The Entry of Great Britain in the “China Scene” Shows that Everything is Alright with the Dragon Power

The Entry of Great Britain in the “China Scene”

Shows that Everything is Alright with the Dragon Power

By Apolinario Villalobos

President Xi of China was accorded a very warm reception recently when he visited London. The Prime Minister of the host country admitted that such warmth was equivalent to investments that could be equated to thousands of job.

The Security Council of the United Nations is permanently occupied by the world’s four powers – the United States, Russia, Great Britain, China and France. Of the four, only France has not yet shown an obvious affinity to China. However, with what happened in London, will the nation of great chefs, follow suit, by coming up with an alibi to invite China to their romantic country and entice the touted richest country today, to invest, too? But the biggest question is: what will happen to the United Nations, now that the “check and balance” is lost?

Clearly, the lesser nations shall be at the mercy of the four nations’ charades. It will not be long when the four will finally talk among themselves on how to fairly divide the sickly sphere among them. The United States and China have been patting each other’s back indiscreetly, as while the former has been releasing “threats” of incursion in the latter’s artificial boundaries in the West Philippine Sea… China likewise releases “threats” of appropriate actions as needed – all press release. But in the eyes of those in the know, such are just charades. China’s relation with Russia has no problem at all, as there is a silent understanding about the difference in their respective interest – that of Russia in Europe and that of China in Southeast Asia and even the whole of Asia and the Pacific area, thus, her claim of the West Philippine Sea.

Initially, when China released a statement about her reclamation of islets in the West Philippine Sea, only the United States was specially mentioned that can use the facilities to be installed. Later, general statements were made about the use of facilities for maritime rescue, but still no mention about the claimant countries’ involvement. Very obvious is the ultimate objective of China for a one sided compromise, in her favor, of course. China will definitely not allow the dismantling of her installed facilities if the United Nations will decide on the illegality of reclamations. And, in this case, China has found a new and almost equally powerful supporter – Great Britain, a fellow member of the UN Security Council.

Great Britain has been known for condoning piratical activities of her adventurous seafaring people, notorious among them was Drake. Although, the piratical activity was draped with political intents on the issue of maritime boundaries in conflict with Spain, still the selfish and illegally notorious motive was there – piracy.  In her effort to rid her main territory of criminals, she dumped convicts in the far away island of Australia, to make sure that criminals would not be able to swim their way back home. Finally, her colonial effort resulted to the peopling of the New World – America, that later became the “cradle” of world democracy. By the way, Great Britain supports Malaysia against the Philippines on the issue of Sabah.

Today, the wisdom of China seems to have tamed the world powers. The dragon is, indeed, wise when it has awaken again after thousands of years of slumber.

The Global Furor Over the Chinese Activities in West Philippine Sea is Too Late in Coming…a hollow and hypocritical sympathy and concern

The Global Furor Over the Chinese Activities
In West Philippine Sea is Too Late in Coming
…a hollow and hypocritical sympathy and concern
By Apolinario Villalobos

The latest furor supposedly of the international community over the reclamations being made by the Chinese in West Philippines Sea is a gross show of man’s hypocrisy…late in coming, yet. The issue has been played up in practically all available medium of information – print, broadcast, internet…for years! Such belated reaction is a hollow sympathy and concern from “fellowmen” of Asians affected by the exploitation of the Chinese. The United Nations sat on the complaint filed by the Philippines despite the glaring basis that are all spelled out in the UN provisions. The closest ally of the Filipinos, the big white brothers – Americans, did not raise even an eyebrow when the Chinese practically disregarded the UN’s territorial demarcation lines, and came up with their own map to show the world that the West Philippine Sea is theirs.

Was the United Nations told by China to hold in abeyance its decision on the complaint of the Philippines until their reclamation activities and structures are beyond the possibility of demolition, necessitating then, a compromise as the only solution?

World powers are wary just now because the conduct of their trade through the mentioned passage will be affected, but they did not say a word then, even when all indications of the reclamation activities point to the building of a military base. Not even a simple statement from UN was issued against China when it prohibited fishermen from claimant countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam from fishing in the disputed area, even as the situation got serious with the Chinese’s humiliation of the poor fishermen by spraying them with water and bumping their fragile vessels….a clear violation of human rights!

The United Nations seems to be powerless against the bullying of China. It is understandable, perhaps, because, the world’s economy is dependent on China in many ways. The world is practically being held hostage by China. Even the so-called “enemies” of China are consumers of Chinese products. So, what can the international community do? Impose sanction? How can it be possible as the big slice of the international community has standing financial accountability with China?

When China arrogantly expressed that it does not favor mediation as regards the resolution on the issue of the West Philippine Sea, not even a single member of the United Nations reacted. The helplessness of the affected countries was aggravated by the continued activities of the Chinese. The Philippines is the most and immediately affected due to its closeness to the reclaimed island, making the country already technically part of China!

Because the structures on the reclaimed island are almost finished, it is doubtful if the Chinese can still be driven off, even if the United Nations shall decide in favor of the Philippines. The only and most peaceable way to resolve the problem would be a compromise which is what China really wanted ever since, and which is expected to be in its favor. This triumph will give China a dangerous signal that it can do anything in Asia.

From Asia, nothing can prevent the Chinese from encroaching in other parts of the globe that they will claim to have been explored by their trading ancestors. As they are well-equipped, the reclamation that they have done in West Philippine Sea can easily be replicated in other shallow parts of the world’s oceans in their bid to further their expansionism.

