China Did it Again…Passing the Blame to the Philippines and Playing the Downtrodden on the Issue of the West Phil. Sea

China Did it Again…Passing the Blame to the Philippines

and Playing the Downtrodden on the Issue of West Phil. Sea

By Apolinario Villalobos

Here is another disturbing dispatch from Reuter on the latest declaration of China as regards the disputed West Philippine Sea:

“BEIJING/MANILA (Reuters) – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the Philippines’ case against China at an arbitration tribunal over rival claims in the South China Sea had strained relations and that it was up to the Philippines to heal the rift.”( By Sui-Lee Wee and Manuel Mogato)

China is not stopping from presenting an image that oozes with weakness, humility and innocence to illicit sympathy from fence-sitting nations as regards the West Philippine Sea where she has built artificial islands that anytime from now shall be inhabited by thousands of her military personnel, as well as, equipped with military facilities. This is despite her insistence that the reclaimed islands shall be utilized for researches and emergency rescues, although, her covert objective, is first and foremost, expansion of her territory. She is perceived with disdain as a double-talker. Proof to this was when she declared that reclamation in the West Philippine Sea was stopped, but weeks later, the world was gaping at the wonder of the transformation of an atoll into a “high-tech island”, complete with military facilities and runway.

The issue on the West Philippine Sea shall put to test the guts of the United Nation’s International Tribunal charged with the Law of the Sea. Will it go on with the investigations and trials despite the vehement refusal of China to participate as she does not recognize the tribunal’s authority? What will the other co-members of China in the UN Security Council do? Will they join hands and gang-up on her? Will the United Nations order the dismantling of the facilities on the disputed natural and man-made islands, once the tribunal decides in favor of the Philippines?

Practically, the economy of the whole world is in the tight grip of China, as even powerful nations are indebted to her. The Chinese President was recently a guest of Honor in London and accorded very special treatment which their high officials unabashedly admitted to be equated with “economic assistance”. China has also, spearheaded the opening of a bank that competes with the World Bank in offering loans to distressed countries.

The peoples around the globe practically depend on China – from their toothpick, gadgets, food products, equipment, and machineries. Due to the cheap Chinese labor, companies from all over the world, transferred the manufacturing of their goods in China, although, marketing of the products are done in their home countries  In this view, it would seem that once the machines of factories in China will stop, the whole world shall come to a complete stop, too. When the Chinese money declined in value, other moneys in the world followed suit. So, what other manifestations do we need to show that the Chinese, have by their wily manipulation, able to control the world, and that the leaders of the nations that are supposed to be defenders of democracy, are just playing charades to avoid losing face?

Meanwhile, in the “game of the West Philippine Sea”, the pawn is the Philippines…if China will get what she wants, it would be goodbye to the rest of the claims by other SEA nations!

China is Wise

China is Wise

By Apolinario Villalobos

Politics aside, I could say that China has utilized wisdom to the maximum in her effort to dominate the world. The country is the most populated nation on earth, hence, plenty of hands available for all kinds of job, making labor very much cheap. Historically, too, the nation has plenty of wise men, one of whom is Confucius, aside from scientists who invented many contraptions, even wooden nose sold to one of the members of the Magellan expedition to the Philippines in the 1500s.

With cheap labor, her enterprising citizens opened sweat shops for the manufacture of cheap goods, even going to the extent of counterfeiting brands that are originally made in distant Italy. Cellphones, especially, Nokia that is originally a Scandinavian product was not spared, as counterfeit models have been mass-produced, and ironically, with some models even made with better features, one of which is the ability to alter the voice of the caller! The international policy against forgery and fraud is proved no match to China. Product owners finally decided to open factories in China to give credence to the “made in China” mark. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history. So, today China prospers!…the first step for the rest of her endeavor.

China practically, has flooded the world with her produce – from toothpicks and cotton buds to the deadly weapons and jets. What materials that she does not have, she gets from other countries such as the mineral-laden sands and ores from the Philippines, a struggling country because of its corrupt political system. Tons of these sands are mined along the beaches of the coastal areas of the Philippines while residues laden with chemical from inland mines flow to the rivers and streams, decimating the fish population in the process.

In order to expand her boundaries, China went back to her history and cited names of islands on which her fishermen of long ago rested, and which are unfortunately being claimed by other Asians, too. She tested the temper of these claimants by first constructing a seemingly harmless beacon facility on one of the islands. When only whimpers from them have been heard, the facility was improved to become a fully- equipped island- barracks.

She eyed the other islands and still went on with tests for reactions if she does something, such as building of airstrip on one. There was a howl, but just that – a helpless howl from one of the claimant nations. Being helpless, coming from a fledgling member of an equally helpless organization of small countries, she went ahead with her massive reclamation…a success!

There are howls here and there, and complaints lodged somewhere, but China is furiously serious in claiming what she says is hers. Not even big nations can move, for how can they, with their huge debts that practically shackle them to her influence? China has finally, whipped the world with her economic clout!

Indeed, China is wise…starting with the lowly toothpick and cotton buds that the world needs she is now lording over the nations whose farms made way to condos and malls – agricultural nations who face starvation if they defy her!

Now, she is contemplating on building massive floating islands that shall become her moveable territorial boundaries in the West Philippine Sea or rather, South China Sea, the better for her to show tangible proof that indeed, that body of water is hers!

Can the United Nations whose committees are manned by representatives from third world countries indebted to China, be wiser? Can the United States, the nation with self-determined destiny as guardian of other nations be wiser?  Will the defying acts of China that practically humiliate the United Nations, signal the latter’s “demise”?