Ms. Judith P. Bernardo: Lending Respectability and Sophistication to Housekeeping and Caregiving as Decent Jobs

Ms. Judith P. Bernardo: Lending Respectability

and Sophistication to Housekeeping and Caregiving as Decent Jobs

by Apolinario Villalobos


When Ms. Judith P. Bernardo shared with me how she managed her life while in the United States, she proudly mentioned how she tried her best to be respectable as a Filipino while doing housekeeping, garden maintenance, and caregiving jobs. She used to her advantage, the American culture which is founded on fairness for all who are willing to flex their muscles in order to earn a living while in the shadow of Uncle Sam. Another advantage of Ms. Bernardo up her sleeve is her social adequacy which enabled her to meld with the locals, be they Americans or immigrants from various nations who have been able to have a secure foothold and who belonged to the higher rung of the American society.


Without any qualm, she grabbed every opportunity to earn that came her way which enabled her to establish connections with clients, soonest as she was able to adjust herself to the environment. Her courage and determination were fueled by her former social status in the Philippines and her former job as a young member of the American diplomatic corps based in Southeast Asia, and which bolstered her self-confidence.


After a few years of doing the various jobs single-handedly, she was able to form a group of trusted house cleaners and gardeners, with her as the coordinator. Requests from clients were channeled through her, an arrangement which helped many immigrants. A little later still, she ventured into catering which was very much appreciated by her clients. Later, some of them requested that she also attend to their elders whom they prefer to be taken cared at home, rather than being sent to the home for the aged.


Social graces have always been part of Ms. Bernardo’ life while growing up and moving around her circles of cliques. This plus factor made her a sought after housekeeper and caregiver, as she was also trusted by her clients with the finances allotted for the homes that she maintained and elders under her care. She was also appreciated for her culinary expertise, always ready with suggestions about what food could go well with red or white wine and any liquor.


According to Ms. Bermardo, Filipinos who work as caregiver and housekeeper abroad need not be ashamed of their job. All that they need is try their best to project a respectable image. She added that teachers and other professionals who happen to land on such jobs should not be despised or belittled as they are in fact, well- equipped. She is right, for how can an ignoramus who has no knowledge on the proper housekeeping that deals with handling of fragile household furnishings, be trusted by a client? Or, how can one who can barely speak English be hired by a family that speaks such language only?


With her exposure to housekeeping as a job and social graces that have been part of her life, I asked if she is willing to be contacted as resource speaker for trainings and seminars that may require such, to which she replied in the affirmative, adding that she can also be consulted on banquet preparations.


The Various “Relationships”, Duterte, and the Philippines


By Apolinario Villalobos


There are various kinds of relationship. One of these is based on simple friendship devoid of malice. Another is that which, though, started with the simple friendship, has developed into one with carnal desire for each other. There is also a relationship that started with flings for sexual release by those who are innately maniacal in their desire, but which could unfortunately affect others, just like what a woman, supposedly of respectable repute did, and whose nymphomanic desire resulted to scandalous and uncontrolled spread of illegal drugs.


As regards the relationship among nations, given foremost consideration is their kind of ideology that could be founded on the liberal Democracy or oppressive Communism. Another consideration is the people’s Faith, which could either be rooted in Christianity or Islam.


The Philippines has a varicolored and rich culture for having been tainted with those of other nations in the past that made the blood of other races flow through the veins of the Filipinos. In view, however, of the considerably long domination of Spain and America over the Philippines, their respective influence has left a deep impression on the image of the country, as viewed by the rest of the world. In this regard, a book on the spoken international language of different nations, listed the Philippines in the 1950’s as Spanish-speaking nation. When the Americans took over as colonizers, the Iberian language was supplanted with English which even attempted to dominate Tagalog, as it was forced on students while inside the school campus.


In view of the considerable length of domination by Spain, Catholicism was predominantly observed in the Philippines. When the Americans took over, many were converted into the different Protestant sects. As regards the government, the Philippines’s Constitution has been almost totally copied from that of America, except the form of governance. With that, America practically developed in the Philippines a seemingly total dependence toward her. This is how the nauseating referral to the Filipinos as “helpless little brown brothers” of the white Americans developed, with the latter viewing the former as helpless people who needed to be prevailed upon, reprimanded at all times, and if need be, disciplined with the rod…practically, held by the hand for proper guidance.


