang kita nila dahil sa discount. At, lalong dapat ding ihalintulad ito sa mga araw na matumal ang kita, wika nga ay mahina kaya dapat ay tanggapin na lang nila. Hindi naman lahat ng pinagkikitaan tulad ng negosyo ay sagana ang kita…ganyan din sa pagmamaneho ng public conveyance tulad ng aircon van.


Ang hindi naisip ng mga abusadong aircon van operators at drivers ay ang kasabihang ‘HUWAG MONG GAWIN SA IBA ANG AYAW MONG GAWIN NILA SA YO”. Dahil diyan, kung hindi man sa kanila mismo mangyayari ang kahalintulad na insulto at pang-abuso, ang mga ito ay maaaring sa anak nila, asawa, kapatid, magulang, o iba pang mahal sa buhay!



Health Benefits of Sesame (Linga) Seeds and Oil

Health Benefits of Sesame (Linga) Seeds and Oil

By Apolinario Villalobos



  • Complements Vegetarian Diet – the oil has 4.7 grams/ounce of protein which is a great supplement to a strict vegetarian diet.


  • Promotes Oral Health – the oil helps remove dental plaque and boosts oral health. Swishing the oil diluted in water around the inside of mouth, aside from removing the plaque, also whitens the teeth.
  • Prevents Diabetes and Reduce Blood Pressure – The magnesium in the oil has been found to prevent diabetes, aside from lowering BP and plasma glucose in hypertensive diabetics.


  • Promotes Healthy Heart – The “sesamol” in the oil prevents atherosclerotic lesions, being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, aside from being an anti-atherogenic.


  • Protects DNA from Damage due to Radiation – The same “sesamol, previously mentioned, protects the DNA from being damaged caused by radiation.


  • Prevents Cancer – The “phytate” in the sesame seeds oil has anti-cancer properties.


  • Provides Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis – Copper, a mineral known as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant is found in sesame seeds. The mineral helps in reducing pain and swelling that cause arthritis, aside from strengthening blood vessels, joints and  bones.


  • Relieves Constipation – Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, which is known to pave way for a healthy digestive system and a healthy colon.


  • Strengthens the Respiratory System and Prevents Asthma – Magnesium is also found in sesame seeds, and which is important in strengthening the respiratory system, as well as, helps in preventing the airway spasms that cause asthma.


  • Promotes Healthy Skin and bones – Sesame seeds have zinc which is an essential mineral in the production of collagen that helps the skin regain its elasticity, aside from helping in the repair of damaged tissues in the bones. Externally, the oil can sooth burned skin and prevent skin disorder.




  • A drop or two of sesame seeds oil can be added to instant noodles, salads and vegetable dishes to enhance their taste and aroma.


  •  “Sesame rice” can be prepared by adding a few drops in the newly steamed rice and flavoring it with chopped onions and soy sauce to taste. The oil can also be added to fried rice to enhance its delectable fragrance as it has the tendency to overwhelm the smell of onion and garlic.


  • “Sesame seeds oil” can be prepared at home by roasting ordinary sesame seeds bought in the wet market and soaking them in olive or canola oil. Use a glass jar or wide-mouthed bottle for storage.


Take Note of the Signs and Reminders About Diseases

Take Note of the Signs and Reminders

About Diseases

By Apolinario Villalobos


What we do normally is to take the necessary steps only when we are already feeling the effect of a disease or sickness. What most people forget is that signs and reminders are also manifested by other bodies, especially, the first-degree relatives. Their suffering from a certain disease or sickness should remind us that the same can happen to us. If for instance, our mother, or father, or brother, or sister, or first cousin, or uncle, or aunt, are suffering from or worse, died of cancer, hypertension, or complications triggered by diabetes, then most likely, we can have the same fate because the same diseases are in our blood. The signs pointing to them should immediately caution us to be very extra careful…at least, to delay the effect if we want to live longer…or, at least minimize the pain of the effect upon their occurrence.


All kinds of diseases are inherited, although, the “amount” varies according to the genes. It is for this reason that prevention for the onset or worsening is very necessary. This is also the reason why blood sample is taken from the newly-born infant to determine the stages of its life when certain diseases may occur and the parents are counseled what precautionary measures to take or when they should go back to the pediatrician so that necessary prescriptions could be made.


Those who were born before the blood sampling for newly-born has been popularly practiced, rely on the time when diseases occur. When a member of the family succumbs to the heart attack, for instance, he is brought to the hospital which could  already be late.  Of course “maintenance medicines” are prescribed after check- ups done usually at the age of 50 or 60. But such may be considered late, as the disease could have fully developed to become well-entrenched in the person’s system….arteries have been clogged, diabetes has reached uncontrolled level, inflammations in the organs have occurred and developed into cysts, kidneys have been damaged, etc.


What I am trying to say here is that parents themselves should remind their children about “family diseases” as shown by deaths in the family. At a young age, the children should be counseled on what food to avoid or at least eat in moderation. Each one of us should also open our mind for inputs from other people and what are gathered from the media, especially, the internet. WE SHOULD NOT ONLY READ BUT ACT ON WHAT ARE BEING SHARED. The inputs should not only be appreciated but put into practice. They should not only be made as “conversation pieces”, but emulated.


There is always resistance every time chili, garlic, ginger, ampalaya, turmeric, saluyot, okra are mentioned- foods that are beneficial. They would say, it is hot, slimy, bitter, etc. And, those who have read or heard testimonies about their healing effects, express their appreciation …and it ends there, nothing else is done by the person who appreciates.


When an acquaintance died of cancer or complications brought about by diabetes or stroke, friends ask questions….but I doubt if the unfortunate incident has ever made them think if their lifestyle, especially, their diet, will also lead to such, or it made them curious about deaths in their family which necessitates asking their elders about their family history, so that preventions can already be taken.


Again, I say…regrets comes always at the end.