Ang Magagawa ng mga Pilipino kung Magtaasan ang mga Presyo ng Bilihin

Ang Magagawa ng mga Pilipino

Kung Magtaasan ang mga Presyo ng Bilihin

Ni Apolinario Villalobs


Hindi kailangang malungkot kung nagtataasan man ang presyo ng mga bilihin. Maraming paraan upang makatipid, tulad ng sumusunod:


  • Bumili ng mumurahing bigas tulad ng “NFA rice” sa halip na mamahaling uri na maputi nga ay nagtututong naman kung isaing. At, lalong higit kung kapos sa budget. Pwedeng paghaluin ang murang bigas o NFA rice at hindi gaanong mahal na bigas.
  • Huwag magtapon ng tutong na kanin…iluto ito sa instant noodles upang lumambot. Ang tutong na kanin ay gamot sa hyper-acidity na ang sinaunang gamot ay isinangag na bigas hanggang bahagyang masunog sa pagka-tosta (toasted), at nilalaga upang maging “kape”.
  • Bumili ng mura dahil nalalanta na mga gulay hangga’t maaari. Ang pagkalanta ay hindi nangangahulugang nawawala ang sustansiya sa gulay. Sa ibang bansa, ang gulay ay pinapatuyo upang maimbak para sa panahong tag-lamig. Ganoon din ang ginagawa sa ibang mga prutas. Sa Pilipinas, hindi siguradong ligtas kainin ang mga prutas at gulay na sariwa sa paningin dahil, malamang na na-iespreyhan ng insecticide. Ang mga ganitong uri na gulay ay yong sariwang tingnan ang balat pero bulok na ang loob, tulad ng talong. Kalat ang balita tungkol sa pag-isprey ng insecticide o pagbabad ng ilang uri sa isang uri ng preservative upang tumagal ang hitsurang sariwa.
  • Magtipid sa kuryente. Maraming paraan upang gawin ito.
  • Magtipid sa tubig, kung sa Maynila nakatira o saan mang lunsod na de-metro ang tubig. Ganoon din ang gawin kapag motor pump ang ginagamit sa bahay.
  • Bawasan o tuluyang iwasan ang pagkain sa labas ng bahay. Gumawa ng sariling home-made burger at potato fries na gusto ng mga bata at gamitin itong activity bilang bonding time ng pamilya.
  • Ugaliing mag-recycle ng mga natirang pagkain sa halip na itambak lang sa ref.
  • Ugaliing bumili ng mga sale items sa halip na mga regularly-priced,
  • Iwasan ang pagbili ng maluluhong bagay para lang mai-display at maipagyabang sa ibang tao.
  • Higpitan pa ang paghawak sa pera kahit pa ang asawa ay Chief Engineer o Kapitan sa barko o executive sa kumpanya. Dapat ipakita sa mga anak na hindi pinupulot lang ang pera, upang sa murang gulang ay maintindihan nila ang kahalagahan nito na dapat respetuhin.


Para sa akin, hindi maganda ang ugaling paggastos habang mayroong nadudukot. Ang disiplina sa paggastos ng pera ay dapat pairalin sa loob ng tahanan upang matutuhan din ng mga anak. Mahalagang bagay ito dahil ang matututuhan nila ay maaari nilang ipamana sa kanilang mga anak, na magpapamana din sa kanilang mga anak, etc. Kung sa ganitong bagay man lang ay may disiplina ang mga Pilipino, mababawasan ang ingay na sanhi ng mga reklamo tuwing tataas ang mga bilihin, pero wala namang ginagagawa.


Sa isang banda, ang paggawa ng paraan upang mabawasan ang problema tuwing nagtataasan ang mga presyo ng bilihin ay hindi nangangahulugan na ititigil na ang pagbatikos sa mga opisyal na pabaya at korap….dapat ituloy pa rin upang malaman nila na hindi bulag ang mga Pilipino sa kanilang mga kabulastugan. Mag-ingay man laban sa mga tiwali, sabayan pa rin ito ng pagkilos at pagiging resourceful o mapamaraan upang mabawasan ang paghihirap na nararanasan. Hindi malulutas ng pag-iingay lang ang kahirapan…yan ang dapat tandaan!


