True Muslims should Stand Up and Condemn the Senseless Atrocities Committed by those who Claim to be “Muslims”

True Muslims should Stand Up and Condemn

The Senseless Atrocities Committed

by those who Claim to be “Muslims”

by Apolinario Villalobos


If the Catholic pope has been very vocal in condemning or at least, calling the attention of the erring Catholics, the priests and bishops included, it is high time for the hierarchy of the Islamic faith to condemn those who claim to be “Muslims”…they, who commit atrocities using “jihad” as an alibi, though, in reality, use such practice in masking their political and monetary intentions. They hold in hostage people and release them in exchange for money, otherwise, they are decapitated.


In the restless countries of the African continent trapped in pockets of war, Muslim fanatics impose severe penalties for insignificant violations of their faith. They also unscrupulously destroy priceless historic and cultural landmarks, and rape even pregnant women. In the Philippines, the Abu Sayyaf cut off heads of their hostages if they fail to receive their ransom. Where are the spiritual sensibilities in those acts?


In fairness to the rest of the Muslims though, the Islamic faith just like Christianity is also segmented into several sects, some of which are fanatical while the rest are moderate. That is why it is not also fair to issue a sweeping blame just because the fanatics are committing atrocities, in the same manner that not all Christians are corrupt and criminals, hence, a far-reaching blame should not necessarily be uttered against them.


Meanwhile, the consoling thought, is that in the Philippines, due to a prevailing law, the media is not allowed to specify the faith of apprehended suspects. Before the promulgation of the law, a suspected Filipino is outright mentioned as “Muslim” if he is one. Had it not been stopped, for fairness sake, erring citizens who are found to be members of the INC or Methodist, or Catholic, etc., for instance, must also be mentioned as such.


Finally, members of the Islamic segment of the Philippine population should reciprocate the generous gesture of the new president, Rodrigo Duterte, who profoundly expressed his trust to them, by manifesting their hostility against “un-Islamic” acts. With such, they can let the whole world know that Filipino Muslims and Christians are solidly welded in the name of CHANGE under the new leadership… how drastic such change may be…and most especially, to tone down, if not eradicate the issue on the ISIS threat that is circulating in the south.



The Kidnapping in Southern Philippines

The Kidnapping in Southern Philippines

By Apolinario Villalobos


The kidnapping in southern Philippines has obviously become a flourishing business, a trade which actually, has an historic background. Before the Spaniards came to the shores of the archipelago, kidnapping was already among the undertakings of the inhabitants. That was the reason why the swift “vinta” was built. This kind of sleek seagoing vessel of the kidnappers was mentioned by Spanish chroniclers in history books. Kidnappers would sail as far north as the Visayan waters to conduct raids of coastal villages. In fairness to them, however, not only were they involved in this kind of “trade”, as even before the Christian era, kidnapping was also a way of life of the barbarians in the northern continents and Africa. Decapitating of the captive was also the usual ultimate action to obtain the prize which was the head, during the inter-racial wars in those regions. Practically, kidnapping was being done around the world, long ago, and is still, until today. Some countries are just discreet about this. On the other hand, in the Philippines, kidnapping has been emphasized with the emergence of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).


The ASG, thought to be based in Basilan and Sulu in southern Mindanao  has sub-groups spread throughout the other islands and victims are passed on to them to waylaid the authorities. The members are well-melded with the communities where their families live. The Abu Sayyaf members live a dual life – as ordinary villagers and bandits. While waiting for ransoms, they are with their families, taking care of their babies or doing other chores. When there is a need to refurbish their dwindling cache of victims, they carry high-powered guns. How can the military, therefore, drop bombs down the villages where supposedly ASG members have been sighted, though, in the company of their wives and babies? The thick forests in the identified areas should not be used as alibis for the failure of the military to completely eradicate the ASG.


The main reason for the hesitance of the military to embark on drastic operations is obviously, humanistic. During interviews, military spokesmen always speak of their “intelligence” furnishing them with information on the location of the bandits, but why do they fail to flush out these bandits from their lair?….it’s because the military is afraid that innocents shall be caught in the crossfire!…and, the military will time and again, earn the ire of the so-called “humane groups” for killing “innocent civilians”!…and, the military will time and again, be lambasted by the Commission on Human Rights!


