Rantings on Gay Issue should be Stopped…the Hypocrite Preachers should instead think of how to feed the hungry

Rantings on Gay Issue should be Stopped

…the Hypocrite Preachers should instead Think

of How to Feed the Hungry

By Apolinario Villalobos

One popular American preacher, lately, keeps on telling his followers that nowhere in the Bible is “homosexuality” mentioned. Of course! There is no such word in the language of the Biblical people of long ago, but the act is clearly implied. The Bible uses instead, the word “dog” as reference to the male prostitute. Are the hypocrites who keep on denying the reality of such preference so dumb that they forgot how the word “sodomy” was coined? When an “angel” went to Lot who lived in Sodom, to warn him about the wrath of God that was about to befall the city, the male populace forced him to surrender to them his good looking visitor, and it was only at this time that the “angel” used his power against the throng when he felt the danger, as they were already banging at the door. Why were the males of Sodom interested in the good looking visitor of Lot? Must I say, that clearly, they want to “sodomize” him? Also, how about the intimate relationship of King David to Jonathan? Now, those are Bible stories that I am throwing back to the hypocrites who still cannot accept the fact that the homosexual acts aside from other heathen practices of the Sodomites caused the downfall of their city, together with that of Gomorrah. They should eat their Bible to have a better understanding of what are inside!

In the Philippines, there was a scandal about a Christian preacher who was sued by his male lover, and which hugged the limelight for months. The case did not prosper as the preacher was suspected of using the power of money and his influence to silence his former lover. And, to think that the money came from his followers whom he duped into believing his being a “ clean and pure Christian”. On the other hand, Vatican admits the involvement of some Catholic priests in homosexuality. Famous celebrities are coming out of their closets to admit their sexual preference, despite their being married and having families. A famous Holywood actress even admitted her having a transvestite biological father. Despite all these, the hypocrite preachers keep on pretending that on earth, man should always be a “he” and the woman, a “she”…no in-between. Again, these learned hypocrites should go back to their biology books in high school and review the chapters on chromosomes that are the basic factor in the determination of a child’s gender.

Respect, compassion, and tolerance are what the misunderstood gays are asking for. They are not asking for any high government post or millions of lifetime security grants. If hypocrites can’t accept the glaring facts about the gays, they must at least, keep quiet and instead work on ways on how to feed the increasing number of hungry people around the world. Noticeably, nobody among these hypocrites ever mention hunger for food and poverty in their fiery preaches.

Are these hypocrite preachers ( are they really straight?), willing to share with the hungry unfortunate, the “donations” and tithes given to them by their followers whom they keep on shamelessly fooling with their hypocritical preaching? The fact is that they are driving around in expensive cars and leading a luxurious life….now those are more glaring and scandalous facts that these hypocrites should face!

These hypocrites keep on preaching about the love for God and Jesus whom they do not see, yet, they cannot express such for the people around them, who need it, and whose suffering, they see.

On Same-sex Marriage and Marriage itself

Please read this with open mind…and do not come up with a conclusion till after the last line.

On Same-sex Marriage
and Marriage itself
by Apolinario Villalobos

In the Philippines, the issue on same- sex marriage remains very sensitive, fragile, delicate, volatile, brittle, etc. The first time I heard about this kind of marriage, I immediately made a conclusion that “marriage” per se, be it done in churches, city hall, or basketball court, should not be applied to a homosexual relationship because such ceremony understandably involves the “father- to- be” and the “mother- to- be”, which has a biological implication. To put forward “adoption” of a child as a reason to substantiate the matrimonial ceremony for gay couples is flimsy. A gay couple can live together as they please and adopt a child, anyway, and without a binding document, so that any of them who first develop the feeling of suffocation can just step out of the door…so why still seek “marriage”?

Those behind the gay movement should assert for recognition, understanding, tolerance, and respect, instead. In this view, police precincts should change the signage on their special desk for children and women, to include gay. Understanding and tolerance must start within the family to help the individual grow emotionally stable. With those given, respect follows. That is how this issue should be treated, not jump into the marriage issue immediately which is proved as not even completely effective for heterosexual partners.

Another compromise that would totally eliminate the “same-sex marriage” issue is by having a law that shall recognize all types of “ceremony” for gay couples, without question on their gender. A word should be coined for such kind of ceremony to give it some kind of substance. The gay couple should be referred to as “partners” and not as “husband and wife”. The Catholic Church definitely cannot do this because it avers that marriage is “made in heaven” and only for a man and a woman who are expected to procreate because of their biological make up. On the other hand, because gays are a form of life, creatures of God, too, the Catholic Church should give them due respect, hence, understanding and tolerance of their emotions.

Individuals with special sexual preference must not be faulted for having such kind of feeling. First of all, nobody ever asked that they be born in this chaotic world. However, when they were formed in the womb, either intentionally or accidentally, they were not also given the choice which gender to have, much more the questioned in-between one. It is a good thing that when infants were baptized, they did not show any sign of gayness, otherwise they would not have been given the “watery blessing” by discriminating priests!

Gays on the other hand, must understand that failed marriage is expensive, considering the cost in the filing of legal separation and divorce, and with stringent conditions, yet. I gathered that a simple divorce procedure could cost a staggering 300 thousand pesos or more!

I had been advocating for the marriage contract to have a validity period, beyond which the couple can go on their separate ways if they do not want to renew the expired document. Therefore, there is no need for them to file for the expensive divorce. Contract is a legal temporal binding document between or among parties and is never complete without expiration in the form of validity period or conditions as basis for its nullification. So why not put such provision in the civil marriage contract? The Catholic Church seems to have seen this angle, as it has its so-called optional and symbolic “renewal of vows” for couples after living together as husband and wife for years. But none of this kind is being done for the civil marriage.

I know of a woman who lovingly “warned” her bed-ridden husband who could only stare but could not speak due to a series of stroke, not to die yet, until after their diamond wedding anniversary. The woman, herself, told me this story while sounding funny. But for me, the message is clear…perpetuation of love between couples is not dictated by any law, nor written on any piece of document but dwells in the heart, that not even a series of stroke rendering a husband or a wife bed-ridden, can suppress.

For Filipino gays who would like to get married, my suggestion is an expensive jaunt to the United States. I am sure that with the decision of the US Supreme Court, the non-gays will also use this reason to get a US visa, as any US embassy is not supposed to reject such a harmless request which is the latest bold manifestation of freedom for which the country of “big opportunities” is known.