Defeat is not having tried and failed…but having failed to try

Defeat is not having tried and failed
…but having failed to try
By Apolinario Villalobos

Sometimes we think of some things we could have done, but failed to do. There is always that culprit – apprehension or hesitance in doing something. Because of fear for failure, we chose not to proceed. But when we see others do them and succeed, the feeling of regret is no end.

There are things that we cannot do because of many constraints. It is necessary, therefore, that we should be realistic and do things that are within the limits of our capability – financially, mentally, and physically. We should not always presume that what others have successfully done, we can also do. We should treat the success of others as an inspiration to do other things, not necessarily for us to copy the things that they have done and succeed.

We can avoid having a feeling of dejection by not aspiring for a grand success from an initial venture. We should be contented with whatever simple success that comes out of our initial effort…at least we have tried. From then on, we are guided on what to do next, to be assured of a bigger success.

Failures should never pull us down and make us feel dejected…defeated. I have come across a part of the biography of a great poet, Robert Frost who, during his time, submitted poems to publishers who rejected them, until he finally found one who appreciated his works. His effort took time before it bore good result. He tried and failed, but never felt defeated…until finally, he triumphed.

I have a cousin who finished a degree in nursing which brought her nowhere along her career path, despite her having worked abroad. When she married a seafarer who started his career as a tailor, both of them decided to go home to our province and start a new life. They went into several retailing businesses, even selling barbecue till late at night. Finally, their patience paid up. Their wholesale business in office stationeries prospered. They suffered defeat in some of their efforts from which they gained valuable lessons in business. And, most importantly they did not stop in striving and trying all means to finally gain success.

Another story is about a classmate in high school who failed to finish a college course until he got married. The couple started selling banana cue in front of a college campus. Being the only vendors of such kind of street food in the vicinity, they captured the “student market”. The volume of sales brought them enough money that enabled them to send all their children through college. Finally, they were able to buy an adjoining piece of land on which they built a bigger stall cum residence.

Success, indeed, can only be realized when enough effort in trying is exerted…despite the threat of defeat.