Foods are for the Stomach, as Writings are for the Mind

Foods are for the Stomach

As writings are for the Mind

By Apolinario Villalobos


The foods can look appetizing by how they are presented, so are the writings that can be made attractive for reading by their title and first few lines. The writings are the poems and essays, and foods are appetizers, main dishes and desserts. While the print media, and today, the internet are the venue to showcase writings, outlets such as dining places and parties, are for the food.


Every country has its own specialties and distinct recipes or styles in cooking. So are the different nationalities that have their respective and distinct kind of literature, based on their culture. Honesty in presentation, though how seem simple they may be discerned, are on what the foods and writings are judged.


The intriguing simple dishes of a far away Asian country can elicit curiosity and admiration due to their exotic taste, just like the equally intriguing broken-lined poetry of young poets today.


Respect is what foods and writings should be given. They should not be altered based on the whims of others. Those who cannot take the taste of certain foods and intriguing literary style should prepare their own dish or come up with their own poems or essays.


Invented gadgets, contraptions, and machines can be altered and improved based on their progressing necessity. But dishes should remain as originally concocted and can just be made as basis for new ones by food enthusiasts. In the same manner that the different styles in writing poems and essays should remain as they are written by the author and those who have been inspired should come up with their own style of presenting the idea.


Based on the above, nobody should be timid in coming up with their own cookery, essay or poem. What they come up with, unconsciously reflect their personality, such that, simple people may come up with simple dishes and simply written poems, as well as, short essays. Those with complex character, on the other hand, may come up with equally complicated dishes due to various ingredients, as well as, poems and essays with difficult to discern messages.


What I mean here is: everybody can cook and write which are just two of the many expressions of lifeā€¦our various reasons for living. Most importantly, while the styles in preparing foods and presenting ideas vary, their respective essence remains the same.