Why I Blog

Why I Blog

By Apolinario Villalobos


Many people who have been reading my blogs are wondering why I am doing it…worse, some even presume that I am being paid for such emotionally tedious undertaking. Plainly and simply, I tell them that it is my advocacy. I hate to use such word, but I might cause them to raise their eyebrows if I tell them, it is my hobby. I am serious in what I am doing and it is not just for fun. I am not being paid but some viewers of my blogs send help for the subject personalities whom I write about, and which are handled with much care. For this endeavor, I am taking so much risk as my security is also at stake in view of my blogs on corruption.


I always ask myself that if I will not share with others what I perceive and experience “along the way”, who will do it? If I have to be brutally frank, I dare say that many people are numb, naïve, blind, deaf, etc. to what are happening around us. One viewer even had the temerity to send me the message, “you think you are a great writer, huh!”. He is not an fb friend and most hurting is that he is also a Filipino. I just presumed that he is a friend of a politician whom I have been jabbing with my posts, which being “public” are open to all internet browsers. As an information, I have four other blog sites aside from facebook. My first facebook page has even been hacked many months back so I can no longer open it, forcing me to create another one with my photo on it. Unfortunately, many friends still use the hacked fb despite the notices that I have posted.


I identify with people whom I blog as I had my own struggles to be able to finish my studies, having been orphaned at a young age. Growing up, I observed the corrupt practices in the government which have been deeply impressed in my mind. I observed so much arrogance of some supposedly “shepherds” of the various churches. Having gone around the country, I saw poverty in its various levels and perceived its ugly faces drawn on my impoverished countrymen. I would like to let the world know about the benevolence of unsung heroes in our midst. Also, let others know, Filipinos and foreigners that the country is a cluster of islands worth discovering for their unique and varying splendor. I would also like to serve as other people’s conscience and mirror. Most of all God gifted me with the ability to write and I know that He did not give it to me to be kept selfishly, but with a purpose. Those are the reasons why I blog.


What give me the drive to go on are the inspiration and encouragement from those who are kind enough to appreciate what I am doing aside from enhancing what I share with their comments and rectifications on what they think should be improved. I am also encouraged to go on if what I share could successfully elicit relevant comments, especially, about blogged people whose characters are worthy of emulation, not just appreciation.  I believe that I am just doing my share of what should be done as intended by God. I am not a doctor, nor a professor, nor a pastor, nor a cook, nor a policeman, nor a businessman, etc….but I have a purpose, too, in this world and that is….as a simple writer.


I always imagine that the world is like a jigsaw puzzle composed of parts with various shapes that snugly fit together. While others could be triangle, circle, square…I could be a rectangle….that is I, as a blogger, and with my own shape, I am trying my best to neatly fit into this world. By the way, I need prayers, too, to keep me keep me and my advocacy alive, at least even for just a little longer.

Ms. Becky Versoza-Santos


By Apolinario Villalobos


She’s Ms. Becky Versoza, among the few pioneer stewardesses of Philippine Airlines. When she sought a ground-based position, she was given the post of Supervisor-Baggage Central Tracing Unit at the old Domestic Airport Terminal. That was where our paths crossed but never did I know about her flying stint with the airline as a Flight Attendant. It was only when the late Mr. Ed Guatelara told me about her that I got interested in her story.


She confided that during her time, the airline was utilizing DC-3s and among their job as Flight Attendant was to prepare sandwiches for the passengers. They were carefully packed in picnic baskets. They also trained the stewardesses of other airlines that operated, one of which was Japan Airlines. As an information, PAL was Asia’s first airline.


Every time I was on OB (official business trip), when I arrive at the domestic terminal, I would drop by her office for an amiable chat. I would give her durian candies from Davao as pasalubong. I also recalled giving her a sack of medium-sized pomelo and packs of dried filleted fish from Iloilo. But, what she loved most are durian and mangosteen candies.


Much later on, when I joined the International Sales-Philippines (ISP) group with offices at the S&L Building along Roxas Boulevard in Ermita, I learned that she has retired. Many years later, I received an e-mail from her telling me that she was based in New York. She added that she was the only Asian woman included in a coffee table book about the prominent women of the city. We communicated via e-mail as the facebook was not so popular then. When finally, we got connected via the facebook, she sent me messages and photos showing her emaciated body. I was grief-stricken….

