Our Unsafe World

Our Unsafe World

By Apolinario Villalobos


Our world is so unsafe today that even billionaires are not secure behind the thick and high walls of their home. Their palatial abode may not be burglarized due to tight security but they may have acquired diseases from excessive vices that can certainly shorten their life…vices that involve “creations” of man such as alcoholic drinks and synthetic foods.


The atmosphere is so poisoned that the rainwater is no longer safe to drink. The air is permeated with heavy carbon dioxide that even the so-called organic vegetables that are not raised with fertilizer are still not safe to eat. Chicken in poultries are fattened with growth-enhancing feeds and so are pigs and cattle.


Fruits are sprayed or swabbed with chemicals so that their shelf-life can be extended. Marine fishes are soaked in formalin to make them look fresh and so are vegetables such as okra, tomatoes, eggplants, slices of young jackfruit (langka), and many others. Fishes filleted and dried (daing), as well as, sardines are also soaked in formalin to make their scales shiny and enticing.


The government that is supposed to protect us can no longer be trusted with confidential information due to careless and corrupt “public servants”. The most important link between diverse humanities, the internet system is also prone to hacking which jeopardizes the security of users. Even the guy sitting next to you in a bus, could be a mugger.


The eroding cultures of peoples result to the overall weakening of human character and his virtual self-annihilation.


Ang Buhay at ang Karapatang Mabuhay


Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Sa ibabaw ng mundo lahat ng nilalang ay may karapatang mabuhay, subalit hindi lahat ng kabuluhan nila ay naangkop sa pangangailangan ng iba.  May kanya-kanya din silang talino at lakas upang magamit sa pagtanggol ng sarili. Ang prolema lang ay ang mga taong sadyang gahaman o makasarili, kaya hindi nila isinasaalang-alang ang karapatan ng iba.


Ang mga makasariling tao ay nanggaling sa mga pamilya na bahagi ng lipunan. Sa isang pamilya, hindi maiwasang magkaroon ng sutil o “black sheep”. Marami sila kapag naipon na, at ang dami ay depende rin sa laki ng lipunan na kinabibilangan ng mga pamilya. Sila ay mga problema na kung hindi masawata ay aalagwa o lalabas sa tahanan at mamiminsala na rin sa kabuuhan ng lipunan, kaya madadamay ang ibang miyembro. Ang katalinuhan ng tao ay nagdikta sa kanya upang gumawa ng mga kaparaanan upang mabigyan ng pagkakataon ang mga sutil sa lipunan- isang pagbabakasakaling sila ay magbago dahil sila ay may karapatan din sa buhay. At, ito ang ginagawa ng pamahalaan.


Samantala, ang karapatan ng isang tao sa isang bagay ay may hangganan at dapat na ginagamit sa mga makabuluhang bagay na nakakatulong sa lipunan sa halip na makapanira. Kung ipipilit na gamitin ng isang tao ang karapatang yan upang makapaminsala ng buhay ng kanyang kapwa o makapanira sa lipunan, lalabas na sinaklawan niya ang karapatan ng ibang taong may karapatang mabuhay ng matiwasay. Sa madaling sabi, ang karapatan ng isang tao ay nagwawakas sa hangganan kung saan ay nagsisimula ang karapatan ng iba.


Ang simpleng nakikitaan ng kalagayan tungkol sa usaping ito ay ang taniman ng gulay, kung saan ay may tumubong mga damo. At dahil damo, itinuturing silang salot na magdudulot ng pinsala sa mga itinanim na gulay. At dahil sila ay salot….dapat silang puksain upang hindi na makapanira pa…at ang katumbas nila sa lipunan ng tao ay mga kriminal!


The Worldly Differences and their Compromise


By Apolinario Villalobos


In this world, there are only differences that may not be right or wrong, as there is no “ultimate judge” who can decide, not even the respective Supreme Courts of nations, and not even the guiding book of whatever religion. For those who believe in God, to them I may come out blasphemous if I say based on my observation, that not even He is the ultimate judge as being preached by religions that cling to Him, for how can they say that He is the One when others do not believe in Him?