Further to the aforementioned long oppression of the Philippines, what has been culled in the mind of the Filipinos is the consciousness that no other religion is better than Catholicism, and no other government is better than what is copied from America. Ironically, the Philippines is lagging behind some of her Southeast Asian neighbors, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam , especially, on rice production despite the fact that their rice scientists and technologists developed their knowledge at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) which is in the Philippines! These nations admirably and successfully made leaps and bounds despite their having remained untainted by their colonizers, Great Britain and France. It should be noted, too, that these nations are not Christian, and one has even become a Communist!


Hecklers of Duterte call him “idiot”, blabber-mouthed, tactless, and many more, just because he wants to free the Philippines from the image of being shackled by America. His avowed advocacy to give the Philippines a new image in the eyes of the world, one that shows her standing on her two feet and free from the influence of any other nation has made Duterte the subject of contempt from all sides. But the big question now is: who among the past presidents has ever showed pro-Filipino or sincere nationalism that he is manifesting? Filipinos thought that Marcos was the right guy with his “New Society”, but he, unfortunately, got derailed when he became a dictator.


The vision of Duterte’s detractors seemed to be just limited to the American-owned Call Centers or BPO’s as they express their apprehension of virtual “famine” in the country if these would eventually pack up because of his anti-American pronouncements. On the contrary, how can these American investors leave the country where they are reaping financial returns beyond their expectation? Their relationship with the Filipinos who work for them, and who show sincerity in their job can be viewed as one which is symbiotic or an unwritten “give and take” system. What the detractors failed to notice still, is that, although, many American firms have already left the country in quest for cheaper labor in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, their exodus did not affect the economy of the Philippines, or to the very least…felt, as the Filipinos are known for their pliant flexibility and endurance.


The Philippines, America and her CIA


(Blog/installment #1)

By Apolinario Villalobos


I found an interesting dual-titled book, “The Marcoses and the Making of American Policy/ Waltzing with A Dictator” by Raymond Bonner, in of all places – a junk shop! As I am no Marcos fan, I set it aside for a long time and came across it again when I was cleaning my files just recently. I even thought of selling it at a tempting price to a Marcos book collector. At first, I only literally browsed through it, but before reaching the mid-section of the 533-paged book, my attention caught the passages on the life of the couple, Ferdinand and Imelda, Manifest Destiny, American Senate, Philippine election, Vietnam, CIA, etc. I finally, decided to seriously go through the pages and I was taken aback by so many “discoveries” about how the Philippine government has been fiddled with by America, making me think that it could still be happening today, to put Duterte down.


Here are some interesting quoted passages:


Chapter 2/ page 28: “America acquired the Philippines (along with Guam, Puerto Rico and Cuba) as part of the spoils of its war against Spain, a war fought in pursuit of the country’s “Manifest Destiny”. (There was deceit during the so-called “American-Spanish War”. The Filipinos, at the last minute, were not allowed to participate to prevent the ensuing of an “honest-to-goodness” fight against the Spaniards by Aguinaldo and his soldiers who came home from Hongkong for this purpose. As planned by the Americans and Spaniards holed up inside Intramuros, and as part of “negotiation”, there should only be a short exchange of shots, before the white flag shall be held up high by one of the Spaniards on the Intramuros bastion facing Manila Bay, thereby, preventing the unnecessary loss of lives on both the side of the Americans and Spaniards. The “drama” also saved the face of the Spaniards from the shame of cowardice or outright surrender without putting up a fight.)


“Filipinos generally were most appreciative of Dewey and the Americans for having tossed out the Spanish…. But that didn’t mean they were anxious for another colonial master. Under the leadership of Emilio Aguinaldo, they took up against the Americans. Aguinaldo is dismissed in American history as a “rebel”; his guerilla was, which is most certainly was, as an “insurrection”….(When the July 4 marked as Independence Day to correlate with America’s was changed to June 12 which was the date when Aguinaldo declared the Philippine Independence at Kawit (Cavite), America’s ill-feeling toward the Philippines took root.)


