The Heavy Pollution in China should Warn Third-World Countries

The Heavy Pollution in China

Should Warn Third -World Countries

By Apolinario Villalobos


Manufacturing countries that clandestinely hate China have successfully inflicted a “slow death” on the awakened dragon of Asia. They have simply transferred the production aspect of their business in China because of her cheap labor and with it, the byproduct of high technology – the deadly pollution! They have been awfully successful, no question about that!


China today, is practically crawling due to the effect of heavy pollution while countries that own brands manufactured in China are basking under smog-free atmosphere. Every day, internet news carries warnings of the Chinese government to its citizens about the heavy pollution and photos are those of the Chinese citizens with face or surgical mask to lessen their inhalation of the dirty air. An enterprising European country is reportedly exporting fresh bottled air to China.


The phenomenon in China should serve as a warning to the third-world countries that are blinded by the prospect of living in comfort through high technology. China has practically flooded the world with products made in her homeland. Despite such show of opulence, she is far from being satisfied as her expansionistic desire is slowly creeping towards the rest of Asia and the African continent- with all their third world countries.


The governments of these countries would like their forests be uprooted and replaced with factories; would like their fields planted to rice, corn and other staple foods bulldozed to give way to resorts and first-class housing projects; would like their mountains to be drilled for minerals; would like their citizens to be introduced into the mean habits of squalid urban life; would like their centuries-old traditions and faith to be polluted with the immoralities of progress.


As the exploitation lasts only for as long as there are yet to be exploited, their “benefits” are likewise short-lived. When the factories and mining companies stop their exhaustive operations, they leave behind ghost towns and villages- with their rivers poisoned by chemicals and the once-fertile land exhausted of their nutrients making them not suitable even for the lowly grass. Their polluted culture gives rise to a new generation of prostitutes and indolent, and worst, with a twisted view on faith.


The high-technology must be one of the checks that God has imposed on earth to maintain the balance, aside from natural calamities such as typhoon, earthquake, diseases, and floods, as well as, man-made war. Without them, the world would have burst long time ago, due to overpopulation and inadequate sustenance. But, while these are divine penalties, caution should have been observed by man to at least delay and minimize their occurrence. Unfortunately, man is now reaping the fruits of his greed…at high speed!


In the Old Testament, when the God of Israelites wanted them punished for their misdeed, He used the heathen races or tribes to sow disaster upon them. Sometimes He used calamities such as diseases and famine-causing pestilence. The religions of the world are based either directly or indirectly on the Abrahamaic faith, except for some pockets of tribes in unexplored nooks of forests and islands. In a way, most peoples of the world are connected to the God of Israel. Are we now suffering from this divine penalty, mentioned in the Old Testament?

Though how Progressive a Country is, there will always be Poverty because of Corruption

Though how Progressive a Country is, there will always be

Poverty because of Corruption

By Apolinario Villalobos


Perfection should be ruled out in the reckoning of a progressive country, because there will always be poverty due to corruption somewhere in the system of governance. In other words, the glitter of progress cannot hide poverty. For ultra-progressive countries, the signs may be insignificant as they try to blend with the glamour of urbanity. But in other countries, especially, the third-world, the signs are very prevalent, so that there is always a massive effort to cover them up occasionally, literally, as it is done every time there are special occasions such as visits of foreign dignitaries. This practice is successful in the Philippines.


Practically, poverty is the shadow of progress, and literally, too, as where there are looming high-rise buildings that are pockmarks of progress, not far from them are slums or homeless citizens who huddle together under bridges and nooks. These are misguided citizens who flock to the cities after selling their homestead, that have been farmed for several generations, to deceitful land developers, at a measly price. These are the urban squatters willing to be relocated but found out that the promised “paradise” do not even have a deep well so they go back to their sidewalk “homes”. These are contractual workers who have no job securities as they earn only for five to six months, after which they leave their fate to luck while looking for another job.


How does corruption ever be involved in the sad fate of the exploited? Simply, by the government’s negligence  in providing decent relocation sites with job opportunities and basic facilities to those uprooted from their city abodes for more than so many years; by its cuddling of the spurious contractualization perpetrated by greedy employers; by its failure to guide and protect the rights of farmers who sell their rice fields to subdivision developers at measly prices that are not even enough to sustain them for six months; by its failure to provide the citizens with the basic necessities as funds are allowed to be pocketed by corrupt officials; and practically by looking the other way despite the availability of laws against vote buying.


Third- world country leaders should stop using the word “progressive”, but instead they should use “surviving” to describe their respective economy. If a country’s economy cannot sustain, much less, provide a “comfortable life” to majority of its citizens, then it is still “ailing”…hence, expect poverty to be trailing behind, just a few steps away from the pretentious allegations!