Islamic rules are different from those of Christian religions’ that sprouted even later than others, and which also have their own norms. There is a popular belief that traditional religions have been deceiving people in their effort to expand their respective following. In this regard, those who have been enlightened came up with their own Ministries that eventually attracted hordes of adherents that, fortunately, did not totally turn their back on the teachings of their former churches, such that, there are Catholics who trek to the temple of El Shaddai in Paraἧaque, as well as, there are New Christians who still attend Catholic service. The mushrooming, however, all over the world of these new Ministries is proof that something is wrong with the Catholic Church from which newly-enlightened Christians came from. But then, nobody has the right to condemn Catholicism because of the erring few priests…as again, in this world, nothing is perfect. On the other hand, the “Balik-Islam” in the Philippines is, likewise, gaining ground. In its totality, the movement of modern-day conversions should be viewed with fairness on the part of the converts. What is important is the change in their spirituality that made them better persons, and most especially, they worship the same God, anyway. We should worry about former God-fearing brothers who became heretics, instead!


What is happening to the fate of religions is happening among nations with differences that lie in their ideologies polarized by democracy and socialism. The same competitive expansion brought forth hideous annihilation of races which is the essence of the effort in such desire. And, to top it all, to date, many nations are subtly disregarding the authority of the United Nations. In the case of the West Philippine Sea for instance, it made pronouncements that favored the Philippines but it cannot enforce what it has “summarized” based on proofs…while China consistently and loudly shows her defiance.


Somehow, the innate compromising characteristic of man came into the picture, resulting to the “ironing out of differences” among conflicting nations which does not necessarily declare which is right or wrong. In other words, there is no clear decision, just a compromise for some kind of a conditional understanding to avoid further conflicts between the victor and the vanquished.


Along this compromise, what each one can do to maintain relative peace is, perhaps, to be good based on the Golden Rule which is the essence of all religions, an adage that says, “Do Not Hurt Others if You Do Not Want Them to Hurt You”. It is a simple give and take principle that can apply to all peoples and nations.


Finally and most importantly, one should cling more tightly to whatever congregation he has chosen, be the spiritual bonding is done in cavernous basilicas or cathedrals, or a humble space that used to see good old days as an air-conditioner repair shop.


My humble belief is that, spirituality is not measured by an impressive concrete structure, but by sincerity that throbs in one’s heart! One can even venerate manifestations of God under a tree!…and, who can stop somebody from praying for the smooth expurgation of his guts while seated on a toilet bowl?



Greed and the Civilized Society

Greed and the Civilized Society

By Apolinario Villalobos


Transforming from the practices of various barbarian societies, the execution of justice based on actual commitment of misdeed, has evolved into one that has become founded on supposedly intelligent reasons and fairness, hence, the symbol of the Lady Justice as a blindfolded woman holding a perfectly- balanced scale.


Unfortunately, the intelligence of man is such that he has developed the propensity of circumventing written laws for his advantage. And, since the Lady Justice is blindfolded, she has no way of knowing about the deceitful effort. The Lady Justice leaves everything to the exchanges of  “legal” justifications that paid lawyers let out in court….and further leaves everything to the judge who makes the decision. The problem here is when the innocent has no money for an intelligent lawyer, while on the other hand the perpetrator of the offense can afford to hire an intelligent Bar topnotcher. Still, worst, is when the judge is also caught in the web of payoffs.


Oftentimes, we hear the line, “for every rule, there is an exception” which means that even the best Law of the land can be circumvented by excuses to give exemptions to misdeeds. Oftentimes, exemptions are based on the thickness of the wads of crisp bills. With this situation, where does “justice” come in?


Another popular adage is, “if a misdeed has no complainant, there is no offense”. Oftentimes, this kind of unwritten rule always puts the poor in the disadvantage, because unless he files a complaint against an offender, he could not expect justice. But since the poor victim cannot afford an intelligent lawyer, no case is filed, except a simple police report in the precinct blotter. Also, if a rich offender wants to go scot-free from a misdeed, he can even hire a “fall guy” to take his place.


The Law of the civilized society is supposed to protect the constituents and much effort on the part of the government should be exerted toward this end. Unfortunately, the modern-day barbarians – corrupt officials and wealthy criminals have spoiled everything that put practically all societies on earth in a mishmash jumble! So, it does not matter whether a country belongs to a third world or highly-advanced, as offenses are founded on just one single desire – GREED!


