Ang Pagkikita

This is a tri-lingual poetry (Filipino, English and Bisya-Davao), to commemorate the reunion of Mindanao Palers held at the North Palm Hotel and Garden in Davao city on March 3, 2013…..



Ang Pagkikita

Ni Apolinario Villalobos



Sa paglipas ng mahabang panahon

Lahat kami’y nagkaroon ng pagkakataon –

Magkita, magkumustahan, at magtawanan

May mugtong mga mata, dala ng kasiyahan.


Mula sa kung saang bayan at bansa

Sa eroplano’y sumakay, iba’y sa bus nagtiyaga

Excited lahat kaya ngiti sa labi’y di nawawala

Sa pagkatayo, sakit ng tuhod ay di alintana.


Ano pa nga ba’t lahat kami ay maligaya

Iba’y di makapaniwala, naganap na pagkikita

Na maaaring ulitin, at kung kaylan man yan

Talagang mangyayari, ngayong gabi magkakaalaman.



The Reunion


After so many years, each one on his own

Now came the day of the most awaited reunion

Filling the air with greetings and hearty laughter

While reddish eyes held on to a threatening tear.


Some came with haste, took flights that sliced the air

Some took the bus, long trip they patiently bear

Some drove their cars, although with failing sight

Finally at North Palm Hotel, all blushed with delight.


What a night! Every one excited, bursting with happiness

Some could not believe, with awe just stared at the space

Somebody asked, will this happen again? When and where?

I said, definitely -yes, and from Deo, we will hear next year!



Ang Pagkita-kita


Sa pagligad ug wa namatngong dugay nga panahon

Pasalamat mi ug daku sa pagdangat aning tini-on

Tanan mi nalipay sa pagkita-kita karong gabii

Excited ang tanan, paghiyom dili mawala sa labi.


Ang uban nagdali, kalit nisakay sa eroplano

Ang uban nisakay sa bus, bisan ug kapoy kaayo

Ang uban ni-drive sa kotse bisan ug hina mga mata

Sa North Palm Hotel ni-abot bisag nagkaang-kaang na!


Wala’y katapusang kalipayan ang gibatyag sa tanan

Ang uban dili makatuo, bisag ang gutom gipasagdan

Naa’y nangutana, kaning mga nahitabo mausab pa kaha?

Ingon nako, huwat ra mo – huwat sa text ni Deo Escarilla!

Life as an Opportunity

Life as an Opportunity


By Apolinario Villalobos



This commentary is based on one of the  text messages sent daily by a friend from Davao City,  in southern Philippines. Deo Escarilla, who  have retired as an airline executive, makes himself busy as a religious volunteer in their parish.  The full message actually reads: “we become happier, much happier, when we realized life is an opportunity rather than an obligation”. Deo makes use of the information technology as an opportunity to spread righteous reminders, unmindful of the money he shells for such a spiritual cause because, he derives happiness from doing it.


Opportunity has no compulsion, hence, done with all willingness, unlike obligation that is sometimes done with a heavy heart. Life, for that matter is something to be thanked of for having been granted, something to be happy about. It is not easy to bring out of  a mother’s womb in whole, a breathing bundle of joy. Some couples patiently spend years of incessant praying to have a child. Some even go to the extent of adopting just so, they would feel fulfilled as parents.


We all have a purpose in life. It fires up our desire to seize opportunities so that we can become useful creatures with intelligence. Opportunities are just around us waiting to be grabbed… opportunity to help others even with a few coins that we can spare , opportunity to show our gratitude to the Creator for His patience in listening to our grumbles, opportunity to help others up from where they faltered so that they make amends, opportunity to sing to make others happy, opportunity to visit the elderly in special homes to make them feel an unsolicited love, opportunity to land a good paying job, opportunity to meet the right mate for life, etc.


Our sincerity in exerting all those efforts has a return in happiness that has no monetary measure. That ecstatic feeling envelops us after we have accomplished what is called for by a grabbed opportunity.  It is unfortunate that others consider some opportunities that come their way as hindrances… a wrong attitude. Everything we have in life is earned, even those that are inherited, some of which even involve lawsuits.


We should always look forward to the promise of happiness from doing something as best as we can…that is, live life to the fullest, be nice to others and, most especially, profusely thank Him for granting it to us.