The Senate Hearing on Mamasapano Massacre Haplessly Exposed the Weaknesses of the PNP and the Military to the Terroristic Elements that Freely Roam around the Country

The Senate Hearing on Mamasapano Massacre
Haplessly Exposed the Weaknesses of the PNP and the Military
To the Terroristic Elements that Freely Roam Around the Country
By Apolinario Villalobos

The senators wrongly thought that they are giving light to the Mamasapano massacre. Clearly, they lacked the guidelines, or if ever there were, they deviated from them, because some questions were leading to the confidential security matters. In their enthusiasm in asking questions, they forgot that there are still active operations for the capture of Usman and the “graduates” of his and the allegedly dead Marwan’s bomb-making trainings.

The senate should have only concentrated on establishing as to who called the shots that launched the unfortunate operation resulting to the death of the forty-four and wounding of other SAF commandos. They should not touch on the fine details on how the operation was done. The lack of coordination and severance of the chain of command can surface to establish the people responsible for the lapses without going to the fine details as to the kind of weapons and rounds of bullets used, movements of units, etc. Unfortunately, Napeῆas was even forced to divulge the details of how the SAF made plans for their operations which was uncalled for.

The Senate hearing has put the country into another delicate situation. I dread to think of what will happen next, after it has been known that the PNP is practically lacking in the necessary defensive and offensive equipment. What will happen now after the exposure of the military that can be made helpless by a simple “miscoordination”? Clearly, they lack thoroughness and resourcefulness. And add to those, their total dependence on a commercial communication facility that can be jammed – the cellphone!

Very clearly, it has been established that the bomb-making “factories” are in Mindanao and that the bomb makers who benefited from the training provided to them by the international terrorists are not roaming only around that southern island, but other parts of the country, especially, Manila. And with the allegation that the MILF is cuddling them in connivance with the BIFF and that both still have connection with international terrorists, is the country, especially Mindanao, still assured of peace as promised by the Bangsamoro Basic Law?

If the Senate would like to improve the coordinative relationship between the security agencies of the country, this should be done behind closed doors, as it involves confidential systematic operations. They should stop the hearing as soon as they have pinned down who called the shots in the launching of operation at Mamasapano. The MILF cannot be forced to accept the fact that it cuddles the terrorists, although, intelligence information has established that they are hiding within their “territory”. The MILF cannot even “touch” the BIFF, their breakaway group. With the strong stand of the MILF, the rest of the effort of the Senate will be futile.

In view of the Senate’s helplessness due to the blatant hand washing and finger-pointing, they better turn their attention to the Bangasamoro Basic Law, as the ball is in their hands, if it still deserves to be passed. Overall, the Senate hearing is doing an irresponsible process. But who would like to stop an opportunity for grandstanding, in view of the approaching 2016 election? Meanwhile, the MILF should thank Deles and Ferrer for speaking on its behalf, in the name of the half-cooked peace process….

Ang iba’t-ibang senaryong nagbabanta sa Mindanao at Pilipinas …kung hindi agad magkaroon ng kapayapaan

Ang iba’t-ibang senaryong nagbabanta sa Mindanao at Pilipinas
… kung hindi agad magkakaroon ng kapayapaan
ni Apolinario Villalobos

Dahil sa tindi ng mga kaguluhan at kalituhang nagresulta sa sunud-sunod na bulilyaso ng administrasyon ni Pnoy Aquino, hindi maiwasang maglaro ang imahinasyon ng mga Pilipino, at lalong hindi sila masisisi dahil ang mga nangyayari ay halos nakatuon sa mga maaaring mangyari, tulad ng mga sumusunod:

1. Kung magre-resign o ma-impeach si Pnoy bago sumapit ang pagtatapos ng kanyang termino, mapapasama sa kanyang pagbaba ang mga sinasabing kakutsaba niya na sina, Abad, Purisima, Alcantara, at Soliman. Kakaharapin nila ang malalaking kaso na ihahain ng iba’t ibang grupo. Maiiwan si Laila de Lima na tingin ng iba ay manipis lang ang mantsa ng katiwalian sa pagkatao nito, pero, dahil sa delikadesa ay maaaring mag-resign din. Ang makikinabang sa ganitong senaryo ay si Binay dahil bilang Bise-Presidente, siya ang papalit kay Pnoy….lalong dusa ang madadanasan ng mga Pilipino. Pagkakataon nan i Binay na magpakitang gilas sa taong bayan, na kailangan niya dahil sa may pagkadesperado niyang kagustuhang tumakbo bilang presidente.

2. Kung magtutuloy-tuloy ang mga protesta sa kalye ng Maynila at iba pang malalaking lunsod laban sa pamahalaan, subalit hindi pa rin magre-resign si Pnoy, mawawalan ng saysay ang kanyang basbas sa 2016 eleksiyon na hinihintay ni Roxas. Aalukin ni Binay si Roxas ng puwesto sa line-up niya sa 2016 bilang Bise-Presidente at kakagatin naman ni Roxas dahil desperado siyang maupo maski Bise-Presidente man lang.

