Better are…

Better are …
By Apolinario Villalobos

Better are those born of a simple family
For later, they shall not wallow in sinful luxury.

Better are those who grew up on simple gruel
For later, they shall not despise a meatless meal.

Better are those who grow clothed in simple trappings
For later, they shall not be desirous of worldly things.

Better are those whose wants are simple
For later, they shall not unnecessarily crave for more.

Better are those who earn by dints of hard work and honesty
For later, they are assured of unquestionable integrity.

Better are those who are not exposed to the frivolous city life
For later, they will not be swayed by even just a simple strife.

Better are those who pray to God with private sincerity
For theirs is a voice, pure and not tinted with hypocrisy.

Better are those who give with honest intention
For they do not expect anything in return.

Better are the couples who don’t flaunt their love for each other
For they know that they need not be ostentatious, if they are sincere.

Better are those who readily admit their faults and failure
For they know that doing so, lessons are learned for the future.

Better are those whose love for God is not defined by cults or religions
For they know that God’s infinity is boundless as shown by his creations.

Better are those whose love to others is unconditional
For they know that they can only be just as such –
Giving enough of what they have, and not so much.