Page 29:     “It was a dirty war, marked by racism and atrocities. The Filipinos were considered “savages”, barbarians, a wild and ignorant people”. Entire towns were burned to the ground; in one village every male over ten years old was ordered shot.” (This passage shows how atrocious America can be in realizing her “dream” of “civilizing” a people who, to her are savages and barbarians! It was during this time that water torture was introduced by the Americans to the Filipinos as a form of painful punishment…right in front of their families!)


“The war was fought for businessmen who wanted new profits; generals who wanted bases; and other Americans who just wanted to do good – the “white man’s burden”, as Rudyard Kipling wrote in 1899.” (This passage is an exposition on the greed that underlines the supposedly noble intentions of America in gripping the throat of the Filipinos, despite which she wants the Filipinos to show gratitude to her deceptive intent.)


The country’s Constitution, which had to be approved by President Franklin D. Roosevelt was virtually a rewrite of the American Constitution.” (Despite the two revisions, the Philippine Constitution is still tinged with a heavy color of American influence, that is why there is a need to totally change it, and this time, Congress is working on it, hopefully for its transformation into a federal system which suits in all aspect the various cultures of the Filipinos and the character or lay out of the archipelago.)


Page 30:  “ ….While the Philippine President was the commander in chief….whenever he deemed necessary in order to prevent violence, invasion, insurrection, or rebellion or when the public safety required, he could legally place the Philippines or any part thereof under martial law. It was this provision that Marcos was to invoke in 1972….” (That is how Marcos found out he can be a dictator at all cost.)


“….writes Robert Pringle, a career Foreign Service officer with a doctorate in Southeast Asian history who served in the Philippines in the early 1970s. In a scholarly book Pringle says: ‘Myth number one is that we created democracy in the Philippines; that our colonialism was more enlightened than European colonialism, both in its motivations and its consequences. In fact, American rule bolstered a preexisting landed elite, encouraging it to express itself through representative forms…”(So, now we have political dynasties that virtually eats up the supposedly democratic system of the government!)


Page 32: “….Filipinos were incensed by the Philippine Trade Act which passed by the US Congress in 1946 and set the terms of the economic relationship between the two countries. ….its provisions were far more favorable to AmericansThe provision that most rankled was the one which gave Americans the same rights as Filipinos to exploit the island’s agricultural and mineral resources and to own and operate public utilities. The “parity” clause violated the Philippine Constitution which mandated that Filipinos must own 60% of any business engaged in the development of the country’s natural resources. Under pressure from the United States, the Philippine Legislature approved a constitutional amendment – after expelling on specious grounds leftist members who opposed it”. (The passage refers to the expulsion of the group of Luis Taruc who was elected by the people to Congress. Luis Taruc was identified with the HUK, shortened from HUKBALAHAP (Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon) that originally fought the Japanese invaders but later reduced to insurgent group due to their disappointment at the dereliction of the Philippine government in granting the promises made after their surrender. And, it is very unfortunate that until today, many Filipinos think that America is very GENEROUS toward the Philippines! )


There are many more passages pointing to how America exploited the Philippines. More will be shared on how the CIA came into the picture….and how their “tactics” exploited even the deep religiosity of the Filipinos.


The meddling of the Americans in the affairs of the Philippines even went as far as the expulsion of Marcos and the installation of Cory Aquino. Today, tongues are wagging if America is also doing something through the CIA, to deface Duterte, as the agency is said to be expert in coming up with manipulative documentaries. CIA agents are known to infiltrate organizations. Such assumptions are in the face of the obvious orchestrated “tactics” in connivance with Filipino personalities who, perhaps, are trembling at the president’s vocally- expressed threat of their eventual persecution…add to their number the drug lords who are already hurting from the jabs of the president. To make the covert obvious, from all angles, manipulations are emanating from America, simultaneously with those coming right within the Philippines.


Note: Underlines provided to some statements are mine, as well as, the commentaries that are enclosed in parenthesis.)



The Problem with these Global “Giants” and Brown-skinned “Americans”



By Apolinario Villalobos


The problem with these global “giants” is that they have a narcissistic impression that only they are right…only they can tell other nations what to do…hence, nations that belong to the third world should believe and not just bow, but even kowtow to them.