Becky Versoza



Wrong Information from Textbooks that Filipino Students are Forced to Learn

Wrong Information from Textbooks

That Filipino Students are Forced to Learn

by Apolinario Villalobos


As I gain years in life that slowly push me towards the threshold of my destiny, I cannot help but think about the things that I was “force-fed” as a knowledge-hungry pupil in elementary and a trying student in high school and college. I am now beginning to think that they could be wrong, such as:

  • Reference by Spanish historians to early inhabitants of the archipelago as indolent and have no regard for the future….


The original lines of this contention were written by historians who were members of Spanish expeditions to the “spicery” in the East, referring to the archipelago that later became known as Philippines, as well as, Moluccas. These European historians did not give consideration to the fact that the early inhabitants of the islands during the time subsisted on roots (sweet potato, yam, etc.), domesticated vegetables and animals, and which were abundantly available all year round. There was no need to dry vegetables the way they were doing in Europe due to winter. It should be noted that the main reason why Europeans were dead-set on conquering the “spice islands” of the East, was their need for the sought-after spices to preserve their food. Fresh water and marine fishes were likewise readily available anytime of the year. Unfortunately, such impression stuck even up to the American regime.


  • The impression of Lapu-lapu as being the first “nationalistic Filipino” who fought foreign intruders….


Just like the rest of the early inhabitants of the archipelago, Lapu-lapu was also an “immigrant”. When the Spaniards came, there was no “united Philippines”, yet. Even what is now Manila was ruled by several chieftains. There was also no clear evidence, if Magellan died in the hands of Lapu-lapu, or that, Lapu-lapu was at the battle site which was in knee-deep of water, or just on the shore watching the scene and shouting instructions.


  • The Spaniards came to spread Christianity….


Although, there were friars on board the galleons, those calling the shots were the leaders of the expeditions, such as, breaking of twigs, throwing of rocks and other symbolic acts of conquest, and the making of declaration of conquest in the name of the King or Queen of Spain. In meeting with the chieftains of the islands, the leaders of the conquerors, made clear their intention of making the villages as vassals of Spain. Only when the chiefs conceded that “baptism” into the new faith was made. In other words, the cross was made as an excuse for the conquest.


  • Ruy Lopez de Villalobos named the archipelago, “Philippines” in honor of the Spanish king, King Philip II….


During the time of the Villalobos expedition, the archipelago was known as the “Islas del Poniente (Sunset Islands). On February 2, 1543, his fleet reached the current town of Baganga, east of Mindanao and named it, “Caesaria Caroli” in honor of Emperor Charles V. They moved farther on and reached Sarangani Bay, named “Antonia” in honor of Antonio de Mendoza, Viceroy of Mexico. Finally, they reached Leyte which during the time was known as “Tendaya”, but which Villalobos named, “Felipina” in honor of the crown prince of Spain, future king who was destined to succeed Charles V. Clearly, the name that Villalobos gave did not refer to the whole archipelago but only to a particular island.


  • The reference to the Filipinos again as “lazy” during the actual Spanish occupation of the populated islands…


When the Spaniards occupied the populated islands of the archipelago, the inhabitants were taxed heavily based on their produce. The natives decided to “take it easy” in working on their land as a major slice of their harvest went to the Spaniards. Aside from the demanded big share from the natives’ harvests, they were also made to render forced labor to build churches. The massive churches in the towns of Luzon and Visayas are evidences of this cruelty.


Today, the topsy-turvy educational system of the Philippines is such that even the K-12 which is not an assurance of job after finishing the so-called “senior high school” has been implemented post-haste without the necessary preparations. The current errors in the workbooks have compounded the existing ones that are needed to be rectified. The many pages of textbooks that have been transformed into “workbooks” are never without errors, yet, erring publishers are not penalized….”how much” is the reason…I just don’t know.




