Pride and Mistakes

Pride and Mistakes

By Apolinario B Villalobos


Nobody is free from committing mistakes, be they petty or enormous.


Nobody shall ever learn how to improve his ways or do away with bad attitude unless there is an admission that a mistake has been committed, hence, the adage “learn from mistakes”.


While some are humble enough to admit their mistakes, the rest are overwhelmed by their pride… they just refuse to do it. The refusal is like a chain that holds them back from moving on.


The mistakes we made are among the steps we took towards our destiny. Refusing then, in admitting our mistakes would simply mean that we are stagnant. The arrogant cannot accept the fact that as a human being, he or she is not perfect.


Pride feeds on adoration of accumulated wealth, dizzying success, or plain appalling attitude. The arrogant filthy rich thinks, his money can buy anything, including power to hide mistakes. The success-intoxicated man thinks that he can do just anything better than anybody else, otherwise he could have not succeeded. And, there’s the simply conceited who sees himself as the only rightful- thinking creation of God, with the rest, wallowing in mistakes.


I think, the best thing to do, is evaluate what we have done and said at the end of each day as we live. It is important to know if we have done anything that could have displeased others, hence, displeased Him, too. That is the reason why He gave us brains….so that we can analyze.