First is the United Nations with its unsavory remark about the anti-illegal drug operations of president Duterte. West-based media, the likes of CNN and Reuter, took their turn in lambasting the Philippine president, followed by the United States’ president who called Duterte, a “colorful guy”. Lately, the European Union joined the bandwagon of hecklers. They believe the insignificant cluster of hypocrite Fil-Ams in America who are reportedly working for the ouster of Duterte. These hypocrites are brown-skinned Filipinos born in the Philippines, migrated to America, kissed the ass of their Uncle Sam, and earned a “citizenship”, as well as, their offspring, still brown-skinned but already born in that country. They go to the Philippines which for them has become just an exotic touristic destination, for a short vacation, speak in wersh-wersh English. That short span of time for them, makes them think that they know the archipelago by heart, so they can “authoritatively” say that Duterte who hails from the far southern island of Mindanao is not fit to be president because he cusses and “kills people”!


The United Nations through its committee that handles disputed territories among nations has shown its weakness by admitting that other than declaring its pro-Philippines verdict on the issue of the West Philippine Sea, it cannot do anything because it has no “police power” to enforce the decision. It is no surprise then that China until now does not have even a bit of trust in such committee. The unrest in the African continent that compounded the unchecked and creeping hunger has further put to fore the seeming uselessness of this organization of nations. It has not done anything to check the genocide in Eastern Europe triggered by territorial disputes, not even the European Union. Whatever action they have taken was late in coming, after thousands have been massacred and raped. The United States is not yet free from the pall of horror hovering her – the nightmare of Vietnam War that affected neighboring SEA nations, including the Philippines, after she was required to send “assistance”, hence, the PHILCAG was organized. NOW, THESE “GIANTS” WANT TO DIP THEIR FINGERS INTO THE AFFAIRS OF THE PHILIPPINES JUST BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT THE WAY PRESIDENT DUTERTE DOES HIS THING IN FIGHTING THE DRUG MENACE!


The earth is populated by peoples with different cultures and although, adaptation is possible, it is only to a certain extent. No other race can force another to totally absorb what it imposes. The impossibility is due to the innate “line of thinking” of different races. For instance, a Filipino may become very fluent, even more fluent than a native American in speaking English, but he will always think and feel as a Filipino. No amount of hamburger, spaghetti, and other western food can make him forget the taste of pinakbet, bagoong, dried fish and rice. It happened to the Hellenization effort of Alexander the Great of nations that he conquered, as they did not totally absorb the culture of Greece, so they remained as distinct races.






On the other hand, if the European Union is doing just fine, why is one of its significantly influential members left it? If the United States has the best system ever, how can it explain the intermittent bombings and the ongoing police brutality, and the over-the-counter vending of guns that even minors can take hold of one? If the United Nations is doing its job, how can it explain the ongoing unrests and poverty around the world that may erase some races from the face of the earth?


These “giants” should emulate the church heads of the world, who are minding their own yard, especially, the most respected, Pope Francis who even has the courage to admit the misbehaving of some priests. Can these “giants” admit their shortcoming and failure?..I DOUBT IT!


There is a saying that before one minds the dirt on somebody’s face he should first look at his own on the mirror to see if he got one. Another adage says that, as one points one accusing finger at somebody, his three other fingers are pointing back at him!




Life in the Philippines and America

Life in the Philippines and America

By Apolinario Villalobos


America is touted as the land of prosperity and opportunity which is true, but only for the disciplined and those who are willing to work. I may not have been to the United States but I have eyes that read and brains that comprehend, aside from ears that listen to the stories told by friends who went there as tourists or are still there as immigrants. Take note, physicians diagnose patients and prescribe drugs for them, not because these medical practitioners have had suffered many diseases themselves, but their decisions are based on cases that they have previously handled, written references, and information from colleagues during conventions. I am in that situation. I am making this early clarification because I am aware of the skeptic viewers who may question my right to write about this topic.


Also, I expect denials from viewers who are in situations far from their expectation of immediate success upon setting foot on American soil. These are Filipinos who want prosperity but without a bit of willingness to do menial jobs even temporarily, for immediate sustenance. Some Filipino executives who left their lucrative jobs in the Philippines expect to land in positions similar to what they have left once they set foot in America, but they were wrong. I admire those who have bravely faced the reality and immediately reset their mind to conform to the new situation they are in. In time, by dints of their patience and perseverance, they have achieved what they longed for, although perhaps, not totally. There are still many who failed until now but keep on dreaming about success which just become as evasive because of their finicky attitude.