The only way, though, a harsh move, but with a humane touch, therefore, is to evacuate first, whole villages to “sanitized areas” under the protection of the military so that the movement of their male members can be monitored. Only then, can the military have a free hand in dropping bombs and bombarding areas where the bandits hole themselves up based on the information furnished by the military “intelligence”.


Peace has a price, costly and oftentimes inhuman. Peace was not obtained during the WWII until Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed. To obtain peace, there must always be a victor so that total control can be imposed to the vanquished. In the case of kidnapping in Mindanao committed by the ASG, such flourishing “trade” shall not be stopped, if the Philippine government will always succumb to “cautions” from the so-called “humane groups”, for the military to be very extra careful, to spare the “innocents”. Are the “innocents” being referred to by the “humane groups”, the villagers/families/relatives who protect the bandits? Have not the “humane groups” ever thought of the plight of the kidnap victims who are bound to be decapitated if they are not ransomed? Would these “humane groups” just want kidnapping to continue as it has virtually taken root too deeply, thereby, UNFAIRLY tainting the southern Philippines’ Islamic culture as the ASG members are all Muslims? It must be noted that the Filipino Muslims in general abhor such hideous act which for them is un-Islamic.



Ang iba’t-ibang senaryong nagbabanta sa Mindanao at Pilipinas …kung hindi agad magkaroon ng kapayapaan

Ang iba’t-ibang senaryong nagbabanta sa Mindanao at Pilipinas
… kung hindi agad magkakaroon ng kapayapaan
ni Apolinario Villalobos

Dahil sa tindi ng mga kaguluhan at kalituhang nagresulta sa sunud-sunod na bulilyaso ng administrasyon ni Pnoy Aquino, hindi maiwasang maglaro ang imahinasyon ng mga Pilipino, at lalong hindi sila masisisi dahil ang mga nangyayari ay halos nakatuon sa mga maaaring mangyari, tulad ng mga sumusunod:

1. Kung magre-resign o ma-impeach si Pnoy bago sumapit ang pagtatapos ng kanyang termino, mapapasama sa kanyang pagbaba ang mga sinasabing kakutsaba niya na sina, Abad, Purisima, Alcantara, at Soliman. Kakaharapin nila ang malalaking kaso na ihahain ng iba’t ibang grupo. Maiiwan si Laila de Lima na tingin ng iba ay manipis lang ang mantsa ng katiwalian sa pagkatao nito, pero, dahil sa delikadesa ay maaaring mag-resign din. Ang makikinabang sa ganitong senaryo ay si Binay dahil bilang Bise-Presidente, siya ang papalit kay Pnoy….lalong dusa ang madadanasan ng mga Pilipino. Pagkakataon nan i Binay na magpakitang gilas sa taong bayan, na kailangan niya dahil sa may pagkadesperado niyang kagustuhang tumakbo bilang presidente.

2. Kung magtutuloy-tuloy ang mga protesta sa kalye ng Maynila at iba pang malalaking lunsod laban sa pamahalaan, subalit hindi pa rin magre-resign si Pnoy, mawawalan ng saysay ang kanyang basbas sa 2016 eleksiyon na hinihintay ni Roxas. Aalukin ni Binay si Roxas ng puwesto sa line-up niya sa 2016 bilang Bise-Presidente at kakagatin naman ni Roxas dahil desperado siyang maupo maski Bise-Presidente man lang.

3. Kung hindi na talaga mapigilan ang mga pagprotesta ng mga Pilipino na ang mga dahilan ay katiwalian sa pamahalaan ni Pnoy Aquino at kahinaan nito sa pagpapatakbo ng gobyerno, gagamitin itong dahilan ni Estrada na tumakbo bilang Presidente at makakalaban niya si Binay. Ang mangyayari ay pagpili ng mga Pilipino sa wikang Ingles na: choice between the devil and the deep black sea…oopps!, deep blue sea pala. Magpi-feeling savior si Erap na magsasabing tatapusin na niya ang problema sa Mindanao tulad ng pagkubkob sa Camp Abu Bakar, noong panahon niya.

