Who Says God has a Day Off?

Who Says God has a Day Off?

By Apolinario Villalobos



Although, one of the Ten Commandments says that the Sabbath should be considered as a day of rest, what I understand is that it refers to the people, because such day should be devoted only for worship. The Roman Catholic Church even changed this to the pagan day worship of the sun – Sunday. Anyway,  what I understand is that the said commandment does not refer to God, as He is supposed to be everywhere every time of the day. To put it bluntly, this is about some Roman Catholic parish offices being closed on Saturday, the original Sabbath. Are the non-secular parish priests who are running most of the parishes emulating the ways of the Pharisees….the so-called hypocrites of the Old Testament? If this is so, these Roman Catholic priests might as well take off their priestly garb and join a Christian sect that is literally following the Old Testament to the letter!


If these hypocrite Roman Catholic parish priests would like to give their lay staff a day off, why not come up with a rotated schedule so that for all days of the week, at least one of them is left in the office? If the regular parish priest would like to go on a day off which is unbecoming, why not request a “roving priest” to take over for at least one day, as all of them are supposed to be helping each other for the sake of the “Christian flock”?


Here is a classic story: In a southern parish, the family of a departed kin requested their parish priest for a Requiem Mass for their loved one. The requested day was Saturday so that relatives who have absented themselves from work could go back home the following day, a Sunday, in time for their return to work still the following day, a Monday. Unfortunately, there was a vehement rejection because the parish office was closed as scheduled…no staff to attend to the bereaved family, although, the church would be open.  Not even the suggestion of the family that they will find another priest to officiate the Mass could move the parish priest to change his decision. Sunday is not allowed for requiem Mass, so that was out as a solution to the problem. At the end, the arrogance of the parish priest prevailed as the schedule was moved two days later to Monday which means, the visiting relatives would be able to report back to work on Wednesday or Thursday, practically missing several days of precious daily earnings!


By the way, hubs of air travel operations in any country has no day off, the police has no day off, the hospital staff has no day off, even the mall staff has no day off, etc. How come, the parish office of the Roman Catholic Church whose reputation is deteriorating every hour of the day cannot open its door to the so-called “Roman Catholic flock”, in an effort to counter the negative impression that is mounting every day? Is it the way of the parish priest in “helping” the seemingly helpless new pope? Or is the parish priest acting like a crab?


The parish priest in question who I was told was newly- assigned in the area has a record of arrogance, and he would like to show to the already restless parishioners that he is the “authority”. Obviously, he has a problem with psychological insecurities. He even allegedly fired parish lay personnel who have spent more than twenty of their precious years serving the church. He is making decisions left and right without proper consultation with the Pastoral Council as a whole, choosing to speak only with the favored members whom he think would support him. In other words, his decisions may be illegal as they are without the consent of the majority of the council members, and may not even be properly covered with signed documents.


The above-mentioned priest is among the embarrassments of the new pope that he mentions every time he has an opportunity, and for which he always ask apologies from the Roman Catholics. An interesting blog about the pope taking off his papal robe before holding a Mass is a clear manifestation that he is not in favor of the un-Christian attitude of many priests of the Roman Catholic Church who are either accused of fund misuse, arrogance and sexual assault.


The attitude of the mentioned parish priest shows that the Anti-Christs could be within the Roman Catholic Church – they, whose ways are contrary to what the true Catholic Church stands for. Anti-Christs in priestly robe are heavily groggy with arrogance because they have the impression that being parish priests they can “play” with the parishioners many of whom are suckers in the name of salvation…parishioners who think that their salvation depends ONLY on their parish priest who is “protected” by the white “sotana”, but could be devils in disguise!


Now, are we still wondering why the Roman Catholic Church is reeling from uncontrolled deterioration and may find it hard to recover unless the hypocrites in white priestly garb and who are heady with arrogance,  are calling the shots despite the reminders of the new pope?


For this kind of arrogant priest, the parishioners should join hands and boot him out before he can do more harm to their community!

Philippine Election: A Choice between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Philippine Election: A Choice between the Devil
and the Deep Blue Sea
by Apolinario Villalobos

The murky Philippine politics is such that the Filipinos are always left with a choice between the proverbial devil and the deep blue sea…both bad enough, at the onset of election. The worse that can happen is inaction or abstinence on the part of the voters, which robs them, on the other hand, of their right to exercise their ultimate authority as citizens.

The eager candidates who are currently holding sensitive positions in the government who already want to earn mileage of exposure at the earliest allowable time, shamelessly use these to their advantage. The opposing parties on the other hand, move heaven and earth to demolish their reputation by bringing into light past graft cases or build new cases against them, based on allegation of cohorts. As a result, the valuable time of these officials are charged to the taxpayers while seemingly endless self-serving investigations go on, although, they reveal helpful information, at the same time. What is glaring is that both the investigated and the investigators have shares of guilt.

Part of the dirty tactic during election that has become a traditional practice is vote buying which made running for any position very expensive as those interested need to have millions to spare during the campaign period. Those lucky enough to get favorable results in this venture, try hard to recover whatever they have spent and even more. This gave rise to the popular adage that the easiest way to get rich is for one to enter politics. This could be true because those who joined the race and got blessed with overwhelming votes become rich even after just a couple of years in their position.

My statements may be general, although I know that there are still some in the political arena, very few who try hard to maintain a clean image. These are those who do not survive the rigorous occupation eventually, hence, bow out after just one term…I have talked to them.