The following are some of the situations that I can share based on my personal observations in the Philippines and second-hand information from references and friends who have experienced life in America, though not necessarily arranged according to their positive and negative implications:


  1. In the Philippines, prestigious companies base their hiring on preferred colleges and universities, so that the intelligence of a cum laude graduate from the province is no match to a below-average graduate from an elitist university in Manila; in America, you have to prove your worth during interviews and qualifying exams.
  2. In the Philippines, those with “golden voice” but not so pleasant face do not win in singing contest; in  America, even foreign-blooded singers are given a chance and they succeed…an example is Jessica Sanchez.
  3. In the Philippines, parents can discipline their stubborn children even to the point of using physical contact, such as mild spanking; in America, neighbors and even the children can report parents to the police, if spanking happens.
  4. In the Philippines, coins that are less than one peso, especially, the twenty five centavos are  not appreciated, an attitude of many elders which is emulated by children; in America, all tokens of exchange, to the last nickel are considered valuable, as even “coupons” can be exchanged for food items.
  5. In the Philippines, prominent personalities cannot work even on part-time basis as Receptionist, Waitress, Waiter, or Taxi Driver; in America even popular actresses and actors work as such when there is a lull in their assignments.
  6. In the Philippines, packaged foods usually come in small sizes; in America they come in jumbo size.
  7. In the Philippines, one can buy from sidewalk vendors in which haggling is possible; in America items are purchased as tag-priced.
  8. In the Philippines, consumers of electricity, water, and tenants, are given a “wide allowance” for the extension of their obligations, as extensive as 3 months; in America, pleading is not possible.
  9. In the Philippines, tenants can accumulate even six months arrear on rented apartment or room covered with guarantee from the Barangay; in America, a two-month arrear can result to eviction.
  10. In the Philippines, if one is depressed he or she can barge into the home of a friend to seek solace or a shoulder to cry on; in America, visits are scheduled, understandably, as practically everyone is maximizing the use of time in productive undertakings.
  11. In the Philippines, an employee makes do with a contractual job that eats up eight hours a day; in America, the industrious can squeeze in his or her time up to four jobs within 24 hours, as they come on hourly basis.
  12. In the Philippines, only the rich can eat in high-end restaurants; in America, part-time jobbers rub shoulders with show business personalities in such restaurants.
  13. In the Philippines, children shyly admit in school that their father is a taxi driver or a carpenter, or that their mother is a laundrywoman or a sidewalk vendor, or worse even pretend to be scions of businessmen; in America, children proudly declare in their class that they have a single mom or single dad…meaning, they are proud of their parents.
  14. In the Philippines, many parents give in to the whims of their children who refuse to eat vegetables so they serve them hot dog every day; in America, greens, roots and fruits are part of the family’s daily diet.
  15. In the Philippines, those who reach the age of 60 are considered senior citizens, by virtue of which they are given discounts and privileges one of which is a special lane, free birthday cake and movies in many cities, and additional allowance from the DSWD, but only very few of them are given the opportunity to work despite their obvious robust physique and good health; in America, senior citizens are encouraged to work despite the availability of social benefits upon reaching such age.
  16. In the Philippines, traffic lights are good only when there are traffic enforcers around, and at daytime; in America, even without the traffic enforcers, the changing lights are respected, even in the dead of the night.
  17. In the Philippines, elders are taken care of by responsible and grateful children; in America, most of them are relegated to the homes for the aged that charge hefty fees.
  18. In the Philippines, politicians, even those in the lowest rung of the hierarchy, expect motorists to give way to them as they speed along narrow roads and highways; in America, all motorists have equal rights under normal conditions.
  19. In the Philippines, pouting lips indicate direction when both hands are not available for such generous act; in America, pouting lips indicate beauty!
  20. In the Philippines, families need not leave their home to enjoy the noise of firecrackers and sights of fireworks in the sky during New Year’s Eve; in America, a place is strictly designated for this, where celebrators congregate.
  21. In the Philippines, Christmas starts in September and ends in January, so the contaminating joy is felt for a long time, and though paganistic characteristics of the celebration are observable, still the spiritual aspect can also be clearly discerned; in America, Christmas is observed faithfully in December, but many Filipinos over there say, that despite the highly- spirited mood in the air, a clearly defined difference can be “felt” making them long with aching heart for their home beyond the oceans.




