Pride and Mistakes

Pride and Mistakes

By Apolinario B Villalobos


Nobody is free from committing mistakes, be they petty or enormous.


Nobody shall ever learn how to improve his ways or do away with bad attitude unless there is an admission that a mistake has been committed, hence, the adage “learn from mistakes”.


While some are humble enough to admit their mistakes, the rest are overwhelmed by their pride… they just refuse to do it. The refusal is like a chain that holds them back from moving on.


The mistakes we made are among the steps we took towards our destiny. Refusing then, in admitting our mistakes would simply mean that we are stagnant. The arrogant cannot accept the fact that as a human being, he or she is not perfect.


Pride feeds on adoration of accumulated wealth, dizzying success, or plain appalling attitude. The arrogant filthy rich thinks, his money can buy anything, including power to hide mistakes. The success-intoxicated man thinks that he can do just anything better than anybody else, otherwise he could have not succeeded. And, there’s the simply conceited who sees himself as the only rightful- thinking creation of God, with the rest, wallowing in mistakes.


I think, the best thing to do, is evaluate what we have done and said at the end of each day as we live. It is important to know if we have done anything that could have displeased others, hence, displeased Him, too. That is the reason why He gave us brains….so that we can analyze.




On What People Should Be By Doing Things Expected of Them

On What People Should Be

By Doing Things Expected Of Them

By Apolinario Villalobos



One cannot be a Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant unless what he or she learns from the Bible or Koran are not given substance by acting them out, otherwise, he or she is just a hollow breathing creature who speaks, and thinks but without a heart.


All creations on Earth have a purpose…not only humans, just because they are supposed to be the image of the Creator. Lifeless objects have their own purpose, too…to give support to the live ones. Sands, rocks, stones are components of a sturdy home. The air has oxygen which is among the basic element of life. How much more for the trees, rivers, wildlife and the rest of living lesser creatures that are being misused and abused?


The intelligence of man made him invent things that eventually become tools for his self-annihilation. He invented insecticides, guns, drugs, synthetic foods and drinks, gadgets, etc….abused and misused. The factories belch out fumes that contaminate the air and their poisonous residues flow into streams, rivers and finally into the sea and further on towards the bigger bodies of oceans. Fertilizers that boost agricultural yields practically destroy the natural elements in the soil….all misuse abuse of intelligence!


Mountains and hills are bulldozed, flattened, to give way to housing projects. Canals are filled and coastal areas are “reclaimed” to give way to skyscrapers, business and commercial establishments. Oftentimes ill-planned, the projects result to floods….all misuse and abuse of nature!


The idiotic acts of man are killing him, instead of sustaining his life. He misused and abused the blessings with good purposes. His selfish discontent has made him blind to what are supposed to be emulated and acted out. The houses of worships have become useless as they seem to have become like cages of parrots! MANY listen to the Words read from the Books of Life but they do the contrary as they step out of the structures where they congregate. They kill fellowmen using religious belief as an excuse. They exploit the vulnerability of the poor to enrich themselves.



An Encounter with a Quote Enthusiast

An Encounter with a Quote Enthusiast

By Apolinario Villalobos


I really do not know what to call the guy I met through another friend. He loves to quote other people and I admire his memory for he can even quote historical personages, with their sayings that I must admit are strange to me. We exchanged notes on blog subjects as he is also a blogger in his own right, though constrained by his busy schedule in their company as Operations Director. Practically, our styles do not have even a single similarity. While his blogs are full of “according to”, “as…..says”, or quotation marks, mine are simply stated and based on my own experience. However, we found out that two of our blogs tackled similar subjects.


We are both fond of history and biography. While I take note and absorb the essence of what I have read and tend to forget about the books later because of my short memory, he patiently takes note of statements of personages. While I am my own self in the course of our banter, his obsession shows no end about the personalities as he interjected quoted statements in our conversation which impressed me a lot. His memory is admirable.


He proudly told me about the “Tadhana…the story of the Filipino People”, supposedly written by Ferdinand Marcos. He also told me about the ancient books written by Greek philosophers, reprinted copies of which he found in a famous library in the United States. He even mentioned about Kahlil Gibran, and many more. I was humbled because although, I have read many books, I honestly could not recall their titles and authors, not even the history books that I was required to read as a high school and college student. I practically forgot about them. But, although, I hate Marcos, I have collected 7 books about him, especially, on his exploits as dictator, aside from those about his wife, Imelda. As regards Kahlil, I have two of his books.