Masarap Sana, Subali’t Nakakalito ang Buhay sa Mundo

Masarap Sana,  Subali’t Nakakalito ang Buhay sa Mundo

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Masarap sana ang mabuhay sa mundo, kung hindi magulo at walang mga kalituhan. Dahil ito sa likas na ugali ng taong mapanlamang, mapag-imbot, at maramot na kadalasang  tumatalo sa mga mabubuting ugali na mapagpakumbaba, mapagbigay, at bukas-palad. Kung mapagpakumbaba ka, siguradong yayapakan ang iyong mga karapatan. Kung mapagbigay ka, siguradong itutulak ka lang sa tabi ng mga mapag-imbot. Kung bukas-palad ka kaya maluwag sa loob ang pagtulong sa kapwa, aabusuhin ka naman.


Dahil sa nabanggit na mga kalituhan, yong isa kong kaibigan, ay halos ayaw nang lumabas ng bahay upang makaiwas sa mga hindi magandang mangyayari sa kanya. Dahil sa ginawa niya, itinuring siya ng mga ungas niyang kapitbahay na “makasarili”. Sabi niya minsan sa akin, kung magpapaputok siya ng baril sa kalye siguradong sasabihin ng mga kapitbahay niyang “siga” siya. Sinabihan ko na lang na madaling araw pa lang ay umalis na siya at umatend ng misa sa Baclaran o Quiapo, pagkatapos ay mamigay ng tulong sa squatter’s area at kapag padilim na ay saka na lang siya umuwi – walang mga ungas na kapitbahay ang makakakita sa kanya. Sabi ko nga sa kanya ay maswerte siya at ungas lang ang mga kapitbahay niya…hindi mapagkunwari at mainggitin.


Hind lang sa pakikipagkapwa-tao ang may kalituhan, kundi kahit na rin sa mga bagay na kailangan upang mabuhay tulad ng pagkain. Kailangan daw ay kumain ng gulay at isda dahil masustansiya ang mga ito. Subali’t sa palengke, hindi lang isda ang nilulublob sa “formalin”,  ang kemikal na ginagamit sa pag-embalsamo, kundi pati na rin mga gulay upang hindi malanta agad. Ang karagatan at mga ilog na tinitirhan ng mga isda ay marumi na rin. Ang mga nahiwang gulay ay nilulublob sa tawas upang hindi mangitim tulad ng hiniwang langkang nakagawiang iluto sa gata at talong na tinanggalan ng bulok na bahagi, pati binalatang gabi, kamote, at patatas. Ang mga gulay sa pataniman ay alaga din sa mga chemical na pamatay-peste habang lumalago. Yong sinasabing mga “organic” daw ay hindi rin sigurado dahil maraming mga nagtitindang mahilig magsinungaling, makabenta lang. Kung totoo man, ay nakakakuha naman ang mga ito ng lason mula sa hangin.


Ang mga karne ay may mga anti-biotic, kaya ang akala ng isang kumpanyang nagdede-lata ng produktong karne ay bobo lahat ng mamimili dahil sinasabi ng ads nila na walang sakit ang mga baboy at manok nila – siyempre, dahil alaga sa antibiotic!…talaga din namang kumita lang, lahat ay gagawin upang makapanlinlang. At, yong mga batang lumaki sa gatas at karne ng hayop, ngayon ay may ugaling hayop na rin…dahil kung hindi man bastos ay lapastangan at suwail pa!


Ang mga softdrink lalo na ang “Cokes” (tawag yan ng Bisaya sa Coke”), na pampagana sa pagkain kahit bagoong, toyo, o patis lang ulam ay nakakasira ng kidney at atay. Kung mag-ulam naman palagi ng instant noodles na pinakamura at pinakamadaling iluto, subalit ginamitan ng kemikal upand hindi magdikit-dikit, ay lalo namang sisira ng kidney. Mismong bigas na sinasaing ay may mga chemical din upang hindi kainin ng uod at kuto habang nakaimbak sa bodega, kung saan ay iniispreyhan pa sila upang hindi upakan ng mga daga at ipis.


