Filipinos Should Stand United Whatever the Result of 2016 Election May Be

Filipinos Should Stand United

Whatever the Result of 2016 Election May Be

By Apolinario Villalobos



Voting puts to test how Filipinos can make a sound decision. The “sacred right” of each voter should be tied to their mental attribute, instead of their quickly fluctuating emotion. Their decisions as regards their choice are harbored in their mind and nobody knows about them unless they blurt it out due to their uncontrolled emotion when they join discussions personally or in the cyberspace. Most importantly, political differences are best forgotten when the decision of the majority has been made – during the election, and which must be accepted.


Fanaticism, in the first place, should not be harbored by the Filipinos because it is a fact they are just “used” by politicians who do not even know them personally. It is for this reason, that while candidates are safely doing their rounds of campaigning, their supporters and campaign leaders are getting the ire of their opponents. And, if they die, the candidates may not even be able to attend the wake because they are busy giving out cash or leaflets. The fallen supporters and campaign leaders are eventually relegated along the forgotten sidelines of the chaotic campaign trails.


Political fanaticism must not polarize the Filipinos. The various sufferings that are causing so much despair among the long-exploited populace should not be underscored by their loyalty to chosen leaders who may win or lose. What they shared as their views in support of their candidates through the social media or personal discussions have already shown the extent of their courageous support. On the other hand, this should not cause the severance of ties with friends and relatives. Bashing each other in the social media based on shared posts from other sites which may not have been verified is not also prudent.


If what may come out after the election is far from what is being expected, this should not incite political die-hards into doing brash acts. Unexpected results should not also be used in inciting others to commit unbecoming moves that spell violence. Fire cannot be doused by fire. We had our lesson in the People Power which showed that something can be done by the number. After the election, those who will assume that they lost despite their number, should further unite, albeit, peacefully and show the nation such glaring proof.


The history of Philippine election is pockmarked with fraud, and if all parties concerned shall assume that it will happen again during the forthcoming 2016 election, they should be extra wary by closing their ranks and open their eyes wider….at least.