Failed Expectation Breeds Disappointment and Discouragement…but we should move on

Failed Expectation Breeds
Disappointment and Discouragement
…but we should move on
By Apolinario Villalobos

Honestly now, disappointment and discouragement can really result from failed expectations. However, this should not hold us from moving on. The failure should instead give us more impetus to go ahead, no matter what. It should serve as an inspiration and a lesson on which our next moves should be founded.

Many stories are told about great artists who suffered not only one or two but series of failures before finally, achieving fame. Inventors were even ridiculed when they presented their ideas. The same is true with many businessmen who suffered bankruptcies before finally achieving the recognition as business tycoons. These people showed that success in life is sweetest if achieved the hard way.

The most popular encouragement that we hear is, “….no pain, no glory”. Achievers who made use of such guidance should be thankful to whoever first said that. If we set our eyes towards a certain goal, we should expect trials along the way….and with those, we should also expect failures.

Now, if we do not want to get disappointed in life, we should restrain ourselves from having an ambition. We should be contented with we have at the moment. We should be prepared for a stagnant life, as well as, heartaches if we find ourselves left behind by others who struggle by all means to move up or ahead. On the other hand we deserve the heartaches because in the first place, it was our choice not to experience failures. Lastly, as a reminder, the fact is that, regrets always come at the end.