Ang instant na kape ay dumaan din daw sa mga paraan o process na nangailangan ng mga kemikal na hindi maganda sa katawan kahit pa sabihing nakakatulong ang inuming ito sa paglusaw ng cholesterol at bara sa daluyan ng dugo patungo sa puso. Ang asukal na puti ay mayroong bleaching chemical na nagpaputi sa dating manilaw-nilaw na katas na ito ng tubo. Naka-imbento ng artipisyal na asukal upang makaiwas sa diabetes, subalit nakakasira naman din daw ng kidney.


Pati mga bitamina na ginagawa sa mga laboratoryo ay pinagdududahan na rin. Kahit maliit lang ang sumobra sa naimon ay magsasanhi na ng overdose na maaari pang maging sanhi ng sakit. Sa puntong ito, ang mga gamot na akala natin ay nakakapandugtong ng buhay ay hindi rin pala magandang basta na lang iinumin, kaya mismong anti-biotic ay hindi na rin ligtas.


Ano pa nga ba at, animo ay nag-uunahan ang mga bahagi ng katawan natin kung alin sa kanila ang unang manghihina hanggang bumigay  dahil sa mga pagkaing akala natin ay pampahaba ng buhay, yon pala ay may mga lasong unti-unting nakakamatay. Kaya siguro, madalas na payo ng doctor sa pamilya ng pasyente na may taning na ang buhay, ay pagbigyan na lang ito sa lahat ng hihilingin niyang pagkain dahil wala na rin namang mangyayari bunsod ng lasong nagkakaiba lang ang dami sa bawat pagkain.  Ang maratay dahil sa sukdulang epekto ng lason na nakukuha natin sa mga pagkain at hangin ang ultimate na sitwasyon kung saan ay talagang angkop ang kasabihang, “no choice” at “…no turning back”.  Ang kalagayan ring ito ang nagpapakita na ang tao ay nagsi-self destruct!





Ang Survival of the Fittest sa Ibabaw ng Mundo…umiiral pa rin at lalong tumitindi

Ang Survival of the Fittest sa Ibabaw ng Mundo

…umiiral pa rin at lalong tumitindi

ni Apolinario Villalobos

Hanggang sa panahon ngayon, para sa tao, umiiral pa rin ang kalakarang survival of the fittest o matira ang matibay, sa kabila ng mga tinatawag na “sistema” na gumagabay sa sibilisadong pamumuhay. Kahit tayo’y nasa panahon na ng tinatawag na sibilisasyon, nasa paligid pa rin natin ang mga banta na dulot ng iba pang mga nilikhang nasa mababang antas o lebel ng buhay – ang mga mababangis na hayop, at mga pesteng kulisap. Nagbabanta pa rin ang lakas ng kalikasan, at ang pinakamatinding banta ay mula sa kapwa-tao natin mismo.

Ang survival of the fittest ay hindi dapat na pantukoy lamang sa mga hayop na nakatira sa kagubatan at nakikipagtagisan ng bangis sa isa’t isa, upang pagkatapos, ang mananaig ay kakain sa natalo, o mga halamang gubat na nag-aagawan ng sikat ng araw, kaya ang pinakamataas na may pinakamayabong na dahon at sanga ay may malaking pag-asang mabuhay. Ang survival of the fittest ay angkop din sa tao.

Sa sibilisadong mundo ng tao, ang digmaan ay isa lamang sa mga makakapagpatunay kung anong bansa ang matibay. Upang mapatunayan ang lakas, may mga bansang gumagamit ng pinakamalakas at pinakabagong sandata. Gumagamit din sila ng mga istratehiya upang makakuha ng maraming kaalyadong bansa. Ang mga istratehiya ay ginagamit din ng malalaking bansa upang makapanlinlang o makapag-bluff, o hindi kaya ay makapanindak ng maliliit na bansa na balak nilang kontrolin.