Dapat Maghinay-hinay sa Pagsunod sa Uso

Dapat Maghinay-hinay sa Pagsunod sa Uso

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Hindi masama ang magpati-anod (ride on the current) ng makabagong panahon. Pero, ang magpaka-OA sa pagiging makabago ay hindi OK. Mga halimbawang kahangalan, masabi lang na up-to-date sa makabagong panahon:

  • Pagpa-tattoo ng kilay. May isang gumawa nito, pero dahil “promo package” ang binayarang serbisyo sa isang patakbuhing parlor na ang mga beautician ay kung saang sulok lang galing, ang isang kilay ay tabingi ang pagka-tattoo! Depensa ng tattoo artist, malikot daw ang napatulog na kostumer. Ang kasama sa package na pagpapakulay ng buhok ay palpak din dahil nasobrahan ang gamot sa pampakulay kaya nasunog ang maraming buhok!


  • Paggamit ng cute na bag…ibig sabihin ay maliit, kaya hindi kasya ang mga gamit sa loob nito. Ginawa ito ng isang babaeng payat na ay sakang pa na nagsuot ng hapit na hapit na pantaloon at t-shirt na umurong yata dahil labas ang pusod niya. Akala niya ay okey na ang outfit niya, pero naging katawa-tawa ang hitsura dahil hindi bagay sa katawan niya. Binitbit niya ang dalawang cellphone dahil hindi kasya sa bag at dahil mukhang mamahalin ang mga ito, nakursunadahan ng snatcher. Ayaw bitiwan ng babae ang bag at dalawang cellphone kaya siya ay natumba at nakaladkad. Ang tiyan niyang nakalitaw ay nagmukhang curdoroy sa dami ng gasgas! Nabititiwan rin niya ang bag at mga cellphone nang sipain siya ng nainis na snatcher…mabuti at hindi siya nasaksak. Nakita ko ang insidente sa isang sidestreet ng Binondo at dahil sa bilis ng pangyayari, hindin namin inabutan ang kawatang tumakbo sa squatter’s area sa tabi ng ilog.


  • Paggamit ng colored na lens sa mga mata upang magmukhang tisay o tisoy dahil sa kulay nito na blue o brown. Nauuso ngayon ang paggamit ng colored lens na walang grado…mahal ang isang pares dahil hindi bababa sa dalawang libong piso. Una, hindi bagay ang mga kulay na ito, lalo na ang kulay asul o blue sa kulay ng balat ng mga Pilipino. At, marami na ring nabulag dahil ang layunin ng karamihan ng mga gumamit ay upang ipang-porma lang, hindi upang luminaw ang paningin kaya hindi nila naaalagaan ng maayos ang mga lens.


  • Pagpapaputi ng balat. Sa kagustuhan ng marami, babae man o lalaki na pumuti, lahat ng paraan ay ginagawa, pati ang pagbili ng mumurahing mga gamot sa bangketa. Walang masama sa luhong ito, lalo pa kung ang original na balat ay magaspang, pero dapat ay sa lehitimong derma clinic pumunta at kumunsulta muna sa dermatologist kung pwede ang gluta treatment o hindi dahil sa allergy effect nito. May alam akong gumamit ng pampahid sa mukha, okey ang resulta dahil kuminis at pumuti pero dahil natanggal ang outer dermal layer ng mukha, ang naiwan ay ang “baby skin” na bandang huli ay umitim. At dahil diyan, nagmukhang pinahiran ng uling ang kanyang pisngi na nangingintab!


  • Pagpipilit sa magulang na bumili ng maluhong gadgets kahit hirap sa buhay ang pamilya. Ang mga suwail na anak na akala ay kumakahig ng pera ang magulang na nagtitinda lang ng turon o gulay sa palengke ay sumasama ang loob, nagtatampo kapag hindi naibili ng mamahaling cellphone, hanggang maisipan nilang lumayas at upang magkaroon ng biglaang pera ay pumapasok sa beerhouse upang magputa! Ang iba naman ay nagiging magnanakaw o nagpapabayad bilang “runner” o taga-hatid ng shabu sa mga customer…hanggang kalaunan, sila ay nagiging “user” na rin. Alam ko yan dahil marami akong naging kaibigan na tulad nila.