I was dazed by the quotations that he impressed on me. All I could contribute was the “Golden Rule”, the author of which I do not even know. In the course of one of our conversations during a party hosted by a common friend, while I meekly told him about my AB course, earned from a then, struggling parochial school “sa isang liblib na bayan (noon, ngayon lunsod na) sa malayong lalawigan ng Cotabato sa Mindanado, at halos nasa paanan na ng Mt. Dagoma”, he bragged about his Master’s Degree earned from a university in the United States.


He slipped when he confirmed the fact that some students really copy/paste paragraphs from research materials in the internet. He admitted that he committed the same when he was finishing his Political Science course in a state university in Manila. His revelation was followed by a hearty guffaw to show that he enjoyed his act of plagiarizing materials from the books which made me shudder. In response to what he told me, I told him that I blogged about plagiarism a year ago, under the title “Plagiarism” a subject which also included plagiarized photographs and paintings. My revelation made him quiet suddenly and left me alone with my mug of coffee.


My encounter with the guy, made me ask questions such as, why some people have to quote others, even on simple subjects such as love, kindness loyalty, life, corruption, etc. when all they need to do is bring out their own experience or look around them for the needed input that can be shared. Why must they go to the extent, for instance, of quoting Mother Theresa or the new pope about compassion, love and charity when they can write about it based on the relationships that prevail among the members of their family or community? I cannot understand why they have to quote famous names when they write about corruption when all they need to do is open their eyes to what are happening around them. And, I cannot understand, too, why they must quote philanthropists when they write about poverty and other deprivations in life, when all they need to do is throw a glance at families living on sidewalks, and whose sustenance come from garbage dumps which is what poverty is all about-plain and simple.


On the other hand, if these “quoters” cannot help it, they should also try to absorb what they quote and put them into practice. I presume that the reason why the quotes caught their attention is that they are relevant, hence, worth remembering. But if they persist on just mumbling them to impress others, they become hollow “amplifier” of others or they are just acting like parrots. They cease to act as intelligent creatures who are supposed to use to the fullest what God gave them, by bringing out what are in their own mind, or better, act them out.


Finally, I am not saying that quoting others is wrong. What I am trying to imply is that, it should be done only when necessary, especially, when one is trying his best to emphasize his point, as quotes, especially, of reputable historical personages can help in the confirmation of ideas being presented.

Mga Napansin Kong Ugali ng Ilang Kababayang Nakatira sa Ibang Bansa

Mga Napansin Kong Ugali ng Ilang Kababayang Nakatira sa Ibang Bansa

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Unang-una, bilib ako sa perception ng mga Pilipinong gumawa agad ng desisyon na lisanin ang Pilipinas at manirahan sa ibang bansa dahil napansin nilang hindi maganda ang pamamalakad sa gobyerno. Totoo naman, dahil sa pag-usad ng panahon ay lalong dumadami ang problema lalo na sa korapsyon. Sa kabila ng kanilang kinalalagyan ngayon, ang ilan sa kanila ay nakakapagpadala pa ng mga impormasyon tungkol sa ginagawa ng mga kababayang NASA AMERIKA AT IBANG BANSA na pilit na nagdidiskaril sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas.


Ang hindi maganda ay ang ginagawa ng ilan na naghahambing ng kinalalagyan nila ngayon sa kalagayan ng mga nasa Pilipinas. Mababasa ang takbo ng kanilang isip sa mga comments nila tulad ng, “ano ba kayo diyan….!”, “mabuti pa kami dito….”, “ano ba yang presidente NINYO….”etc.  Ang mga sinasabi nila ay parang asin na ibinudbod sa sugat na nagpapahirap na sa mga Pilipino dito sa Pilipinas.


Kung magbalikbayan naman ang ilan, unang napapansin agad ay ang trapik na para bang ikinabigla nila, ganoong maski saang lupalop ng mundo ay nakabalandra sa screen ng TV ang mala-impiyernong kalagayan ng trapik sa Manila, Cebu, Davao at unti-unti na ring nangyayari sa iba pang panig ng bansa. Para bang gusto nilang ipaalam na sila ay balikbayan, bagong dating, galing abroad, etc….sosyal nga naman! Kapag nilapitan ng namamalimos, kunwari ay mabibigla at magsasabi ng , “ano ba yan….bakit ayaw asikasuhin ng DSW?!”….NAKU NAMAN, PARA BANG HINDI NILA ALAM ANG KORAPSYON SA PILIPINAS!