Pagdating naman sa ekonomiya, kung anong bansa ang may maraming pera na dinadagdagan pa ng katusuhan, ay siyang may malaking tsansang makakontrol ng mga negosyo sa buong mundo. Ang katusuhan ay ginagamit sa pinapairal na mga patakaran sa pangangalakal, upang maging one-sided ang mga ito at papabor sa malalaking bansa. Dito ay mababanggit ang isyu halimbawa, ang “globalization” na ang mga patakaran ay pabor sa mga malalaking bansa, at sumisira naman sa industriya at agrikultura ng mga maliliit na bansa na nasindak at nalinlang, tulad ng Pilipinas. Subali’t kung minsan, sa bagay na ito, mismong mga opisyal ng gobyerno ay sangkot sa ganitong panlilinlang ng sarili nilang bansa dahil kahit alam na nilang hindi makabubuti ang mga pinasok na kasunduan ay may kabulagan pa rin nilang itinutuloy.

Sa relihiyon, ang tibay at lakas ay pinapakita sa pamamagitan ng sipag at tiyaga sa pangangalap ng mga miyembro. Ang ibang grupo ay bumibili ng airtime sa TV at radyo upang magkaroon ng regular na programa. Ang iba ay nagkakasya sa paglilibot at pagmumudmod ng mga babasahin, na sinasabayan ng pakikibahagi ng mga Salita ng Diyos. Ang ibang grupo na gustong makapagpa-impress agad ay naninira o nanlilibak ng mga kakumpetensiya. Subali’t ang pinakamatinding paraan ay ang ginagawa ng Islamic State group, isang ultra-tradionalist group ng mga Muslim sa Gitnang Silangan na namumugot ng mga kaaway o lumalabag sa mga patakaran nila.

Sa larangan naman ng pulitika, bihirang bansa ang may malinis o hindi korap na sistema. Ang pinakamakatotohanang halimbawa ay ang pulitika sa Pilipinas na sa ngayon ay parang gubat kung saan ay naglipana ang mga halos nauulol sa pagkagahaman na mga pulitiko –  nagpapakapalan ng hiya o apog sa mukha. Matira ang matibay na may sikmurang halang ang bituka….tibay ng hiya dahil kumapal na sa mukha….at tibay ng pagsisinungaling dahil kung magbanggit sila ng mali ay animo nagbabasa ng Katotohanan mula sa Bibliya.

Sa Pilipinas pa rin, pagkatapos ng hagupit ng mga kalamidad, makikita ang mga matitibay – mga nakaligtas, subalit patuloy pa ring hinahagupit ng mga panloloko ng mga taong itinalaga ng gobyerno upang tumulong sa kanila. Ang mga manlolokong ito ang namamahala ng mga ahensiya ng gobyerno na may kinalaman sa pagpamudmod ng mga relief goods subalit hindi maayos ang pagpapatupad ng mga tungkulin. Ang mga taong nakaligtas sa hagupit ng kalamidad ay hinahagupit rin ng mga pulitikong gumagamit sa kanila upang makapagpalapad ng papel –  makapagpakodak habang namimigay kuno ng tulong, o di kaya ay makapagpa-interview sa mga reporter upang makaipon ng puntos na kailangan nila pagdating ng eleksiyon.

Pero hindi tayo dapat mawalan ng pag-asa sa harap ng mga pangyayari, dahil kung matibay ang pananampalatayang nakatanim sa ating puso, hindi naman siguro tayo pababayaan ng nag-iisang Pinakamakapangyarihan sa lahat. Ang nakikita at nadadanasan nating mga pangyayari ay hanggang sa ibabaw lamang ng mundo…at magtatapos din sa ibabaw ng mundo dahil may hangganan. Subali’t ang tibay na ipapakita ng may masidhing pananampalataya sa Kanya ay panghabang-buhay….walang hangganan…hanggang sa kabilang buhay!

The Harmful Effects of Modern Technology

The Harmful Effects of Modern Technology
By Apolinario Villalobos

There is no question to the purpose of man in continuously discovering new conveniences to make life more and more comfortable which is a noble quest. It is a pursuit that resulted to the fabrication of bullet trains, jet-propelled aircraft that defy speed, synthetic drugs that prolong life, long lasting gene-modified vegetables, and many more.

But because of the universal principle of negative and positive, the modern technology has likewise, brought forth harmful effects. The convenient “plastic money” – ATM and credit cards have become tools of the fraudulent in sacking bank accounts of the hapless. System-generated communications of banks that contain confidential account status, complete with figures and speedily printed for distribution to their clients via mail or courier service, oftentimes land easily into the hands of hackers. The latest scheme in the unscrupulous emptying of bank accounts involves the bold “skimming” of ATM cards.

