Enrick Samonte: The Copying Machine Technician who Became a Regular PAL Employee



By Apolinario Villalobos


During the early part of 1990, to ease the burden of copying for the Standards and Coordination Division (SCD) of Marketing and Sales-Philippines (MSP) of Philippine Airlines, an agency was contracted for the provision of one heavy-duty copying unit with a technician. Everybody then, on the 5th floor of Vernida building, not only the division for which the machine was intended, was happy. What made them glad more was the amiable technician who was assigned by the agency, Enrick Samonte. A gregarious guy, he at once befriended almost everybody for being accommodating. He would be late sometimes for lunch for giving in to many requests for which he would just smile and scratch his head.


He must have been astounded with the voluminous requirements most of the time that at times forced him to extend his duty beyond 5PM. I would recall the times that he also stayed overnight with the staff if there were urgent copying to do. All of them were taken in stride by Enrick. He was also proud of his job and diligent, as we would find him at his post way ahead of the PAL employees in the morning. He was also very neat in his outfit and sometimes wore blazer to match the color of his sport shirt.


When our group was absorbed by another division at S&L Building, I lost contact with Enrick. I thought he was pulled out by his agency and transferred somewhere else. I was glad to learn, however, that he was taken in as a regular employee. When I left the company, I learned further that he joined the staff of Mr. Dave Lim, the SVP for Sales. Lately, I was surprised to find him to have been assigned to the Office of Metro Manila and Luzon Sales, a division of the Philippine Region.


For Enrick, his journey within Philippine Airlines has been challenging as he had to deal with people of various characters, but he successfully melded with them. He is liaising for the division with which he is now connected and very much happy about it because he is back to where he started as a copying machine technician. Just like any other regular PAL employee, he is enjoying free tickets, benefit that he shares with his family….all because of his patience, diligence and amiability.