“Whoever has the Gold…Makes the Rule”

“Whoever has the Gold, makes the Rule”
By Apolinario Villalobos

The title was sent as a comment by one of the viewers of my blog about the “Golden Rule”. She told me that it was said by a classmate in college during a discussion that touched on the primary source of oil – the Middle Eastern countries. Gold as we know it, is touted as the “black gold” or “liquid gold”.

Gold can be equated with wealth, hence, whoever is wealthy usually makes the effort to have an upper hand in anything. The wealthy has the tendency to dictate his terms in any transaction, so he makes the rule eventually. And, that is what’s happening today. The sources of this fossil fuel can dictate the prices of the oil thereby indirectly controlling the economy of consumer countries.

On the other hand, in the political situation of a country, with special mention of the Philippines, it is obvious that the wealthy practically controls the government, and with such hold, the majority of the population that comprised the impoverished chunk of the population. This situation has given birth to political dynasty in which political power is passed on among the immediate members of the family and even relatives. Corrupt officials plunder the government coffer to be able to “raise funds” that they can use in buying votes when election time comes.

Today, Filipinos who monitor the cases on plundering have finally came out to boldly ask questions on how some government officials have become filthy rich which is a far cry from their humble beginning.

The wealthy government officials, who are suspected of graft, even have the guts to defy orders for their suspension to give way to an investigation…a clear confirmation of this blog’s title. Worst, they have an unbelievable courage to deny their already obvious “accomplishments”. It is another case that happens only in the Philippines!