The computer and internet shops have become the scourge of families and schools, as juveniles splurge their allowance at internet cafes and skip classes to be with their buddies in such hangouts. Instead of browsing their books, they become engrossed in exciting and violent internet games. They have also developed the habit of talking back to their parents who think twice before giving them hard-earned money to be spent in internet cafes. Meanwhile, social networks have become the venue of people with deteriorating values in lambasting online, unsuspecting people who do not deserve such treatment.

The governments, private institutions and individuals are not spared by the waylaid IT geniuses with their sporadic hacking activities – just for fun or for a fee. Some hackers earn by rumbling sites, although, some do the act just to prove that they can do it. On the other hand, some countries use hacking as a tool in sending warning to their “opponents” to behave or suffer more damaging actions.

The worst effect of modern technology, however, is the invention of grossly damaging tools for warfare that could swiftly annihilate lives in minutes. For instance, a single lethal bomb may just be enough in obliterating several adjoining cities from the face of the earth, with ease. The suffering of the population can even be prolonged by using cultured viruses released into the atmosphere of a country.

There goes our free will. The extent of our life, practically, depends on us. God gave us the freedom to choose, which is tantamount to saying that He cannot be blamed for anything that happens to us on earth. We are intelligent enough to know what is good or bad for us…but do we give such thought even just a few minutes of musing?

The Struggle of Man to Survive…a personal view

The Struggle of Man to Survive
…a personal view
By Apolinario Villalobos

Man has for long, exploited the earth’s fossil residues – oil, coal, and natural gas. As estimated by experts, their years are numbered, so that there is a scramble now in finding ways to utilize the sources of renewable energy, such as water, wind, and sun. Even motion will eventually be harnessed for this purpose, as it has been used successfully in small gadgets like flashlight and wristwatch. Many years from now, the battery with different capacity for storage, forms and sizes shall take the center stage in this endeavor. As of now, there are efforts being exerted to make the battery with stored solar energy as an acceptable option, but unfortunately, with few takers.

Moving contraptions such as cars, ships, aircrafts, etc. may later be operated by batteries that shall store energy from wind and motion, as the one from the sun is being used now, though, on a small scale. Homes may utilize batteries that shall store energy from the sun and wind. The batteries for cellphones and cameras may be recharged by motion and body heat. Such batteries may form part of the gadget’s structure, hence, cannot be detached for replacement.

Nature cannot take so much abuse such as denuding of forests, unscrupulous mining, slash and burn farming, fishing with the use of poison, dynamites, and fine meshed trawls. It yields to such onslaught by way of floods, erosions, landslides, and depletion of marine life. With its loss of balance, deprivations, especially, hunger shall definitely get worst.

In this view, time will come that even leaves of trees may be made edible through a meticulous process in which, their fibers shall be softened and flavored to make them palatable. So there may come a time when future generations shall be munching biscuits made from coconut leaves or fill their sandwich with jam made from grape leaves or delight in crunchies made from twigs and tree barks, or wafers made from wood shavings and dust. Practically, the whole tree may become edible! We are leading to that, as in virtual preparation, we are partaking today of “ground” or “powdered” cinnamon bark and other “woody” spices, even powdered roots as herbal drug.

With high-tech process, even poisonous fruits may already be safe to eat, after their deadly substance has been removed. It should be noted that some of the drugs that are used today come from poisonous plants, such as the “tuba-tuba” that yields castor oil. Some poisonous tubers become safe to eat after having been soaked in the running water of river for several days. Further to this, antidotes against some poison come from the same source such as cobra. Even the potent poisonous saliva of komodo lizard is being developed as a powerful drug.

The crossbreeding of vegetables to make them resistant to long drought and flood are being done now. In this regard, new varieties of rice and corn are being developed for the aforementioned situations. Presently, genetically-modified vegetables with remarkable increase in size and slight change in appearance and taste are already in the market, although, opposed by the conservatives who fear their effect to the human genes. But how can that be, when genes of animals are already used today in therapies to prolong the life of man?