Clearly, Sinozation of the world is aggressively progressing without let up! If doubtful about this claim, why not check the packages that you buy from groceries and the tags on the shirts that you pick up from racks of department stores, the fake jewelries and beauty products, utensils, tools etc., most especially, why not check the gadgets as to where they were made?…include in your check the packages of toothpicks and cotton buds, too!

As the prophecy says, the dragon that has awaken from its long slumber will make the world tremble with its grunt and fire….

A Fearful Prediction on the World’s Course

A Fearful Prediction

on the World’s Course

by Apolinario Villalobos

At the rate the pockets of unrest are scarring the face of the earth, horrendous sentiments have practically overcame the peoples of different nations. The overzealous races even think of the events as premonitions of the Biblical Armageddon.

The African continent has long been rocked with unrests, and so are parts of Europe. The Asian regions are not free from bickering among neighboring countries over disputed parcels of maritime territories, and even the country of Uncle Sam, long known as the cradle of democracy is not without its share of bombings.

European countries have come together to meld themselves into the European Union (EU). In Asia, there is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) over which hovers “big brother”, China. In the Middle East, there is the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). Left out are the weak black African nations, the Judaic country of Israel, and Japan that still manifest unwavering faith in the United Nations.

With the emergence of China as an economic giant, and which wisely makes use of such reputation to its advantage, the US and other traditionally strong nations, wisely maintain their safe perch on the fence, as they gawk at events around them. The US lives up to its reputation as champion of democracy by meddling in the affairs of the exploited countries, and in so doing, drags along willing allies. China, on the other hand, stealthily and discreetly impresses its mark of economic hold throughout the world which is dangerously polarized between the haves and the haves not, while concentrating its focus in Asia – an open land of opportunities where labor can be had for a pittance, where natural resources are ready for the taking, and worse, where lives wallow in poverty.

It will not be long, for the earth to be finally sliced like a cake into portions that represent blocks of the African countries, Islamic countries, European countries, north and south American countries, mainland Asian countries, and Southeast Asian countries….with the weak coming under control of the strong. If Israel fails to choose which group to join, it may again suffer the wrath that caused the dispersal and persecution of its people, although, the US has proved to be a dependable protector, but for how long?

The world is undergoing a cleansing. Aside from the man-made calamities – wars that systematically wipe out helpless populations, it is also periodically ravaged by natural catastrophes such as, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and plagues. Lethal bombs that can zero-in to their targets, thousands of miles away can be launched by countries that are driven by maniacal desire to rule the world. Technology has made another world war that may ensue, sophisticated, sweeping and short-lived, as warring countries can pelt each other with remote-controlled bombs that can practically wipe out cities in minutes.

It seems, the world is taking a course fated with man’s self-destruction elicited by his greed.

The Philippines Should Expect the Worst with China’s Refusal to Recognize the UN Authority

The Philippines Should Expect the Worst

With China’s Refusal to Recognize the UN Authority

By Apolinario Villalobos

The vehement refusal of China to recognize the authority of the United Nations to mediate in its differences with the Philippines as regards the West Philippine Sea, should give a strong signal to the Filipinos. Except for Vietnam that filed lately its own protest, the seemingly inaction of other concerned ASEAN countries, has just emboldened China to go on with its brave and defiant actions in developing and protecting their so-called territories in the contested area.

The Chinese government has a reason in losing its respect to the UN’s authority in the face of unrests that plague member countries which the world brotherhood of nations failed to police. Even the newly-formed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has enshrouded with doubt UN’s credibility, as the former, continually breaches the neutral line of the latter’s peace-keeping forces. Not even the strong protests that tinged with threats from the so-called super powers, Great Britain and United States, have put a stop to the terroristic acts of the motley group of Islamic nationalists.

China has repeatedly expressed its resolve not to honor whatever decision the UN court will make in favor of the Philippines. And, as it is wont to do, the giant country may even slap a “disciplinary action” on the Philippines for its persistent move to seek the mediation of a third party. Worst, China may impose demands when, eventually, the Philippines agrees to sit down for a bilateral “compromise” agreement. The Philippines is left with no choice, anyway, as it cannot even expect help from UN.

Another worst scenario is when an untoward incident between the Chinese naval force and the weakling Philippine Navy shall ignite an excuse for the former to make an invasive action. A single shot is enough. The Chinese can easily say that they are protecting their territory and in retaliation can launch an attack of the neighboring populated islands of the archipelago. If that happens, I doubt if the US will lift a finger, because, its President shall still seek a mandate from their Congress. Nothing in the questioned latest “agreement” with the US Armed Forces provides for their immediate action in case China attacks the Philippines.

Doubtful, too, is if the Philippine government has already plotted options that could prevent the occurrence of the worst scenarios, or when they shall happen eventually. The West Philippine Sea case has practically become a “test case” to prove if indeed, China is the new world super power that should be feared, or at the very least, respected. The world is gawking at this Pacific side of the world, waiting for what will happen next… and the Philippines is one of the pawns.

Finally, with the UN’s diminishing credibility, its “weak” members are left to the bullying of the “strong” ones. The mandate of the organization’s court of justice that is supposed to protect the territorial rights of member- countries has become a simple memo. The weakness of the UN could lead to a chaos – a formidable threat to world peace.