China: from reclusive to cunningly dominant and aggressive

China: from reclusive to cunningly dominant and aggressive

By Apolinario Villalobos

When the Philippines rejected the move for the extension of the U.S. military base in the Philippines, China saw its chance to stealthily proceed with her claim of a vast area of the West Philippine Sea. The Big American Brother, grossly hated by militant Filipinos has been booted out of the Philippine soil, making the country, practically vulnerable in the face of threats from inside and out.

Still losing no hope, the Americans thought of using the yearly joint military exercises between the Philippines and their “visiting” US military forces, a move which, however, did not deter China from pursuing her massive reclamation projects in the disputed West Philippine Sea. In no time, the world has witnessed the “birth” of an island, complete with an airstrip and high-tech military structures, although, what China kept on insisting was that they were for marine research and rescue purposes. She even had the temerity of accusing, instead, the Philippines, as the one building structures on Kalayaan Island, where can be found a “village” of huts and unpaved short airstrip, and as for the “military structure”, it is actually, a hardly- floating, corroded and barnacle-covered ship.

Lately, the Americans discovered the presence of a Chinese naval ship in the waters of Alaska. All that the Americans did was throw a question into the air, as to what such ship was doing in their territory. They never ever thought that China might have been conducting surveys on how to tow into place a floating island that she is very much capable of building, and which no country can dispute, for as long as it is outside their territory. A floating island may just be huge barges with the area of several football fields overlaid with soil and planted to grass and shrubs. The Chinese have been successful in building an island in the disputed West Philippine Sea, and they proved that no nation has been courageous enough to stop them, not even the United Nations.  So, why not build more in other oceans? Such is how China conceives what a modern-day expansionism should be!

Building an island is no different from reclaiming fringing coastal areas that would eventually extend the territory of a country. Many countries are doing this. Coastal reclamation is a discreet extension that a nation can do to expand its territory. Expansion may accommodate an airport or provide more area for an existing wharf or conglomerate of business districts. Practically, many countries are doing this, which would eventually change maritime maps, and the face of the earth.

Manila reclaimed a big portion of the Manila Bay which is now being developed into a “Dream City”.  But before that, and during the time of Marcos, a big portion of the bay has been reclaimed to accommodate the whims of Imelda – the Hotel Sofitel (formerly, Philippine Plaza Hotel), Folk Arts Theater, Philippine International Convention Center, Film Center, Cultural Center of the Philippines and many other structures to support the country’s tourism industry. But China has gone further when she has embarked into a bold maritime colonization, as she squint her eyes to survey the vast bodies of oceans for her taking!

On economy, China has flooded the world with her cheap products churned out by factories that are alive with cheap labor. This phenomenon has practically devastated the local production of third world countries which could not stand against the almost give-away prices of China products. She has also been lenient in granting loans to allied countries which eventually, she now has a fatal economic stranglehold. She even spearheaded the founding of a bank akin to the UN-supported international banks that extend loans to member countries. Include here the standing loans that tied even powerful countries to this once reclusive country behind the Bamboo Curtain.  The wise moves of China virtually made her in control of the whole world!

Today, China is feigning a downhill trend of her economy, which of course, pulled down along, countries that have become dependent on her. This phenomenon includes the Philippines that now suffer from the weakening of her peso.

China is not a fool to reveal “how much” she is really worth. No nation ever knows the volume of her gold bullions and total reserves. What China may be showing the world, and which she can afford to devalue could be just an insignificant portion of her wealth, which may still be comparably even better than any powerful nation. China knows that the longer she maintains the downhill economic trend, the more harm that it can do to the world, and the better for her to tighten her stranglehold.

Meanwhile, China knows that not even the United Nations can force her to dismantle what had been constructed in the Spratleys. If the UN or the United States, for that matter, with her “Manifest Destiny”, had been contemplating on this decision for the sake of the rest of nations that use the disputed maritime highway, they should have demanded for the stoppage of reclamations long time ago, as they were not discreetly carried on, anyway. The goings on were not kept from the world’s scrutiny. The progress has been monitored via the internet, and which even elicited blogs of anticipation and wonderment from different parts of the world. To save face, the United States has been maintaining a stance, as if ready to strike, but for those in the know, it is more like of a shadow boxing, than one that can land a painful punch.