  • Pagpipilit na lumiit ang tiyan o puson at matanggal ang iba pang taba sa katawan, sa pinakamabilis na paraan. Sa kagustuhan ng maraming “vanidoso” at “vanidosa” o maaarte na ang gusto ay pumayat tulad ng mga modelo, nagpapa-lipo suction sila pagkatapos utuin ng “beauty consultant” kuno na ahente pala ng mga lipo clinics. Dahil walang ginawang physical check, hindi pa man nangangalahati ang proseso ng lipo, inatake na sa puso ang pasyente! Sa halip na makapagyabang ay sa loob ng kabaong dumiretso ang maluhong wala sa ayos…ang kaibigang “beauty consultant” ay ahente rin yata ng punerarya.


May mga pangangailangan ang lahat ng tao sa ibabaw ng mundo, subalit kung kalabisan ang hinahangad, ito ay pagpapakita na ng katangahan. Dapat alalahaning ang asukal, asin, tubig, pagkain, at iba pa ay kailangan ng tao, subalit kapag lumabis na ang mga ito sa ating katawan, sa halip na kabutihan ay disgrasya ang mapapala ng abusado!

Ang Mag-inang taga-Tacub

Ang mag-iinang ito ay bumibiyahe mula sa bulubunduking barangay ng Tacub sa Magon. Madaling araw pa lang ay umaalis sila sa kanila upang magdala ng mga gulay sa “Apilado”, kanto ng highway malapit sa entrance ng public market ng Tacurong. Ang nanay ay “Ati” na nakapag-asawa ng Kristiyanong galing sa Passi, Iloilo. Hindi ko na babanggitin ang pangalan nila upang mapangalagaan ang kanilang privacy.


Ang tawag nila sa pedicab na may platform na pinapatungan ng mga kalakal ay “top down”. Akala ko noon, ang ibig niyang sabihin ay four-wheel vehicle na walang bubong, kaya bumilib ako sa kanya dahil sa pagtitinda ng gulay ay nakabili ng ganoong uri ng sasakyan. Nang mataymingan ko ang pagdating nila isang umaga ng Martes,  nakita ko ang sinasabi niyang “top down”. Ang “top down” pala ay motorcycle na may “side car” na may platform. Lalo akong bumilib sa kanya. Madulas ang “trail” pababa mula sa Tacub hanggang highway at delikado ang kalagayan nilang mag-iina pati ang mga sako-sakong gulay na pwedeng mahulog mula sa “platform”. Fluent sa mga salitang Hiligaynon, Karay-a, Tagalog at Ilocano ang nanay. Nang marinig kong mag-usap sila ng kanyang mga anak, nagpalagay agad ako na sila ay hindi Muslim o Kristiyano at nang tanungin ko ay inamin niyang siya ay “Ati”.


Ang “Ati” ng Mindanao ay hindi katulad ng mga “Aeta” sa Zambales. Hindi kinky ang buhok ng mga “Ati” sa Mindanao at ang iba sa kanila ay mestisahin at mestisahin.

The World as a Watery World

The World as a Watery Grave

By Apolinario Villalobos


It seems that the world is going back to the time when everything was under water as told in a popular legend about Creation. Another legendary deluge was mentioned during the time of Noah…but such disaster was God-inflicted. Today, if ever similar calamity shall occur, there’s only the irresponsibility of man to blame.


It cannot be denied that water which is among the basic necessities for survival is causing catastrophe throughout the world. This is the result of man’s disruption of the natural cycle of nature. The oceans and waterways are being choked and polluted by the various forms of human waste. The forests that control the upward and the downward flow of water are practically felled without let up, eventually denuding the mountains. Smoke-belching factories are dotting the face of the Earth.


Many developed communities that grow into towns and cities are left without effective drainage system resulting to floods during rainy season. Many of them have no honest-to-goodness planners. What these pretenders have in mind is the zoning of the surface without giving due consideration to what should be laid down underneath – the systematic drainage that would provide an outlet for the various wastes from these communities that multiply by the year.


In the Philippines, floods caused by defective drainage system and unfinished projects of the government such as abandoned dug-up roads and uncovered canals can be blamed to corruption. But concerned government officials who have the habit of washing their hands have their own alibis – delay in the release of budget and non-cooperation of involved agencies. This traditional finger-pointing is among the reason why the country is having difficulty in moving on even at a snail’s pace. And, though idiotic it may seem, this finger-pointing habit has made many officials millionaires at the expense of the helpless grassroots.