Noong sila ay hindi pa nakarating sa ibang bansa kaya lumalanghap DIN ng maruming hangin ng Maynila at iba pang mauunlad kuno na mga lunsod ng Pilipinas, alam na ng mga stateside Pinoy na ito kung anong uri ng bansa meron tayo. Ang nadagdag lang sa landscape ay mga nagtatayugang commercial at condo buildings at pagdami ng mga Intsik na namumuhunan saan mang panig ng bansa…at, pagdagsa ng mga kababayang Badjao sa ilang lunsod. Dahil diyan, huwag na lang sana sila magtaka pa dahil nababalitaan naman sila ng mga kaanak na nasa Pilipinas.


Sa isang banda, bilib ako sa mga Pinoy sa abroad na ang layunin ay kumita lang upang makatulong sa mga mahal sa buhay na naiwan sa Pilipinas. Ang payo ko naman na unsolicited o hindi hiningi, yong mga nakalutang sa ere (air) ng bansang tinitirhan nila, huwag nang magdagdag ng pasakit sa mga naiwan sa Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng mga binibitiwang unsolicited o hindi hininging arrogant comments, sa halip ay mag-imbita na lang sila ng mga kababayan to join them…join the fun in their new heavenly “home”!

Ang Ayaw Tumulong Huwag na lang Manlibak ng mga Kapus-palad

Ang Ayaw Tumulong

Huwag Na Lang Manlibak ng mga Kapus-palad

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Napilitan akong sumulat uli tungkol sa subject na ito dahil sa narinig kong pag-uusap ng dalawang babae sa dyip. Galing ako noon sa mga nasunugan kong kaibigan sa Tondong nakatira pansamantala sa isang basketball court ng barangay na hindi kalayuan sa pinangyarihan ng sunog. Habang tumatakbo ang dyip galing sa port area papuntang Divisoria, sinabi ng isang babae sa katabi niya na, “mabuti ngang nasunog ang mga bahay sa Parola dahil pinamumugaran lang ng mga drug addict, mga puta at mga bata madudungis”.


Gusto ko mang sumabad, hindi ko na ginawa dahil mukhang mataray ang babaeng nagsalita at siguradong magtatalo lang kami. Mahirap na dahil baka makarating kami sa barangay, mabisto pa kung sino talaga ako dahil kukunin ang pangalan ko. Hindi kasi ako nagpapakilala sa mga taong tinutulungan ko sa Tondo.


Ang pinakamasamang ugali ng tao ay ang paglibak sa kapwa nilang kapus-palad o naghihikahos, na ayaw naman nilang tulungan. Palibhasa daw ay hindi mapapagkatiwalaan, madudungis kaya nakakasira ng tanawin, mga magnanakaw, mga puta, mga adik, mga tamad, mga putik ng lipunan.


Ang dapat gawin ng mga ayaw tumulong sa mga nangangailangan ay tumahimik na lang at magpakasaya sa yaman nila na pinaghirapan nilang kitain. Pero tulad ng sabi ko, dapat ay huwag manlibak ng mga taong kapos na inaakala nilang nakikibahagi sa kanilang yaman.

Walang may gustong maging mahirap. May sinusuwerte kahit hindi masyadong nagsikap at mayroon ding hindi sinuwerte kahit ang ginamit sa pagsisikap ay mismong karangalan at buhay, kaya nagpuputa at nagnanakaw. Ang mga nagpuputa ay nagkakasakit ng AIDS at ang magnanakaw ay napapatay.


Ang nawalan ng ganang magsikap ay siguradong may dahilan kaya huwag silang husgahan agad, tulad ng isang nakausap ko na ilang beses nang nagtrabaho subalit palagi ring biktima ng pagmamaltrato. May mga biktima ring ginawang “tuntungan” ng mga taong gusto lang yumaman…ibig sabihin, ginamit lang sila.


