Manila International Airport Terminal 2

Manila International Airport Terminal 2

By Apolinario Villalobos


Lately, the management of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals is under fire for mismanagement, the presumed reason why, terminal 1 in particular is consistently tagged as the worst airport terminal in the world. The media revealed that part of the investigation is on how the more than Php1B fund has been spent for the rehabilitation of the terminal 1.


The media should see, too, how the NAIA Terminal 2 fares – with most of its public male urinals clogged and most especially, its only escalator which has been inoperative for more than a year now is seemed to have just been left to rot. Both passengers and visitors have to tackle the steps of the stairs which are slippery during rainy days.


The whole terminal 2 should be thoroughly checked due to rusting iron fittings. Some plants are wilting due to negligence and there is also a need to wash the rest of the structures that are accumulating dust. The terminal may just be lucky that it has escaped the discerning eyes of critic-travelers, but shall the management wait until this particular entry point of Manila catch their eyes and be lambasted on the pages of travel magazines, just like the fate of the terminal 1?