The Heavy Pollution in China should Warn Third-World Countries

The Heavy Pollution in China

Should Warn Third -World Countries

By Apolinario Villalobos


Manufacturing countries that clandestinely hate China have successfully inflicted a “slow death” on the awakened dragon of Asia. They have simply transferred the production aspect of their business in China because of her cheap labor and with it, the byproduct of high technology – the deadly pollution! They have been awfully successful, no question about that!


China today, is practically crawling due to the effect of heavy pollution while countries that own brands manufactured in China are basking under smog-free atmosphere. Every day, internet news carries warnings of the Chinese government to its citizens about the heavy pollution and photos are those of the Chinese citizens with face or surgical mask to lessen their inhalation of the dirty air. An enterprising European country is reportedly exporting fresh bottled air to China.


The phenomenon in China should serve as a warning to the third-world countries that are blinded by the prospect of living in comfort through high technology. China has practically flooded the world with products made in her homeland. Despite such show of opulence, she is far from being satisfied as her expansionistic desire is slowly creeping towards the rest of Asia and the African continent- with all their third world countries.


The governments of these countries would like their forests be uprooted and replaced with factories; would like their fields planted to rice, corn and other staple foods bulldozed to give way to resorts and first-class housing projects; would like their mountains to be drilled for minerals; would like their citizens to be introduced into the mean habits of squalid urban life; would like their centuries-old traditions and faith to be polluted with the immoralities of progress.


As the exploitation lasts only for as long as there are yet to be exploited, their “benefits” are likewise short-lived. When the factories and mining companies stop their exhaustive operations, they leave behind ghost towns and villages- with their rivers poisoned by chemicals and the once-fertile land exhausted of their nutrients making them not suitable even for the lowly grass. Their polluted culture gives rise to a new generation of prostitutes and indolent, and worst, with a twisted view on faith.


The high-technology must be one of the checks that God has imposed on earth to maintain the balance, aside from natural calamities such as typhoon, earthquake, diseases, and floods, as well as, man-made war. Without them, the world would have burst long time ago, due to overpopulation and inadequate sustenance. But, while these are divine penalties, caution should have been observed by man to at least delay and minimize their occurrence. Unfortunately, man is now reaping the fruits of his greed…at high speed!


In the Old Testament, when the God of Israelites wanted them punished for their misdeed, He used the heathen races or tribes to sow disaster upon them. Sometimes He used calamities such as diseases and famine-causing pestilence. The religions of the world are based either directly or indirectly on the Abrahamaic faith, except for some pockets of tribes in unexplored nooks of forests and islands. In a way, most peoples of the world are connected to the God of Israel. Are we now suffering from this divine penalty, mentioned in the Old Testament?

The Harmful Effects of Modern Technology

The Harmful Effects of Modern Technology
By Apolinario Villalobos

There is no question to the purpose of man in continuously discovering new conveniences to make life more and more comfortable which is a noble quest. It is a pursuit that resulted to the fabrication of bullet trains, jet-propelled aircraft that defy speed, synthetic drugs that prolong life, long lasting gene-modified vegetables, and many more.

But because of the universal principle of negative and positive, the modern technology has likewise, brought forth harmful effects. The convenient “plastic money” – ATM and credit cards have become tools of the fraudulent in sacking bank accounts of the hapless. System-generated communications of banks that contain confidential account status, complete with figures and speedily printed for distribution to their clients via mail or courier service, oftentimes land easily into the hands of hackers. The latest scheme in the unscrupulous emptying of bank accounts involves the bold “skimming” of ATM cards.

The computer and internet shops have become the scourge of families and schools, as juveniles splurge their allowance at internet cafes and skip classes to be with their buddies in such hangouts. Instead of browsing their books, they become engrossed in exciting and violent internet games. They have also developed the habit of talking back to their parents who think twice before giving them hard-earned money to be spent in internet cafes. Meanwhile, social networks have become the venue of people with deteriorating values in lambasting online, unsuspecting people who do not deserve such treatment.

The governments, private institutions and individuals are not spared by the waylaid IT geniuses with their sporadic hacking activities – just for fun or for a fee. Some hackers earn by rumbling sites, although, some do the act just to prove that they can do it. On the other hand, some countries use hacking as a tool in sending warning to their “opponents” to behave or suffer more damaging actions.

The worst effect of modern technology, however, is the invention of grossly damaging tools for warfare that could swiftly annihilate lives in minutes. For instance, a single lethal bomb may just be enough in obliterating several adjoining cities from the face of the earth, with ease. The suffering of the population can even be prolonged by using cultured viruses released into the atmosphere of a country.

There goes our free will. The extent of our life, practically, depends on us. God gave us the freedom to choose, which is tantamount to saying that He cannot be blamed for anything that happens to us on earth. We are intelligent enough to know what is good or bad for us…but do we give such thought even just a few minutes of musing?