May mga taong sinuwerte sa buhay pero sa halip na lumingon sa kanilang pinanggalingan ay nanlibak pa ng mga kaanak at kaibigan na hindi sinuwerte kaya naghihirap. Kung mapansin naman nilang nagsisikap ay sasabihin pang “trying hard” at pati ang mga simpleng pagsasaya na nakikita sa mga larawang naipo-post sa facebook ay nililibak din sa pagtanong ng, “ganyan ba ang naghihirap?…naka make-up pa at magagandang damit ang suot?” Para sa akin, hindi dahilan ang kahirapan upang magpabaya sa pag-ayos ng sarili dahil marami ngayong magagandang damit sa ukayan at mura lang.


Dapat alalahanin ng mga may kaya sa buhay na nanlilibak, na ang yaman ay hindi nila madadala kung sila ay patay na. Ang mayayamang nanlilibak ay kumakain ng masasarap, hindi tulad ng mahihirap lalo na ang mga sobrang kapos na ang mga kinakain ay galing sa basurahan. Subalit, magkaiba man ang kanilang pagkain, pagdating sa bituka ng kanilang kinain ay parehong nagiging dumi o tae na mabaho! At, tulad ng mga kinakapos sa buhay, kung mamatay ang mayayamang nanlilibak, kakainin din ng uod ang nabubulok nilang bangkay…. pwera na lang kung na-cremate sila!



Hazing….an eye-opener


…an eye-opener with the onset of school year

By Apolinario Villalobos


Now and then, front pages of newspapers scream expositions on deaths that result from hazing. Investigations are conducted. Parents and concerned organizations hold rallies to put an end to the fatal ritual…and most often, they bark at the wrong tree.


There is already a law against it. Some schools ban fraternities. The police is doing its part. Meanwhile, concerned parents and organizations forgot to call the attention of other parents, especially, the students, themselves. The fact is that, most students who join fraternities to have a feeling of security and belongingness, are already of age, and know what they are doing, yet they do it.  They read news about death resulting from hazing, yet, they take the risk by still joining.


With all those mentioned circumstances, why should parents blame the school?…and the police who cannot solve the crime immediately? Some parents blame the world, but themselves and their sons and daughters who upon entering the portal of colleges and universities become ambitious and arrogant. These sons and daughters thought that they can have a share of prominence in the campus by joining fraternities, and have their fingers or knuckles bear the mark of affiliation.


Some parents of hazing victims, on the other hand, insist that they did their part by warning their sons about joining such kind of organization. Really?… It has been found out that parents of some students who died from hazing belong to the fraternity that the departed tried to be part of! Some parents are even known to remind their sons and daughters to see to it that the fraternity that they will join, also has government officials as members, so that the latter can be approached for help in times of need. The price of selfishness is too expensive, indeed!


Some schools are doing the right thing by letting their students sign a release waiver, so that they will not be blamed if the latter would insist on joining a fraternity. The police is not in the position to pass on the blame, in view of the existing law, because it is their duty to solve a crime. Besides, passing on the blame will not solve the problems on hazing that is pestering the campuses. Many cases of hazing that result to the death of neophytes are left unsolved, hence, relegated to the sidelines, with their folders turning yellow and accumulating dust in filing cabinets of courts.


Doubts are floating if hazing can be possibly put to a stop, as officers of the fraternities involved are entrenched in the different nooks and corners of the government, with some even staff of schools, and who just remain silent every time a new case hits the pages of newspapers and aired over TVs and radios. Helplessness and futility of the effort is very evident.


The hazing victims have been given the opportunity to enjoy a much coveted, but expensive education, but they wasted it because of their arrogant social climbing attitude and desire to be part of the elite crowd in the campus. And, most unfortunately, many students who were known to be shy, have learned to smoke and imbibe alcoholic drinks after joining fraternities.


Before viewers who are members of fraternities will misjudge me, I would like to make it clear that I am not referring to all students as being arrogant with social climbing attitudes that push them to join fraternities. Most, especially, I am not contending that all parents are selfish enough as to encourage their children to join fraternities known for their members who are government officials. I know that there are still many students who are sane enough to make use of the hard-earned money of their benefactors – parents, elder brothers or sisters, by focusing their mind to their studies.


A student need not join a fraternity to shine in the school campus. The school is intended for learning and not for negative socializing.