China cunningly employed a little sacrifice in the beginning, when she offered cheap labor to ensnare the world manufacturers into her fold, then she made the world economically dependent on her by being lax on her loans and flooding the world with cheap basic commodities, peddled influence to break the cohesiveness of Southeast Asian nations that now cannot stand as one against her on the crucial issue of the West Philippine Sea which she is considering as launching ground for her other ventures in other parts of the world. And, finally,

manipulated the world economic trend by devaluing her currency.

So what else can China do? Perhaps, show more vintage world maps of islands with Chinese names! China might even show a map of California with Chinese name!

China and the World

China and the World

By Apolinario Villalobos

While China has tricked the US in the latter’s ploys in Asia, it has gone way ahead of Russia in territorial expansion. While the US uses its “big brother” approach, China uses cheap labor as the main factor in becoming an economic giant which made practically the whole world dependent on its cheap and fake products. No wonder why no country, even the United Nations, ever made an attempt to slap China with some kind of an embargo or boycott, which has been the practice to punish other countries, despite its unbecoming actions, particularly,  its reclamations at the West Philippine Sea.

While the US has not done anything yet, as regards territorial expansion, Russia uses force and has been successful in the Ukraine region, and China on the other hand, uses its “resourcefulness” by building fake islands to legally extend its territories, as well as, money to win the confidence of economically-ailing nations.

The ASEAN is obviously helpless in counteracting the moves of China, with most members even blatantly showing their once covert image as allies. There is no hope for the Philippines on the other hand as regards the West Philippine Sea, as even if the United Nations shall decide on its favor, there is a question on how the decision shall be implemented. China is a member of the Security Council of the UN, together with the USA, France and Russia. While the US is obviously helpless even in checking the ongoing reclamations in the West Philippine Sea, France is helplessly silent on the woeful issues that are now befalling third-world member countries, and Russia is clearly on China’s side because it is also doing what the latter is doing, aside from their obvious close relationship to date due to their common objectives. That is the sad picture of the United Nations which China could have perceived a few years after the WWII!

China has already made its presence in the African continent strongly felt with its various investments disguised as “aids”. The nearby Mediterranean could be the next target, thanks to the economic downfall of Greece which China could be regarding as a timely opportunity for their entry into the Mediterranean region. If Greece will eventually get out of the European Union, it will be on its own, but how can it be possible without help from outside, unless drastic moves by the government shall be made such as declaring a Martial Law to enforce stringent measures on spending? The issue on Greece is money. If the Greeks would like to recover from their misfortune, there are so many things that they should sacrifice, so that they will be left with a difficult choice – give up luxurious life under a Martial Law? Or, still enjoy the same life under a “caretaker country” such as China through its “aids”. There is no way for the US to get into the picture because it is also indebted to China.

China could have foreseen the problem of the world which is centered on money that is why it has initiated the organization of AIIB which gained many members in so short a time after the launching. If the image of the United Nations as a reliable organization of nations continues to slide, the World Bank would definitely follow suit. There is no problem with the UN as it has been seen as a helpless organization anyway, so it can just melt away. Besides, the world is seemingly being apportioned today, either three-way or two- way: three-way among the USA, China and Russia, or just two-way between Russia and China. It will be a goodbye to the “manifest destiny” of America as fighter for democracy…and a welcome to the “economic destiny” of China!

Is the world nearing the epoch of “world confederacy”?… in which all nations shall be federated under a permanent leader while left as they are with their own cultural identity?…in which only one monetary token shall be used?…in which two or three universal languages shall be used?…in which the ideology shall be the “hybrid communism”?

Painful Ironies of Life

Painful Ironies of Life
By Celso Dapo

What cruel irony do Circumstances play,
On land and people, before Thanksgiving Day?
When men claiming Honor can feast sans shame
Having sold the Nation’s Soul, like it was just a game.
I grit my teeth at the undeserved defeat,
Compelled to take the hurt and strain in pain.
In shame the head perched flaccid and downbeat,
Because I cannot dare to express disdain.
Looking to other shores where Pilgrims landed,
Envying enlightened folks engulfed in pride redeemed.
How lucky for America to have Barrack Obama.
While we, still the Indio –
…can only have Arroyo!