The Dysfunctional and Corrupt Government of the Philippines

The Dysfunctional and Corrupt Government

of the Philippines

By Apolinario Villalobos

If dysfunction refers to deterioration, it best describes what is happening to the already corrupt Philippine government today. No amount of nationalistic cover-up can camouflage the stinking system that reeks of dishonesty, nepotism, favoritism, graft, shamelessness, and immorality – all of them of the highest degree. The deterioration, woefully, is already in its most advance stage, beyond redemption. Come election time in 2016, the choice for officials is between evils…no less, and none else.

What the hapless Filipinos can do, those belonging to way below the poverty line is just strive for a resourceful survival. The country throbs with the grumble of this big chunk of the population. This is the reality which is far from what the corrupt government is trying to project as a progressive country in an attempt to cover up its inadequacies in fair governance. The President who speaks of a clean government, officials who are honest unless proven by the court to be corrupt, and straight path – one of “virtuousness” but viewed by the disappointed Filipinos as an overly crooked and pockmarked with holes…he who claims descent from heroic parents, is no longer taken seriously.

In desperation, even those who lost their voice shouting invectives against Marcos before, during rallies regretted what they have done to the dictator. The assumption of the government’s reins by a plain housewife, Cory Aquino, did not do any better, as cronyism just became worse. What progress painfully nurtured during the time of Marcos pitifully wilted in no time. Malaysia, newly-weaned from its foreign clout has practically transcended what the country has gained during the Marcos regime. With the takeover of other Presidents, the decaying system has practically softened the foundation of the country, and just got worse today, causing it to practically tilt precariously, manifesting fearful signs of collapse.