Manalig nang Walang Pag-alinlangan at Huwag Pairalin ang Kayabangan

Manalig nang Walang Pag-alinlangan

At Huwag Pairalin ang Kayabangan

Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Hindi madali ang basta na lang maniwala sa mga bagay na hindi nakikita. Lalong hindi madaling gawin ito  ng isang tao na ang palagay sa sarili ay “napakatalino” na dahil sa maraming kaalamang nakuha sa mga sa mga libro at mga ibinahagi sa kanya ng mga guro. Subali’t paano na kung may mga katanungang hindi kayang sagutin maski ng agham o siyensiya? Basta na lamang ba itong ipagkibit-balikat at isasantabi?


Hangga’t may bahid ng pag-alinlangan, halimbawa,  ang pananalig ng isang tao sa Pinakamakapangyarihan sa lahat, hindi mamamayani ang takot sa kanyang puso sa paggawa ng masama dahil sa kanyang kaisipan, walang nagbabantay sa kanya, walang manunumbat, at siya lamang ang tanging nakakaalam kung ano ang tama o mali. Mas gugustuhin pa niyang mamayani ang kanyang pananalig sa mga batas ng pamahalaan.


Hindi maikakaila ang tibay ng mga bagay na tinatakan ng mga simbolo at kasulatan na may kinalaman sa Manlilikha. Sa kabila ng kung ilang libong taon na ang lumipas, may mga bahagi pa ring natira upang patunayan na ang mga nakasaad sa Bibliya ay totoo. Dahil sa tuluy-tuloy na pananaliksik, tuloy din ang pagtambad sa mata ng tao ang mga katunayan na noong unang panahon pa man ay nandiyan na Siya at pilit nagpapahiwatig ng di-masukat Niyang kapangyarihan. Maraming mga nadiskubre ang hindi maipaliwanag hanggang ngayon na sa halip na pagtuunan ng pansin, ay mas pinili ng taong laktawan at pagtuunan ng pansin ang paghalughog sa napakalawak na kalangitan gamit ang sarili niyang kaalaman. Nag-aalinlangan ang taong umamin na may Isang napakamakapangyarihan sa lahat na siyang dahilan ng mga hindi maipaliwanag na mga bagay sa sanlibutan at sa kalawakan.


Gusto ng taong mas kilalanin ang kanyang kakayahan at kaalaman kaya kung anu-ano na lang ang kanyang ginagawa tulad ng pagbuhay ng isang patay sa pamamagitan ng pagpapatibok ng puso nito gamit ang isang makina, pagpupunla ng isang buhay gamit ang isang bahagi ng tao na matagal nang namayapa, pagbabago ng mga likas na katangian ng mga tanim at hayop, paggawa ng mga sasakyang nakakarating sa ibang planeta, at iba upang maihalintulad siya sa Diyos.


Subali’t sa kabila ng mga kaalaman ng tao para ipakita na siya man ay maaaring umaktong Diyos, bakit hindi pa rin niya mapigilan ang mga dilubyo na dulot ng  mga mapaminsalang baha, bagyo at lindol? Bakit hindi  niya mapigilan ang pag-alburuto ng mga bulkan sa pagpakawala ng kanilang kinukuyom na lakas na pinaghalong abo, mga bato at apoy? Bakit hindi niya  maawat ang pagtigang ng lupa sa ibang kontinente upang magresulta sa malawakang gutom dahil sa pagkalanta ng mga pananim? Bakit hindi niya mapigilan ang pagsibol ng mga bagong sakit na nagdudulot ng pinsala sa iba’t ibang dako ng mundo?


Saan hahantong ang kayabangan ng tao? Bakit hindi na lang niya pairalin ang pananalig na walang pag-alinlangan nang sa gayon, kahi’t papaano ay matanggap niya na ang mga nangyayari sa kanyang kapaligiran ay hindi saklaw ng kaalaman niyang may hangganan?


Dahil nananaig ang kayabangan kaysa pananalig, ang tao ay hindi magkakaroon ng takot sa puso , kaya siya ay makakagawa ng masama sa kapwa. At lalong hangga’t  nasa kaisipan niya ang magdiyus-diyosan, ang mundo ay hindi magkakaroon ng katahimikan …dahil hindi lang iisang tao ang may ganitong paniniwala…marami – silang  gustong umangat sa pamamagitan ng pagtapak sa karapatan ng iba…silang mga lango sa kapangyarihang dulot ng pera, kaalaman, at katungkulan!