Change Need Not Be Dictated But Should Come From Within Us



By Apolinario Villalobos


As the new President, Digong Duterte sits in Malacaἧan Palace, and despite his pronouncements about changes, the latter need not be dictated by him. They should come from within us. All we need are common sense and widely-opened eyes. Unfortunately, most of us are fence sitters eagerly acting only when selfish benefits are discerned.


The basic unit of our society, the family, needs to change first, as obviously, many parents have failed to control their children resulting to the deterioration of their discipline. Many parents cannot even prevent their minor-aged children from staying out late at night, eventually exposing them to the different temptations – drugs, sex, petty crimes, etc.


The Barangay as the lowest rung of the political system is lately lambasted with negative observations. Foremost of these are supposedly, its cuddling of drug offenders, abuse of authority, ineptness in the delivery of services, and corruption. This even brought about the clamor to demolish the Kabataang Barangay. Also, many observers claim that some Barangay Chairpersons act as though they are already mayors. Some cannot go to the Municipal or City Hall without an entourage of “assistants” or “alalay”.


In Manila, while waiting for my bus to depart for Cavite, I saw a group of Barangay personnel clad in t-shirts emblazoned with their Barangay zone number, with one of them, a woman and obviously the Barangay Chairperson protected from the sun by an umbrella held by another woman also clad in the similarly printed t-shirt. When I asked the bus dispatcher who the woman was, he confirmed my assumption, adding that the other woman holding the umbrella was one of the “Kagawad”. He knew them as the bus terminal was within their barangay zone.


Not only are the elected officials obliged to change their ways for the better but also those who belong to the different agencies. Some of them are observed to dispense their responsibilities with arrogance as if their wages do not come from the people that they are supposed to serve properly. They act as if they are the boss of the tax payers who require their service.


Finally, nobody has the right to complain when he or she cannot even change his or her attitude, even in the simplest way of disposing the household garbage…