Do Not Feel Bad about Unfulfilled Dreams

Do Not Feel Bad
About Unfulfilled Dreams
By Apolinario Villalobos

There is a popular adage, “life is what we make it”. All of us have limitations, hence, it follows that the life we have today is based on those limitations. We cannot be like what others are. We can strive, yes…but the result may not be the same as what others have accomplished. The problem with some of us is that they dream to be like somebody else which is impossible. Successful people can be looked up to as models or be admired, but cannot be exactly copied, so that the same admiration that they enjoy can be also reaped.

Success is relative. The degree and kind of success varies. In this regard, to avoid getting disappointed, one should be contented with what he has accomplished based on his capability. He should not feel bad, for instance, because he did not become a manager like his friend, or a physician like another friend, or a mayor, etc. Those who develop grudge because of their “failure” supposedly, equate success to fame which is wrong. Others feel that just because they did not become famous like others, they have become a failure. I can say that such kind of feeling is jealousy which breeds grudge….nothing else.

We should not be occupied with gawking at what others are doing or being jealous with what they have accomplished. Each one of us has a different kind of life to live and concerns much different from the rest. On the other hand, the jealous attitude is most often the result of unnecessary and unhealthy rivalry in offices and other work sites. This is called professional jealousy which affects the operation and atmosphere.

On the other hand, successful people may wonder why some friends suddenly kept a distance from them for no reason at all. Now, there is something for these shunned successful people to ponder about…jealousy developed by these people who think that their dreams are not fulfilled. Such unnecessary feeling made them jealous resulting to grudge that time may not expunge easily. My suggestion: a change in attitude…by being positive in living one’s life.