3. Kung hindi na talaga mapigilan ang mga pagprotesta ng mga Pilipino na ang mga dahilan ay katiwalian sa pamahalaan ni Pnoy Aquino at kahinaan nito sa pagpapatakbo ng gobyerno, gagamitin itong dahilan ni Estrada na tumakbo bilang Presidente at makakalaban niya si Binay. Ang mangyayari ay pagpili ng mga Pilipino sa wikang Ingles na: choice between the devil and the deep black sea…oopps!, deep blue sea pala. Magpi-feeling savior si Erap na magsasabing tatapusin na niya ang problema sa Mindanao tulad ng pagkubkob sa Camp Abu Bakar, noong panahon niya.

4. Kung hindi matutuloy ang inaasam na pagpasa ng Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) bago bumaba si Pnoy dahil dumadami ang kumakalas na mga kongresista sa pagsuporta dito, magkakaroon ng ugnayan ang MILF, BIFF, at MNLF. Gagawa sila ng compromise agreement at idadahilan na lang ang magkapareho nilang Islamic cause, kaya balik sila sa original na adhikain na pagtiwalag sa Pilipinas upang magkaroon ng sariling bansa ang mga Muslim. Lalawak ang gusto nilang masakop na hindi saklaw sa mga pinag-usapan sa BBL. Napatunayan kasi na mahina ang leadership ng MILF,at iiral ang kagustuhan ng BIFF at MNLF, at nahalata rin ng tatlong grupo na animo ay takot ang pamahalaan sa pakikidigmang harap-harapan.

5. Kung magsanib-puwersa ang MILF, BIFF at MNLF, maaaring humingi ang mga ito ng tulong sa Malaysia na may katuwaang papasok sa eksena dahil magkakaroon na ito ng pagkakataong tanggalin nang tuluyan ang pagbawi ng Pilipinas sa Sabah. Malinaw na ito pa rin ang hangad ng Malaysia kahit pa sabihing mediator ito sa usaping pangkapayapaan sa Mindanao kaya hindi isinama dito ang claim ng Pilipinas sa Sabah. At maaari pa ring isali ang Bangsamoro sa federal government ng Malaysia. Dahil ayaw mapahiya ng liderato ng MILF, lahat ay gagawin nila para lang masabing nagtagumpay sila sa ngalan ng kapayapaan.

6. Kung magkakaroon ng cover-up sa gagawing imbestigasyon ng maraming grupo sa Mamasapano Massacre na magiging dahilan ng iba’t ibang resulta, lalabo ang pagkakaroon ng hustisya para sa mga namatay at nasugatan. Dahil dito ay magkakawatak-watak ang PNP at AFP. Magkakaroon na naman ng kudeta at maaaring magtagumpay dahil kasama na ang mga kapulisan sa aaklas.

7. Kung sa gitnang Mindanao ay mabubuhay na naman ang nakalimutan na sanang hidwaan sa pagitan ng mga Kristiyano at Muslim, magkakaroon ang mga apektadong lugar ng mga teritoryo ng MILF, BIFF at MNLF. Makikisakay na rin sa kaguluhan ang Abu Sayyaf. Gagawing sentro ng mga terorista na gumagalaw sa Asya ang Mindanao. Dahil dito, mabubuhay na naman ang mga grupong Kristiyano na lumalaban sa adhikaing isinusulong ng Bangsamoro.

8. Kung titindi ang naghalu-halo nang kaguluhan ay lalong mamamayagpag ang pagnegosyo ng bawal na gamot sa Pilipinas, lalo na at napatunayan ang kaluwagan ng mga batas at patakaran laban dito, kaya kahit sa loob ng mga kulungan nakakapagpatuloy sa pagnegosyo ang mga nakakulong nang mga drug dealers. Mamamayagpag din ang extortion ng maliliit na grupo na ang iba ay na-train na sa paggawa ng bomba, pero ang pinakamalaking extortion group ay Abu Sayyaf pa rin. Mindanao ang gagawing balwarte ng mga terorista na kikilos sa buong Asya!

Sa alin man sa mga nabanggit na senaryo, malinaw na ang talo ay mga Pilipino sa kabuuhan, Muslim man o Kristiyano, lalo na at nakasentro ang mga kaguluhan sa pagmintina ng kabuuhan pa rin ng Pilipinas kahit na may Bangsamoro na. Kawawa sina Fatima at Maria…sina Abdullah at Juan dahil sa kasakiman ng iilan!

Dahil sa mga kaguluhang nangyayari at mga agam-agam na hindi nagpapatulog ng mahimbing sa mga Pilipino…sino ang may sala, o sinu-sino sila? Ang sagot diyan ay ang palasak sa Ingles na: your guess is as good as mine!