Life and Writing

Life and Writing
By Apolinario Villalobos

Life and writing are similar on the aspects of their inception, mid-activities, and culmination.

There is pain felt as the womb pulsates, while the new life therein tries to manifest itself to the world. There is pain, too, in the head of the writer that throbs with effort as he struggles on how to start a sentence.

Relief is felt by the mother when the bundle of new life finally makes it out to enjoy its firs whiff of air. Relief is felt, too, by the writer as the first word comes out of his head to trigger the avalanche of more words that shall comprise a literary expression.

As the child grows enjoying life, he or she is guided by the parents, institutions and established norms so that he or she becomes a virtuous member of the society. On the other hand, as the writer progresses, set norms and ethics, as well as, his own style guide him to ensure that the outcome of his effort becomes satisfactory.

In life, it is difficult to “call it quits”, especially, as one enjoys life no end. But the onset cannot be prevented, as sometimes, it is unexpected – caused by an accident. Normally, though, it should come with old age or disease.

The writer, meanwhile, has to allow a ‘twist” to conclude what he is doing. Or, gracefully allow the avalanche of words to be exhausted, naturally, and spell the end.

As with living… writing can also be difficult.