Insects as part of exotic cuisine are becoming a fad in many countries. So, now there are pizzas topped with crickets and grasshoppers, sandwiches filled with wormburger, jellies made from giant black ants, baby scorpions as appetizer, etc. Even some kind of starfish may be made into crunchy barbecues. To avert extreme hunger, all kinds of insects may eventually find their way to the dining table. Even crocodile and elephant skin as with all other animals may become crunchy snacks, just like the water buffalo and pig skin which in the Philippines is called “chicharon”.

Subdivision and condo developers may be required in the future to have recycling facilities to make their projects self-sufficient in water. They may also be required to install facilities for the harnessing of sources of renewable energy. The same requirements may also be imposed on factories, commercial buildings and supermarkets, as well as, restaurants. The keyword here is “require”, because to date, what prevails is just the option.

In many years to come, homes, entire subdivisions, and clustered villages may be covered with protective green fiberglass to minimize the deadly effect of long exposure to sun rays. New cities may be developed in this manner. High-end and exclusive subdivisions may even be totally covered to protect the occupants from the excessive polluted air. Such green cover may eventually become part of political promises for a healthy and better life during electoral campaigns. Governments may set aside budgets for this, too.

Though morbid as it may sound, some remote villages in poor countries may revive the practice of cannibalism due to extreme poverty, though, discreetly this time. As a last resort, warring neighboring states may forget their differences and instead, merge to pool their effort in fighting hunger. Water may become the most important and expensive commodity on earth, more expensive than life, as in some remote villages, parents may trade their children for jugs of water. This is actually done now, though indirectly, through adoption of children by foreigners, whereby, parents of adopted children are given monetary consolation.

Politics may be replaced by religion as a driving force and unifying factor of humanity. The struggle could be between the united Islamic States and progressive Christians which had ever been since the Biblical time. It should be noted that politics came into the picture only centuries later, with the spread of the Greek philosophies that somehow classified the different schools of thought. The classification that eventually defined the different thoughts gave man an option to deviate from the path laid down by Godly faith.

Finally, because both Islam and Christianity are God-centered, eventually, they may reach a compromise which shall mark another stage of man’s struggle for survival…the beginning of a new cycle of life on earth.

Life and its Trimmings

Life and its Trimmings
by Apolinario Villalobos

Life is a blessing from God and manifested in many forms generally called “creations”, with man as one of them – intelligent and all. Some men are happy to be alive, while some blame God for such blessing.

He is the premier creation of God with free will and intelligence. In his veins flows the blood of life where the DNA floats – story book of what he is and will be. His intelligence made him think that he can be another God. And, because of this pride and greed, he is committing a self-destruction that he deserves.

It is the result of man’s greed suffered by the weaker of his kind. The world is overflowing with it.

It is the manifestation of man’s struggle to live decently by covering his body, tame the wild creatures and utilize the earth for his subsistence, produce tools for protection and domestic use, kill others for the expansion of his domain, and defy God that he cannot see.

Foremost, it is an invisible line that separates the peoples of the world. More potent than culture in setting differences, it is also the garden from where sprouts various devotions with hideous faces. Man’s desire for power and insatiable greed created it.

It is the fruit of man’s struggle for a better life. It is a beautifully-designed scheme for man’s self-annihilation, with all its modern synthetic drugs and food, bombs and guns, and most specially, craving for endless comfort with its deadly undertone.

It is the essence of politics and government systems. It gives impetus to the ambitious people with a “noble aspiration to serve”. It also gives zest to those who are already in position and with power to “serve the people”.

It glitters with a promise of wealth for the strong with evil mind, but burdens the weak to the extent of death.

It is the breeding ground for corruption where intellectuals become expert in sowing miseries among helpless constituents.

It is the extensive umbrella that gives shade of comfort and security to the corrupt who profess to protect the welfare of the people.

It is the legal tool of the vicious and learned people in their practice of corruption and exploitation.

It provides knowledge to man based on historic principles and guidance designed by well-intent intellectuals of the old. But, abused by modern-day hypocrite agencies and abusive institutions, that pledge their never-ending exploitation of the youth.

It is the state of being deprived of the basic necessities of life, resulting from exploitation or choice.

It refers to either the spiritual or material gain of man. When used in the right way, it makes the man benevolent, but if used otherwise, it makes him evil…the world has more of the latter.

