The Serious Netizens…who are they?

The Serious Netizens

…who are they?

By Apolinario Villalobos

Civilization has given us the high technology, thanks to the geniuses who toiled many 24/7 days of their life in order to develop bundles of convenience and comfort. And, the cyberspace is the centerfold of such effort. Today, not only texts and designs can be printed but some approved medicines, as well. Actual operations on patients in operating rooms thousands of miles away can be made via visual instructions. Interplanetary explorations are today made with ease, unlike before when taking an accurate photo of the moon’s cratered surface was a complex thing to do.

The emergence of high-technology has also developed a new generation of humanity – the “netizens”. These are the patient people who made the quick spread of knowledge possible. When before, one has to run to the library to check on something or pore over pages of encyclopedia at home, today, all that one need to do is tap the keys of his laptop, desk computer or smart phone, anywhere, anytime.

One can “travel” to other places by just browsing through the posts of travel bloggers, or check the posts of foodie bloggers to have an idea on what those in African continent and Mediterranean islands eat most of the time, or be updated on how to improve his health by going over the pages of posts on health and medicine.

The serious netizens are those who share what they know because they want to help humanity. They are also those who are hungry for the information that are archived in the webs of the cyberspace. They do not abuse the technology by bashing others through the facebook or post blogs that can foment misunderstanding, as well as, incite trouble.

The serious netizens are the unselfish ones who cause the viral spread of information about people, animal and places in distress. They offer help in any form – counsel, money or prayers to helpless strangers whose face they saw only on posted blogs. They are the new citizens of the world whose effort in helping others knows no boundary, and whose heart’s warmth penetrates even the deepest corners of any jungle all over the world.

You, who are viewing this, belong to this new generation! Congratulations!