MULA DITO…SAAN AKO TUTUNGO? by Apolinario Villalobos


Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Nasaan ang landas na tatahakin

Patungo sa  buhay na walang paninimdim?

Nasaan ang liwanag na sa akin ay tutugaygay

Sa pagpipilit kong marating ang buhay na matiwasay?

Nababalot ng kulimlim ang mundo

Nagbabadya ng mga darating pang siphayo

Ang pinangarap na kinabukasan ay basta nalusaw

Ng kapiranggot subalit mapaminsala’t pesteng kagaw!

Bawa’t isa ay tila nawalan ng katinuan

Naguluhan sa  mga nangyaring hindi inasahan

Bawa’t isa ay hindi alam ang gagawin….mga nalito

Nagtanong sa isa’t isa…MULA DITO, SAAN AKO TUTUNGO?!

(October 16, 2020)

I LOVE YOU TACURONG! (poem in English, Tagalog, Hiligaynon and Cebuano)


Ni Apolinario Villalobos


Maskin ano pa ang ihambal nila

Indi gid nila ako mapasala kon sin-o ako

Kay diri sa Tacurong ako ginbata

Nga ginapadayaw ko gid sa iban nga tawo.


Nawala man ako ng ilang dekada

Lumingon pa rin ako sa mga nakaraan –

Mga araw na tigib ng saya’t ligaya

Talagang ‘di makakalimutan kaylan man.


I will not be what I am today

As I trace my roots to beloved Tacurong

For which more progress I pray

And praises that I could shout in a song!


Daghan pud ko ug gipangandoy

Bisan ug sa kalsada sige pud ko ug dulâ

Nangandoy ug maayong kinabuhi

Maningkamot, di gyud mangayo’g kalu-oy!


Ang pagsisikap ko ay nagbunga

Kaya sa maliit na paraan ay ibinabalik ko

Mga biyaya na aking natamasa

Pagtanaw ng utang loob na noo’y ipinangako!


Here I am, my beloved Tacurong

Indi ta gid tana pag-ikahuya maskin san-o

Dahil kung hindi sa iyong pagkanlong

Basi’g wâ gyu’y nahitabo sa akong pagkatawo!




Why the People are the Best Asset of a Community

Why the People Are the Best Asset of a Community

By Apolinario Villalobos


Communities with natural endowments such as waterfalls, mountains, caves, beaches, etc. are fortunate. But life therein may not be pleasant if the people are not cordial to each other, especially, to visitors.


A community may not have natural endowments as it may be located in a flat land, without even a small parcel of forest. But if its people have a strong spirit of cooperation and brotherhood, they can unite and improve their place. They can build parks and inland resorts, plant clusters of trees to simulate a forest, dig artificial ponds and lakes that migratory birds can visit, or be filled with tamed animals that used to spend their life in the wild.


If the people are cooperative, they will never ever attempt to block any plan that could lead their community towards progress. They will be appreciative of ideas about inviting investors to build schools, business establishments, etc. They will delight in long-ranged plans such as building of an effective series of open canals or underground drainage system and laying of pipes for the water that would flow to homes and business establishments that they foresee to mushroom. They will also encourage their leaders to widen the roads that will never be viewed as unnecessary expenses, but for the bright future of their children.


Thinking and unselfish people just do not live for the day, but always ponder about the days to come….the future. They always think and act for the sake of their friends and families….not for themselves alone. They are aware that their acts should be in synchrony with each other as a single misstep could affect their community as a whole and may even result to a disaster with a  with long-ranged effect.


Once busy mining communities have become “ghost towns” when settlers left after the mines no longer yield what they are digging for. On the other hand, settlers can tame wild ranges and from grassy plains or swamps mold progressive communities. That is how cities have evolved from towns that used to be remote villages.


To sum up all of the above…people improves life that God gave.

Biblical Names and their meaning

More Biblical Names and their Meaning
By Apolinario Villalobos

Samuel – God hears
Eleazar – God has helped
Elijah – Jehovah is God
Micah – short for Micalah or Michel (who is like God?)
Zechariah – Jehovah remembers
Salome – female for Solomon
Solomon – peaceable
Deborah – bee
Ester – star
Reuel – God is friend
Jethro – excellence
Belah – destruction
Levi – joined
Asher – happy
Emmanuel – God with us
Babel – gate of God (tower of Babel/Babylon)
Anna – grace
Judith – Judean, Jew
Perez/Peres – to split
Simon – hearing
Zadok – righteous
Saul/Paul – asked of God
Judas – praised
Lebanon – white
Hazel – almond tree
Peor – opening
Euphrates – to break forth
Cyprus – copper
Elizabeth – God is my oath
Jonathan – Jehovah has given
Negeb – dry

Be Strong…Think Positive

Be Strong…Think Positive


by Apolinario Villalobos



If we fall, we need to rise.

If we fail, we need to try again to succeed.

If we feel like quitting, we need to persist.

If we are rejected, we need not feel devastated.

We have to move on …

Regardless of impediments.

We cannot just falter

if we want to survive –

During this chaotic time

We must fight to be alive.

We must not let failure

Chill us down with gloom

But always, we must be bold

In treading life’s winding road.