Choices in Life

Choices in Life

By Apolinario Villalobos


We should be prepared for the consequence of whatever bad choices that we made in life. Admittedly, however, there are occurrences in our life that we did not choose, and which we view as part of our fate, one is being born in poverty. But, we cannot be impoverished for life if we give way to our desire to struggle for the better. In this effort, however, we need the support of our parents. If they fail to give it to us, we can always look around for inspiration. At this juncture we can ask ourselves, “if others can, why can’t I”? And, finally, it’s only us, who can choose to be a self-made person, if we want it.


Some people want to take a shorter way in achieving what they want in life – success, instant pleasure or money. Those who want success in earning a profession commit frauds such as plagiarism in coming up with their thesis. Those with jobs who want promotion make evil designs that include stepping on others. Those who want to have instant pleasure or money, practically do anything at the expense of their honor and future.


We make choices along the way of our life – consciously, which makes us alone, who are accountable for such. It is for this reason that impoverished drug pushers should never blame the government for having neglected them, so that they were forced to sell illegal drugs, as they do not want to die of hunger. They made the choice to experience instant joy from drugs that made them first as drug addicts, and later as pushers to sustain their vice. But when the threat of death knocks at their door, on bended knees they cry a river of regrets!


Those in the government, and who took the risk of dipping their hands in the coffer of the government, should face the consequence of trials to prove their misdeed. I admire, however, the brash courage of these corrupt in defending themselves, tooth and nail, to prove their “innocence”. Such courage is honed by time, what with many years of being blindly trusted by voters who shamelessly sell their precious single right to vote for a pittance!