4. Kung hindi matutuloy ang inaasam na pagpasa ng Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) bago bumaba si Pnoy dahil dumadami ang kumakalas na mga kongresista sa pagsuporta dito, magkakaroon ng ugnayan ang MILF, BIFF, at MNLF. Gagawa sila ng compromise agreement at idadahilan na lang ang magkapareho nilang Islamic cause, kaya balik sila sa original na adhikain na pagtiwalag sa Pilipinas upang magkaroon ng sariling bansa ang mga Muslim. Lalawak ang gusto nilang masakop na hindi saklaw sa mga pinag-usapan sa BBL. Napatunayan kasi na mahina ang leadership ng MILF,at iiral ang kagustuhan ng BIFF at MNLF, at nahalata rin ng tatlong grupo na animo ay takot ang pamahalaan sa pakikidigmang harap-harapan.

5. Kung magsanib-puwersa ang MILF, BIFF at MNLF, maaaring humingi ang mga ito ng tulong sa Malaysia na may katuwaang papasok sa eksena dahil magkakaroon na ito ng pagkakataong tanggalin nang tuluyan ang pagbawi ng Pilipinas sa Sabah. Malinaw na ito pa rin ang hangad ng Malaysia kahit pa sabihing mediator ito sa usaping pangkapayapaan sa Mindanao kaya hindi isinama dito ang claim ng Pilipinas sa Sabah. At maaari pa ring isali ang Bangsamoro sa federal government ng Malaysia. Dahil ayaw mapahiya ng liderato ng MILF, lahat ay gagawin nila para lang masabing nagtagumpay sila sa ngalan ng kapayapaan.

6. Kung magkakaroon ng cover-up sa gagawing imbestigasyon ng maraming grupo sa Mamasapano Massacre na magiging dahilan ng iba’t ibang resulta, lalabo ang pagkakaroon ng hustisya para sa mga namatay at nasugatan. Dahil dito ay magkakawatak-watak ang PNP at AFP. Magkakaroon na naman ng kudeta at maaaring magtagumpay dahil kasama na ang mga kapulisan sa aaklas.

7. Kung sa gitnang Mindanao ay mabubuhay na naman ang nakalimutan na sanang hidwaan sa pagitan ng mga Kristiyano at Muslim, magkakaroon ang mga apektadong lugar ng mga teritoryo ng MILF, BIFF at MNLF. Makikisakay na rin sa kaguluhan ang Abu Sayyaf. Gagawing sentro ng mga terorista na gumagalaw sa Asya ang Mindanao. Dahil dito, mabubuhay na naman ang mga grupong Kristiyano na lumalaban sa adhikaing isinusulong ng Bangsamoro.

8. Kung titindi ang naghalu-halo nang kaguluhan ay lalong mamamayagpag ang pagnegosyo ng bawal na gamot sa Pilipinas, lalo na at napatunayan ang kaluwagan ng mga batas at patakaran laban dito, kaya kahit sa loob ng mga kulungan nakakapagpatuloy sa pagnegosyo ang mga nakakulong nang mga drug dealers. Mamamayagpag din ang extortion ng maliliit na grupo na ang iba ay na-train na sa paggawa ng bomba, pero ang pinakamalaking extortion group ay Abu Sayyaf pa rin. Mindanao ang gagawing balwarte ng mga terorista na kikilos sa buong Asya!

Sa alin man sa mga nabanggit na senaryo, malinaw na ang talo ay mga Pilipino sa kabuuhan, Muslim man o Kristiyano, lalo na at nakasentro ang mga kaguluhan sa pagmintina ng kabuuhan pa rin ng Pilipinas kahit na may Bangsamoro na. Kawawa sina Fatima at Maria…sina Abdullah at Juan dahil sa kasakiman ng iilan!

Dahil sa mga kaguluhang nangyayari at mga agam-agam na hindi nagpapatulog ng mahimbing sa mga Pilipino…sino ang may sala, o sinu-sino sila? Ang sagot diyan ay ang palasak sa Ingles na: your guess is as good as mine!