The Unfairness of the BIR

The Unfairness of the BIR

By Apolinario Villalobos

The headlined statement of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) that it will not investigate the lifestyle of Gen. Allan Purisima, leaving such instead, to the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) and the Department of Interior and Local Governments (DILG), smacks of gross favoritism, and devious unfairness, not expected of a supposedly remaining lone and trusted agency of the perceived immoral government that overflows with personas whose venal desire for the people’s money is bottomless. The hardworking Chief of the said agency seems to have been suddenly doused with cold water in her almost untiring quest to corner tax evaders, most of whom are corrupt officials with their ill-gotten wealth. Was there an instruction given to her? From who?

It is a public knowledge that the Secretary of the DILG has greatly lost his credibility and so with the NAPOLCOM, what with police scalawags who still report to duties despite their conviction for cases that range from “hulidap”, “kotong”, absenteeism, as well as, the thick pile of other cases that are crying for attention. Now, she wants the two agencies with questionable repute to check on a colleague, not just smeared, but covered with a thick muck of dishonesty.

The BIR has the temerity to supposedly run after tax evaders…unfortunately, hardworking individuals whose faults are dots compared to the disgusting dishonest declarations of big corporations. The agency is opposing the exemption of the Christmas bonus of lowly employees from the regular tax deduction, despite its being their only consolation at the end of the year for teeny-weeny luxury to celebrate the season. And, its shallow reason is that, the exemption will “greatly” affect the revenue collection. Revenue that goes to the pockets of corrupt officials and politicians? The agency Chief’s lack of sympathy to the plight of the downtrodden Filipinos is just unthinkable. And, now with the loud and popular clamor for the investigation of General Purisima, with a twinkling glint in her eyes and matching smile, she declares a “hands off”…..

With her inhuman indifference, she added her own link to the chain that is continuously strangling the Filipinos who are now, pitifully chocking to death…

I Am A Filipino…Proud of My Country, But Sad for Its Trampled Democracy

I Am A Filipino… Proud of my Country

But Sad for Its Trampled Democracy

By Apolinario Villalobos

The Philippines is suffering from the mischiefs of wrongdoers who have for long, adulterated democracy with their corrupt and vicious manipulations in the government. These are the brazen people who masquerade as Filipinos – hideous and vicious in all their selfish ways. These are the soulless people whose brains are infested with worms of hellish evil.

From the northernmost islands of Luzon to the southernmost islets of Mindanao, my beloved country, though wanting in the blessings of modern technology, proudly sparkles under the scorching sun. No disastrous trouncing of Mother Nature can ever make its resilient people succumb in grief.

I am proud of my freedom…bloodily earned by my ancestors who did not stop till the last invaders left my country’s shores. It is the freedom gained that made me walk with a proud gait, while holding my head up high. It is the freedom that gave me reason to dream for a better life… vibrant and full of hope.

I am a proud Filipino, yes, proud of my country, but now, pitifully reels in pain…pain from the stabs of the vicious impostor Filipinos who delight in seeing the trickle of blood that issue from the wounds. I feel the pain, though not in despair, for it just gave me strength to fight back in any way that I can. I will not let these fiends snort in victory…never!

The voice may call, but the pen may prod. And, with words spelled with courage, shall my ideals be spread. But all the efforts will just go to naught if others whose hearts palpitate with hate will not think as one, move as one, while on their shoulders, courageous ideals are borne. It is time that the feeling of hopelessness is tossed aside, and let the hearts be kindled by the fire of audacity. Let all of us with the same advocacy be united as “real” Filipinos!

I am a Filipino, proud of my country and I will not be daunted by monstrous betrayals of trust and dreadful collusion to trample the hard-gained democracy. And, just like our forefathers who laid the foundation of our democracy, let us not allow the so-called “leaders” taint it further with their selfish motives. For now, there is no other way but me and you, beloved countrymen to be united and move on, towards that elusive quest for a new Philippines…let us fight for our ideals and democracy!