Trivia: Inventions and their Inventions

Trivia: Inventions and their Inventors
By Apolinario Villalobos

Since I was in elementary, I had been fascinated by inventions and archaeology….and, anything about nature. I recalled having a collection of small rocks, and pretended that they were precious stones. I was also fond of making things out of found objects such as sardine cans, lead seal of postal bags that I collected from the dump at the back of the municipal building, copper wires, etc. I also recalled staying out of our house till late, gazing at the stars much to the consternation of my elder sister.

As I grew older, I developed a habit of saving the information that I encountered in my readings. What I would like to share in this blog is a list of inventions and their respective inventor, including the year they did it. Currently, with the onset of high technology, new and amazing inventions continuously flood the market, but which I purposely did not include due to their voluminous number. The following are just the common items that we are familiar with, some of which are even part of our daily life:

Adding Machine -1642, by Blaise Pascal; but the commercial type was by William
Burroughs in 1885

Automobile -steam-fueled, in 1769 by Nicolas Cugnot; gasoline-fueled, in 1855 by Karl
Benz; earliest internal combustion, 1862 by Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir;
first powered hand-cart with internal combustion engine, in 1864 by
Siegfried Marcus

Ballpoint pen -1888, by John Loud

Barbed wire -1873, by Joseph Glidden

Cash Register -1879, by James Ritty

Cellophane -1900, by J. E. Brandenberger

Cement -1824, by Joseph Aspdin

Clock (mechanical) -728, by I-Hsing and Liang Ling-Tsan

Clock (pendulum) -1657, by Christian Huygens

Diesel engine -1895, by Rudolf Diesel

Electric flat iron -1882, by H. W. Seeley

Electric lamp -1879, by Thomas Alva Edison

Electric Motor -1873, by Zenobe Gramme

Electronic Computer -1942, by J.G. Brainerd, J.P. Eckert, and J.W. Mauchly

Elevator -1852, by Elisha G. Otis

Film (musical) -1923, by Dr. Lee de Forest

Film (talking) -1926, by Wagner Bros.

Fountain pen -1884, by Lewis E. Waterman

Generator -1860, Piccinoti

Loudspeaker -1924, by Rice-Kellogg

Machine Gun -1861, by Richard Gatling

Microphone -1876, by Alexander Graham Bell

Microscope -1590, by Zacharias Jannsen

Motorcycle -1884, by Edward Butler

Motor scooter -1919, by Greville Bradshaw

Nylon -1937, by Dr. Wallace G. Carothers

Parachute -1797, by Andre-Jacques Garnerin

Phonograph -1878, by Thomas Alva Edison

Photography -(on metal) 1826, by Nicephone Niepce

Photography -(on paper) 1835, by W.H. Fox Talbot

Photography -(on film) 1888, by John Carbutt; Kodak, August 1888, by George Eastman

Printing -(hand printing) 868, in India; (press type) 1455, by Johan zu Gutenberg;
(rotary type) 1846, by Richard Hoe

Radar -1922, by Dr. Albert H. Taylor and Leo C. Young

Razor (electric) -1931, by Sir Joseph Schick

Razor (safety) -1895, by King C. Gillette

Record (long playing) -1948, by Dr. Peter Goldmark

Refrigerator -1851, by James Harrison

Revolver -1835, by Samuel Colt

Safety pin -1849, by William Hunt

Sewing machine -1851, by Isaac M. Singer

Stethoscope -1837, by Dr. William Stokes

Submarine -1776, by David Bushnell

Telegraph -1837, by Sir William Cooke, C. Wheatstone, and Eustone Camden Town

Telegraph Code -1837, by Samuel F. B. Morse

Telephone -(scientific toy) 1861, by M. Philip Reis

Telephone -(practical use) 1876, by Alexander Graham Bell

Telescope -1608, by Hans Lippershey

Television -1926, by John Logie Baird

Watch -(self-winding) 1791, by Abraham-Louise Breguet

X-ray -1895, by Wilhelm von Rontgen

How I wish, somebody could compress into one capsule the complete nutritious food that one needs for the whole week…or for a start, even just for one day!…better than the kind which the space explorers take when they undertake a long voyage.