Making the Right Choices in Life

Making the Right Choices in Life

By Apolinario Villalobos


The universe is balanced by two major forces, the positive and the negative, so is our planet earth which maintains its balance on its axis with the help of the north and south magnetic forces, aside from the one emanating from the sun. In a more specific situation, our life is also being influenced by two “forces”, the negative and the positive. But unlike the universe and the planet earth which need the equal amount of forces for the needed equilibrium, our life needs the positive more than the negative to give it serenity. Making the right choice makes a lot of difference to make our life worth living.


The forces that influence our lives, be they negative or positive come from many sources – from the people around us and our environment in general. Most often, the easiest option usually gives negative result. On the other hand, the one with positive result entails difficulties, hence, becomes the last option. That is why, we often hear remarks like, “you have to sweat that much to get it” or “it is not that easy to get what you want”, etc.


Nobody is free from the difficulty of making choices.  A freshman in college makes a difficult decision which among the long list of courses to take. A woman makes a crucial choice who among her suitors to give her nod. For the man, either to go for intelligent one or the beautiful. For the couple, how many offspring to have.  For a single guy, which investment – a car or house and lot. Still for the woman, career or being hitched to the loved one for life who is in a hurry to settle down. The decision for the right choice is often influenced by the family and friends, based on the prevailing situation, citing necessity as the reason.


It is the necessity of getting second opinions that makes the presence of consultants a must both in private and government entities, more so with professions. Even the highest official of the land has his own clique of consultants. The act of priests in confessing to their colleagues is a display of consultation which is necessary, and what Pope Francis did lately, confessing to a priest, caught his followers by surprise, though, it has a tinge of humility. Physicians are known to consult their colleagues for second opinions on difficult assessment of cases before they finally make the right verdict for their patients. Some lawyers are also known to do the same – consult colleagues for difficult cases. Teachers also consult co-teachers about their decision on problem students.


Finally, some friends swear to enlightenments they receive after consulting Him.



The Slow Death of Mother Nature

The Slow Death of Mother Nature

By: Apolinario B. Villalobos

            Ever wonder why Mother Nature seems to be losing her balance lately?  It’s because of indifference and greed of most of the world’s denizens. Actually, one need not take a second look at what are happening around to understand what the question asks.

We are destroying the very womb that conceived the molecule from which man emanated. Although religion and pure science differs tremendously as to how man and where man originated, it boils down to one source – Mother Nature.  It is unfortunate that in time, as man further developed his knowledge on life in general, greed is not far behind, bred by the unquenchable need for survival.

Mother Nature is the essence of life.  She is the thread that weaves the earth together into an immense globe of life. We all live because of a system which science dubbed symbiotic relationship.  It is a system that works by inter-living or in the layman’s language – giving and taking.  All creatures accommodate each other in a way that everyone  becomes dependent to each other. The system is also like that of a clock that functions properly if all parts are likewise functioning accordingly.  A breakdown of one part causes the breakdown of the clock as a whole. In other words, there is some kind of mutual responsibility that holds the whole system together. And within that responsibility is Mother Nature. We are all part of Mother Nature’s ecological system.

We cannot afford to break the very thread of system that sustains life on earth.  It is suicide. But despite warnings by concerned groups about the imminent danger of our actions in general that slowly destroy Mother Nature, we have become oblivious even to the resulting catastrophes: flood, soil erosion, fishkill, diseases, etc.

Alas! Progress has given a prescription of slow death to the already ailing Mother Nature. Factories along rivers and the coast wantonly spill their wastes to these geographic arteries aside from belching their carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Housing developers who are in need of gravel and sand indiscriminately mine rivers for these,  causing the erosion of their banks. Garbage haulers dump their collections in landfills without safety measures causing seepage to underground sources of drinking water. Production of transportation is uncontrolled necessitating usage of more fossil fuel that worsens the already polluted state of the air that we breath. The ocean has become a vast dumping ground of toxic waste products.

What can a handful of environmentalist groups do?  They have practically become a voice in the wilderness so to speak, in their fight against corporations involved in the passionate destruction of Mother Nature. Some towns and cities declared their territories to be plastic – free. Fine. But why are the rest having second thought in following suit? Is it because big politicians protect the interest of plastic factory owners in their turf? Why can’t the national agency concerned in the preservation of forests put a stop to wanton destruction of the remaining vegetated mountains? Is it because big politicians themselves are involved in the logging industry? Why can’t the same national agency put a stop to unscrupulous mining activities that result to landslides? Is it because of the wads of bills that greased the palms of the people who administer this agency?

Regrets always come at the end. And, with what is happening around us, no amount of regret  can put a stop to the slow death of Mother Nature.